Do You Remember '90s Fashion Trends? And why they are still popular.

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Honestly, in the '90s, we didn't have a sense of style. Let alone of Fashion. We had less say on our clothing; it was more of what our mother preferred. And we would wear what mommy says, no matter what we thought.

If mum thought something was cool and trendy, that is what we would wear! It was all fine, anyway, unless pushed by peer pressure and consider some wears "not so trendy."

Today I have been hit by the '90s nostalgia uniquely. After seeing a leather jacket that looked more or less like something, I had worn back in the '90s. It prompted me to search on google for the trendy fashions that we wore back in the days.

As I browsed over the throwback images, you can begin to see the parallels between the new wears of today and the Fashion of the 90s. The latest fashion trends have borrowed a lot from the trends of the '80s, 90s, and to some smaller extended the trends of the early 2000s.
Some trends were so memorable and nostalgic that you feel you can pick it up again and wear it one more time. The fashion trends of the 1990s are slowly coming back, thanks to the nostalgia-inspired designer who are giving them one more chance to woo use gain. At the rate at which they are coming back, they will slowly become the next big thing.

If you look at the current trends in Fashion, there are minimal adjustments that have been made to make the '90s wear fit in the 2020s. But the semblance is very clear, and you can see it clearly if you look at it from a nostalgic point of view.

Nevertheless, let's get into our usual time machine and take a trendy trip back in time. If you were lucky to have lived in the '90s, you would find this relatable. But if you were not, you will get a chance to understand why we love the '90s and why we are all nostalgic and loud about how things were two decades or so ago. I hope you will not only learn but empathize with us!

Countdown: Top 15 Fashion Trends of the '90s that will live forever

15. T-Shirts with Caption

T-shirts, like time, are here to stay. The caption T-shirts, some of which had names that I couldn't make heads or tail about, were a thing to die for back in the '90s. It was at this time that many brands like FUBU, NIKE, Starter etc. were just getting noticed and required some extra publicity by making custom printed T-shirts.
Image Source: Pinterest.
Somehow, these T-shirts are still available in the fashion industry. The only thing that changes is, of course, the caption on them. The design, material, look and feel has remained the same for quite a while now.

The t-shirts are back in trend. It is only recently that I disposed of my FUBU Platinum T-shirt after realizing that some rowdy rats did some work on it by chewing it up in places that you couldn't hide. Since the FUBU T-shirt, I have bought several more themed T-shirts like the Sponge Bob Yellow T-Shirt, Simpsons, Happy T-shirts that had a host of random colors, among others. I guess you can never outgrow these kinds of T-shirts.

14. Conspicuous Neon Colors Wears

Another 90's clothing trend that is now back after a long period of absence is the Neon colour wears. These types of wears are no longer retro or old as we thought, they were just back to the design stage, and they are back and surprisingly appealing to the millennials and Gen X and Z equally.

Ok, strange as it may seem, we used to wear neon color clothing from head to toe! This was inspired by some music video (I don't remember which), where an influential musician wore neon from head to toe. A few weeks later, the fashion industry was full of shiny neon outfits resembling the original from the video that only showed a few minutes! That was the power of media and media personality influence on trends.

Since that time, big brands took to the music industry to release their trendy wear. Well, some worked, but some flopped since they were not practical to wear. Just fit for hip-hop music videos.

At the time, we would all wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to dress up. Sometimes we would get lucky and get some new wear during the summer backyard, kitty, and BBQ parties. We would look forward to such events to get our annual dose of Neon wears and some trendy toys and game boy cartridges!

13. The Bob and Bangs

Image courtesy: WhoWhatWear
I bet you must be feeling nostalgic when you think of the Bob and bangs hairstyle. Fashion does not just stop at the clothes, but the hairstyle, necklace, earrings, shoes and accompanying belts and handbags.

I know a few of my friends who were religious to this hairstyle until now. And they still look cool despite the fact the style looks so outdated.

The style has started to come back slowly in the 2020s, and people still look good with it. Taylor Swift is a good example of some of the celebrities that remained true to the style for a long period of time.

12. Printed Separates

Image: Simpliclear
Printed separates were a big thing back in the 1990s. This has continued even in recent years. Many popular media personalities have been seen recently wearing this style, and many have taken a leap after seeing their favorite celebrity wearing the same.

Printed separates are already a trendy fashion in some states at the moment. With the range of fashion brands and models that flaunt off printed sets, it simply means the trend is here to stay.

The clothes were decent enough to hide your skin while at the same time, they were very conspicuous for anyone to ignore you. Paring a long-sleeved skirt or a strap blouse with a matching pant set was the norm of the trend. The prints were not for everyone, so you could choose the best that fits your body type and shape.

Printed separates are relatively easier to style and require less effort. You could wear it to work, and at the same time spend the night out with friends with it without feeling out of place.

11. Track Suits or Pants.

Image: Pinterest.
Track suit was an in-thing in the '90s. It was the type of athletic suit that you would wear when you are going to do some jogging, walk your dog, or any other physical kind of exercise.

The tracksuit/pants nowadays have a fancy name called Athleisure. It is surprising why they are not as common nowadays as they were back then. There was nothing about them that you would hate. I love the smooth and comfortable finish of the tracksuit. Some were made of nylon or polyester, and they would make some noise while you walk.

Additionally, they were airy. You could get a stream of air passing easily through the fabric and the zipper. Well, it was most popular with athletes, hence the name athleisure. It was a gem back then, especially if you happen to get one with matching colors with your siblings.

We used to drool over the new track pants that actors will be seen wearing in some sets. We would long for Christmas to come so that we could get one of those. I remember having to stay away on Christmas to see Santa dropping my pair of track athleisure. The tend has not gone away; it is just less loved than back in the days, but it still there.

10. Leather Jackets

Do you remember those days when the leather jacket was the go-to cloth in the store? I remember it vividly. The jacket would last you for almost a decade without showing any sign of depreciation. Those were the beats of clothing.

The trend faded away at some point and was recently resurrected by some Hollywood personalities that have favorited the wear in movies. Especially those movies that depict extreme sportbike riders.

You would often see them in black, highly decorated leather jackets. The other was on a cowboy type of movie. Like the popular Chuck Norris series, 'Walker Texas Ranger,’ you would see the characters in various leather jackets that fitted them well and made you wish to have one! With the hope that it will fit you the same way!

9. Dungarees

image: Pinterest.
Both short or long, dungarees are the hottest piece of clothing you can wear if you are stylish. Stars like Naomi Watts and Beyonce did not necessarily bring these denim dresses back to life, but it made them look stunning.

The millennials may not be the die-hard fans of these trends and would not relate to the fun we had wearing them back in the days. The dungarees have seen more revival than any other outfit. And are certainly here to stay.

Britney and other pop stars who were known to be the lovers of dungarees vanished from the fashion industry and brands by the early 2000s. This reduced the popularity of the dungarees, but they never died.

The dungarees were cool, airy cotton denim pants that fitted beautifully on your waist and were out near the thighs. They were comfortable, not tight at all. They came in many varieties and were a good option if you needed some fresh air. I guess it's time to revive them.

8. Denim Skirts

The nostalgia that these denim skirts bring is on another level. Ladies would be spoilt for choices because they came in many styles and designs, from floral printed denim to front slit, buttoned, A-line, distressed midi or polka dots.

One positive thing about denim skirts was the fact that it suited everybody regardless of age, character or the shape of your body. I can't remember what went wrong back then, but just like that, they disappeared.

However, they later re-emerged slowly in the mid-2000s with even more sophisticated designs. They are currently a go-to fashion trend that will not fade away anytime soon.

7. Denim Jacket

The denim jackets and the denim shirts were another fashion trend of the 90s that I could personally never get enough of. I would cry a river to get one if I spotted it in a mall while shopping with my parents.

If I could list the necessary items that should appear on my wardrobe, I will probably have a denim jacket or two on the list.

They were once thought to be outdated, but they are currently back and have stayed at the top for a long time now. The good thing about the denim jacket or shirt could be worn with anything, and you could wear it for an entire year or so without showing signs of tear.

Plus, you could get sleeveless waistcoats or those with full hands, whatever you wanted – these were a charming and trendy fashion at the time. You actually cannot get enough of them.

6. Flannel Shirt

If there is a fashion item that has stood the test of time, then it is the Flannel shirt. They are all back in the current fashion industry, albeit with a ton of fixes and upgrades.

The fashion industry works amazingly; today, something will be outdated and considered archaic. Still, tomorrow it will be reincarnated in a new manner that will leave you yearning for more. And you will be left wondering where the hell was this thing?

5. Combat Boots

There was a time when men and women dressed alike, much like the fashion grunge. Similarly, the heavy-duty military boots and Doc Martens were discovered and swept the world of Fashion.

If you're a millennial, you will relate to Doc Martens without any further explanation from me. Otherwise, when I say boots, you know what I mean, don't you?

For a while, the culture of wearing combat boots with slip dresses, skirts, jeans and all looked very stilly. But if worn properly, you will be the funkiest chap in the block. The boots would make one look trendy, elegant and comfortable.

4. Baggy Shirts

Image: Guff.
Now, this was a bummer! Do you remember the big shirts we used to wear back then? This was mostly inspired by hip-hop and rap artists and culture.

It was a sin in the last ten years or so to wear something loose. You are only considered to be fashionable if you wear tight clothing and hugging the body. It wasn't the case if you go back a decade or so.

Loose shirts and boyfriend T-shirts were trendy back in the days, and they were very comfortable too.

Fast forward two decades later, we see this trend slowly coming back to life. This culture has made a comeback, thank goodness.

Have you ever worn them?

Anyway, if this is your type, you must no longer feel left out or out of place. Nowadays, wearing big T-shirts or shirts made you look old. But back then, it was what was making us feel happy. But fortunately, the trend is back, and you are allowed to wear your baggy shirts from back in the days.

3. Chockers

It all began with some celebrities like Kylie and Gigi, who lightened up Instagram by wearing these chokers. If you look back at Instagram today, you will see most of these chockers are back and still trendy as they were back in the '90s.

I am excited about this because I thought they looked cool. You could wear them with anything from Velvet, lace, perle, elegant etc. The choices were limitless.

2. Crop Tops

As the saying goes, 'fashion changes, but style lasts. Trends come and go all the time, though sometimes we will be happy if it goes forever! Some good trends like crop tops will just find their way back and be darling of everyone in almost all the generations.

The crop tops are among those trends that found their way back and have since improved in both design and style. You can now wear them with jeans, shorts, tops, tracks, and everything you wish to mix with it.

The crop tops have been known to be good at both on the runway and as our daily wears. They have stood the taste of time, and the fashion industry has since embraced them.

1. High-Waist Jeans

Image: Pinterest.
I cannot conclude this article without mentioning the high-waist jeans that were the signature wear of the '90s. You could see Michael Jackson in them and believe that they will fit you as perfectly as they do to him as he does the moonwalk.

We all thought we were growing out of the high waist jeans when they slowly came out of trends. I agree that they weren't the best type of jeans that most of us would go for until they got an upgrade recently. The Fashion was improved and re-designed to appeal to both the millennials and Generation Z. They have been upgraded to fit the current trends.


The fashion trends of the '90s were many, but I could not list all of them in this article.

What trends do you remember? What was your favorite fashion trend back in the days?



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