DOOM (1993): Why DOOM is still Famous 27 Years Down the line!

Gaming has been my daily thing since the pandemic hit. It has helped me get past all the lockdown boredom and loneliness. But strangely enough, I have spent most of my time playing the old classic retro games from the ‘90s to the early 2000s. I find them satisfying compared to the new games being released.

Today, my nostalgic tendencies pushed me to play DOOM, not the 2016 Reboot of the game, but the classic retro DOOM of 1993. After watching the walkthrough on YouTube, I had to look at the archives and dig it out. And I must admit, I had the best feeling ever. The nostalgia of watching the game was over the roof, not to mention the joy of playing the game again after 27 years!

I spent much of my evening killing demons and passing through obstacles in a game that felt more like a game! You know what I mean…

The millennials were lucky to have been treated to a reboot in 2016, thanks to id Software. The reboot surpassed expectations when it was first released and took the iconic developer back from the abyss of the history of gaming. They invented the genre of first-person shooters and made Quake !! My Childhood game.

Now it looks like the latest DOOM series is making my adult life awesome. This game has kept me company through the damn lockdown period; I wish I could fight the Coronavirus in the same way I could shoot down the demons on DOOM.

The Story behind DOOM (1993) and why it is still making headlines.

Since 1993, the video game DOOM has been around and has been killing demons to this day. The latest version of the video game is called DOOM Eternal, and it has just as much gore, brutality, and demon killing goodness that we all know and love as the old original classic game of 1993.

But as our norm, we will not talk much about DOOM Eternal; we will explore in-depth details about the old classic DOOM. Later on, in the article, we will talk about the reboot series of 2016.

The original game was just called DOOM. Essentially, it's just a lie in all the other franchise games, but with much better graphics and much more blood and gore. However, the shoot and loot gameplay is most probably the best aspect of this video game.

In this game, you are given seven primary weapons with different uses and firepower as you go across the DOOM Plot. And these weapons are positioned around the map strategically. Getting a gun makes it feel like opening a whole new direction in the game.

With the action pump and double-barrel shotguns, it is so satisfying to mow down waves of demons, or blow up several demons simultaneously with the Gatling gun or rocket launcher, or using the Chainsaw to strategically get a huge amount of your ammunition back all at once. Not to mention that DOOM’s soundtrack continuously hypes you to keep shooting your way through enemies.

DOOM’s soundtrack was theatrical and noisy, that you can help but get excited about playing. The good thing about DOOM is that the gamer's enemies were unique and often required a particular gun to destroy them.

The greater part of the game is comprised of walking into a room where the door lock behind you and enemies begin to flood in. Then you will be required to change your weapons accordingly to wipe the enemies on your way. The hustle of changing the ammo every time you wish to counter a particular enemy made the game thrilling and fast. I remember my adrenaline rush while playing the game back then.

DOOM Board Game

Doom is among the games that have been adopted into various mediums, and one of the most outstanding media was the DOOM Board Game. I remember playing this game some time back.

Source: WorthPoint
The game was developed and published by Fantasy Flight Games By Christian T. Paterson and Kevin Wilson. It was an incredible surprise for me to discover that the DOOM board game even existed at the time!

I even wondered how someone would play a DOOM board game in the first place. But when I first tried it out, I found it interesting because of the reference to the original classic DOOM video game. It captured the scenarios and storyline of the original video game.

The game pits up to four players against one other player who controls numerous demons and spawns around the board, playing the role of marines. This provides a fair competition and cooperation balance.

It was an exciting experience to play the game as you could choose to play as one of the marines or by the demons. At the start of the game, you can customize your class role and the weapons you carry into a specific mission, playing as the marines is an experience that I enjoyed.

The various weapons are represented by the fighting cards that all players own, which is how much of the game is played. This is also valid for demons, as you get to pick a special card at the beginning that displays the kinds of demons you can call for the task. In a way, like Dungeons & Dragons, it reminded me of being the DM in a tabletop RPG.

There is a pool of cards for the marines and demons that they use to battle each other, and the results of these cards can vary greatly. Several more mechanics make the board game feel like a video game, such as destroying glory and sliver fire.

Learning the more advanced mechanics of the game is cool. Plus, the DOOM’s board game gameplay was on another level of awesome. Once you get a hunch of the basic rules, everything runs smoothly.

I once played as a marine and sometimes as demon, quite an incredible flexibility. And you get to enjoy both plays equally. If you like teamwork and, for the most part, feel like a bad-ass demon killing machine, playing as a marine was the best choice. It was more enjoyable for me.

In this case, you would navigate around the board to destroy the demons while playing as the marine as you attempt to achieve the objective of your mission, which varied depending on the overall mission of the entire game (set at the beginning).

The guns you choose and the class you choose affected how you executed the task (achieve mission). The numerous pick-ups around the map, such as health packs and special weapons, can also influence how you play the game.

However, playing like demons is an entirely different experience. Like the demons, the gameplay is more like a tactical combat simulator like X-COM, and I enjoyed the demon gameplay for this purpose.

You have to choose where you spawn the demons carefully to play as the demons and move them in a manner that maximizes your chances of taking out the marines and accomplishing your mission target.

In summary, I think the DOOM board game does a fantastic job of replicating the DOOM atmosphere with the various mechanics and different playstyles of the marines and demons in everything. The several sophisticated action chains that can be taken on either side also make the game filled with action and enjoyable for all. For the best experience, I would recommend playing the DOOM soundtrack if you want to get the fun out of it.

If you were a fan of the DOOM video game, I suggest you look for the board game version. Honestly, you will not regret it.

The Reboot: The DOOM ETERNAL
As I said before, my COVID-19 quarantine period has been marked with playing games after games on ends. I found satisfaction in playing the DOOM Eternal. Through the lockdown period and the fear and helplessness around the virus, I found gaming to be the only way out!

Despite the few pitfalls and challenges that the game has, it remains one of the nominees for the 2020 Game of the Year awards...if there is such a thing! Well, it is not as flawless as I had initially thought, but still, it’s a good value for my bucks.

ID’s Software DOOM Eternal is the successor of the DOOM 2016 reboot. When it first came out, the reboot met expectations and took the legendary creator back from the abyss of ancient gaming history. ID Software was the pioneer of the first-person shooter genre with Quake II, a game that influenced my childhood.

Generally, the DOOM franchise has stood the taste of time; since 1993, their subsequent releases have been successful and have managed to impress both kids and adults. These games kept me company back then, and surprisingly, I am still getting the same experience playing them now. Sometimes I think the demons look like the Covid-19 virus meme J.

DOOM Eternal Plot.

Doom eternal was a build-up of the DOOM 2016 reboot. It expanded on the storyline of its predecessor.

The plot is based on the desire of different groups for silver energy. The game also elaborates on the Doom Slayer’s past. There was a conflicting view of the story in the video game. This was seen when John Carmack’s thought that the story in the video was suggestive with an adult-like theme.

Unlike the minimalism of DOOM 2016, DOOM Eternal was all about surpassing the limits. They both portrayed the DOOM Slayer as a force of nature. DOOM Eternal succeeds in presenting him as a total crazy lad, from converting a staunch skeptic to firing the BFG 10K at Mars to hit his heart.

The DOOM Slayer

Although the story itself is super serious, the selling point is how the DOOM slayer just cares about killing demons and disregards the motivations of anyone else. Even if the argent energy is high, it doesn’t matter to the DOOM Slayer because it comes from hell.

The DOOM slayer, seen as a demon-killing demigod, brings both mystique and relatability to his flavor. But it also reveals his human side, including how he likes bunnies and has a man’s cave inside his Doom Solitude Fortress.

DOOM Eternal Graphics and Style
The graphics look brighter and more vibrant than DOOM 2016, which makes it a little more fun for me to play. Although the previous game was cool, after hours of playing this one, if found, the graphic was a little tiring.

DOOM eternal has incredible art direction, from the gothic science-fiction designs of the DOOM Fortress to the faux angelic empire of the Maykrs’ kingdom of Urda. There were only three flavors at most in the previous game, i.e., Martian Surface, Space installation, and hell.

It was long since id Software took the lead of the gaming world, but in 2016 they did well with id Tech 6. Thanks to their contribution to Vulkan, this latest iteration, id Tech 7, has been made stronger. A Laptop or gaming PC with Core i7 4790K and a GTX 970 will be able to play this game smoothly at over 70fps with optimal settings. I’m not sure how it works for base computers.

DOOM Eternal Soundtrack

It is a lot like the soundtrack of DOOM 2016, and it has some notable songs. Mick Gordon and Chad Mossholder, the music director of id Software, did a decent job, and for this sequel, they release a lot more songs. I found the back-sound track of the DOOM eternal to be inferior to that of its 2016 predecessor.

Final Word
In summary, DOOM Eternal has virtually everything in a game that I like. However, the multiplayer mode should be considered it is the only thing that can keep me playing the game for hours on ends.

Generally, all the releases of the game: DOOM, DOOM 2016, and DOOM eternal were bad-ass thriller games that I still don’t mind playing to date.

I highly recommend you check them out if you missed them back in the ‘90s or if you just want some adrenaline rush!
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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
To me classic doom is a perfect experience. Great controls, badass monsters, kickass music, tons of mods, and a dedicated community that continues to today!


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
I picked up every mainstream game on my switch! I'm excited to play through them all!