E-Sports now and then

#1 E-Sports now and then

Now, large numbers of individuals worldwide are involved in a multi-billion dollar annual business named professional gaming. Its phenomenon was driven by the growth of eSports and is taken seriously by groups of people. The 'golden generation' of arcades is said to be from the late 1970s to 1980s when this form of video gaming was a phenomenon in the industry. Highlights of this era were 'Space Invaders' (1978), vector-based' Asteroids '(1979), and' Pac-Man '(1980). With tens of thousands of cash at stake at any given championship battle, teams & individual players fight for victory under huge pressure with their reputation on the line too.

But it's not a recent concept in today's modern era. Esports dates back to the local arcades' founding. This was where peers would watch players throw away their money into machines like Galaga, Donkey Kong, and PacMan, head to head with other casual opponents. The popularity of Arcade Gaming is decreasing, with an increasing amount of gamers resulting from consoling, PC, & modern handheld gaming gadgets. Are they any older members here that remember experiencing something like this? Who can recall having a verbal agreement with a friend or family member while playing on either a pinball or coin slot machine?

#2 Earning Money By Monetizing Content
Besides e-sports, we see players looking at other ways of generating a return for what they enjoy most. Gaming. The revenue generation mechanism of YouTube & Twitch. Tv offers content creators the option of earning money from advertisements in front of their clips or live streams. If viewers watch the whole commercial, you get paid a few pennies. It's not much, but it can add up, certainly as your fan base expands. We know YouTube requires channel owners to meet certain criteria before starting monetizing, which includes reaching 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in 12 months. Although there are no specific thresholds, one must meet before becoming a partner at Twitch. Tv, the company does recommend on this page "creators who stream a variety of content, from games, music, talk shows, art, to just about anything else you can imagine. If you love sharing what you do with a live audience and have built up a sizeable, engaged community on Twitch or other services, we want to hear from you!" -Twitch. TV.

#3 Become a Game Tester

Game Testing may seem another easy option to earn by video gaming but don't be fooled. To check out their games in a real player environment, game developers can pay game testers to find bugs. They are paid and suggest improvements about how to develop the game. And there's this: for computer game testers in the US, the national average pay is $67,813 a year! Keep in mind, though, that even though they're being paid to play computer titles, this does not mean that the work is just like your typical couch gaming session. It is indeed a significant amount of great labor. Every corner of the game would also have to be reviewed, looking to establish every glitch or error, and keeping careful notes during the job. For an inside insight on what it's like to be a game tester, please watch the video attached in the Article from YouTube.

Technology has, for sure, come a long way since the '60-'90s gaming era. Of course, there are more ways to receive a wage for gaming, but the three I've mentioned in today's articles are the main ones and also my favorites. It's changed from challenging a small group of friends or your mate informally in an Arcade to this. Well, I hope you enjoyed today's read; make sure you bookmark GeezeZone in your browser and expect another article in two, weeks which is Sunday, 29th November.

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