Top 20 Most Popular Crossovers of the 90’s

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If you were lucky to be a kid in the 90’s, you surely remember the crossover shows which were the hit back then. I have been a fan of the crossovers even though some of them don’t make any sense. In the 90s, through to 2000s, the crossovers were a new thing, and the thrill was high. We would be amazed to see some of our favorite characters meeting up. Most exciting was when they could fight or do a contest in the plot.

While some crossovers stood out as being amazing, awesome and very interesting, there were some which were just a bummer. There are some weird crossovers of the 90’s that can make you wonder what the producer was thinking will setting them up.

The nineties were a strange time and medias like CBR, Nickelodeon, MGM, Disney etc. made some really very interesting crossovers during this time. While crossover fatigue is rising, the propensity to mix stories between publishers of comic books is growing. In reality, the effort to tell the largest and most audacious story possible, quickly after Marvel’s “Secret Wars” and DC’s “Crisis on infinite Earths,” that was released back in the 80s, made crossovers inevitable.

The crossovers became rampant in the ‘90s comic book boom. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular crossovers of the 90s through to 2000s. The crossovers listed here are randomly selected from the best, the worst, awful, weird and even the most boring of them all.

Several crossovers of the ‘90s will continue as nostalgic highlights. Even with the obvious failures, like the Batman/Hellboy/Starman combo coming together to fight the Nazis. Another eerie one was when the XMen gallivanting with the crew of the Star Trek.

Today, I decided to list all the notable crossovers of the 90s that I could remember. There are some more recent and unexpected crossovers like the Batman/Elmer Fudd that were among the few cool crossovers back then.

Let us dive in...

Here are some of the most memorable crossovers of our time:

1. Youngblood Vs. X-Force Crossover
Here Rob Liefeld’s notorious image comics and Marvel Comics super teams, the biggest move since it was first released in 1996, Eric Stephenson did a great job on the image. With Youngblood fooled to sign contract with Mojo, the ultra-rad comic crossover starts with Mojo, but they aren’t left there to boost Mojos’s rating until the all-too predictable crash of the 2000s.

In this crossover, YoungBlood leader Shaft discovers a Marvel Universe gateway, and Cable and X-Force decide to defeat Mojo. It is actually hard to separate a lot of the central emphasis of this narration, as the worlds of Extreme and Marvel largely clash without repercussions or satisfactory results. This sis the literary equivalent to playing a V-neck instrument with a V-neck guitar, but, hey the nineties were a strange time for all of us.

2. X-Men - Wildcats Crossover
If you’re curious, Jim Lee’s WildCats was a very popular 90s image with several runs by Jame Robinson and Alan Moore, and the very successful intepublisher crossover like JLA/WILDC.A.T.s by Grant Morrison. Because of this, the multipart XMen/Wildcats had vivid moments offset and extreme negligence with some good stuff in between. It was not an awful crossover, but all the same it was better.

For instance, Scott Lobdell and Travis Chrest’s opening arc “The Golden Age” starts a fascinating account of the accidental crossing between Wolvarine and Zannah while infiltrating an evil Nazi lair. The black-and white heist was terrible before a Nazi flunky said “The kids is like a Wolverine. He doesn’t let up until he skinks his teeth into something”. Before he can express himself, the daemonite punches him out, but the harm had already been done.

3. The Office UK – The Office US.

This is one of the most impressive crossovers of the time. In this Crossover, both the UK and US office have been the brainchild of funnyman Ricky Gervais, both of which started in 2001 and 2005 respectively.

So, we’d hardly be surprised if we saw Gervais’ David Brent appear at a chance meeting with Steve Carell’s Michael Scott in one episode of the U.S Office. Even though its not extremely shocking, the two characters are slightly boggy together, and Brent’s nasally London tones don’t seem like a fine gel with the American Scott.

The two meet when Brent applies for Scott’s job and flies to Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of Dunder Mifflin for an interview. The encounter of the two is short, thankfully as Brent had realized that Scott was basically an alternate version of himself, he may have triggered an existential crisis.

4. The Simpsons – 24 Crossover
Since both the Simpsons and 24 are properties of the Fox shows, it is only practical to say that they would one day cross paths. Well, it may sound strange since Simpsons is a cartoon while 24 is not, the merging between these two worlds is totally insane.

In a 2007 episode of the Simpsons episode called 24 minutes, Keifer Sutherland voiced the cartoon character Jack Bauer. In the episode, Bauer also manages to slip in his signature phrase “dammit” which is almost similar to the Homer’s catchphrase “doh. These two had a lot to share in common than you can imagine.

This was not the first time the character of a Fox show appeared in The Simpsons. One was a previous episode in the Simpsons with the Mulder and Scully of The X Files.

5. Friends & Mad About You Crossover Episode
If you were a fan of the sitcoms back in the 90s, you must have noticed that Friends and Mad About you have the same New York feel on it. Friend’s Lisa Kudrow and Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula meet in both Mad about you and Friends.

The NBC TV network manipulated Kudrow’s relation in the 1994 crossover episode. In the One with Two Parts episode from the friends, there was a guest appearance by Helen Hunt (Jamie) and Leila Kenzle (Fran), where Jamie mistakes Phoebe for Ursula while visiting the Central Perk. This isn’t the only time Friends have crossed over with other sitcoms in the 90s, they had more crossovers in the proceeding episodes.

6. The Simpsons & Family Gury Crossover
This was one of my best crossovers at the time. The crossover between Simpsons and the Family Guy was among the highly anticipated crossovers of at the time, it was highly popularized by the comedy lovers back then. Of course, there’s still a lot in common: the shows are both a family with three children, parents who are very dysfunctional and a puppy (only that one of them can talk).

The crossover between these two shows was so obvious because both The Simpsons and Family Guy are satirical with each taking swipes at each other for many years. Fortunately, the two worlds came together in 2014 on the episode called The Simpsons Man, on the extended version.

The entire Simpsons core ensemble joined the cast for Seth MacFarlanes show for the episode, and only cameos from two other catoon dads, H.Jon Benjamin as Bob from Bob’s burgers and Jeffe Bergman as Fred Flintstone, made it more ‘meta’. The Simpsons also features a little more.

7. Full House Vs Family Matters Crossover
Running from the late 80s to mid-90s, Full House was one of the most successful sitcoms back then. It recently returned as a sequel called Fuller House, thanks to Netflix. The original series crossed over with Family matters, which was also a popular sitcom at the time.

Jodie Sweetin’s Stephanie discovers that she must wear glasses, which makes here distracted, in the 1991 Full House episode Stephanie gets Framed. Fortunately, Steve Urkel, the popular Family Matters Star is there to comfort her, as a family friend’s visiting cousin.

From 1989 to 1998, Family Matters ran on ABC, later on to CBS – but unlike Full House, there was no revival.

8. The Jefferson’s Vs Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Crossover
These two most successful and popular TV families made a crossover in the episode “Will is from Mars”. Here we see Will taking part in relationship counselling process with his girlfriend. In the process, they meet Jeffersons who had also gone there for a session.

There is a great deal of fun, with loads of ‘Yo Mama’ jokes, typical of Will Smith. It didn’t stop at that, the Jeffersons returned to the home of the Banks as potential buyers at Fresh Prince of Bel-Air final episode. Some more familiar faces are also seen in the final episode including Mr. Drummond and Arnold of Diff’rent Stokes who are also thinking about buying the house.

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vs. Power Rangers space crossover
The 90s had many superpower series, but some were just awesome. The crossover of these two shows was quite unlikely and what made it stand out was the fact that it happened in space. Even though, it is not a crossover that everyone would remember. There was a short live-action Turtle series in the late 90s called Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.

In the episode, Shell Shocked the evil Astronema brainwashes the turtles and made them work for her, and manages to trick the Rangers to let them into their ship. Fortunately, an electric storm reverses the control of their mind, and the duo become free to enjoy the company of one another in the space.

10. CSI Vs Without a Trace crossover
The iconic CSI franchise did not lack a string of crossovers in all of its four versions: The original CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI: New York, CSI: Cyber. But let’s take a look at the time the original CSI crossed over with a rival crimes drama Without a trace, ignoring the current transversality of the shows with an already proven connection. The shows in November 2007 crossed over with a two-part plot. CSI was in its 8th season and Without a Trace was at its 7th season at the time.

First, the CSI episode: Who and What saw William Petersen’s Gil Grissom team up with Anthony LaPaglia’s FBI Agent jack Malone to find the serial killer. The story was then finished in the Where and Why episode of Without a Trace, broadcast the same night by over 22 million Americans watching both episodes.

11. Friends X Caroline in the City crossover
The sitcom Caroline in the city that ran from mid to late 90s was popularly known by the iconic Lea Thompson. Since the title “City” was a celebrated metropolis of New York, it was only fitting that Caroline might cross paths with other NY based sitcoms in the same period.

In November 1995, in the episode ‘Caroline and the Folks”, where cameo made an appearance from Matthew Perry, he was playing his popular Friends role of Chandler Bing. Thompson’s Caroline retaliated by appearing in a Friends episode called The One with the Baby on the Bus, that was aired on the same day.

Many other 90’s sitcom made special appearance in Caroline in the City. In another episode, David Hyde Pierce’s Niles and Jane Leeves’ Daphne made an appearance.

12. Scooby-Doo Vs Supernatural Crossover
Supernatural action horror is probably one of the longest running TV shows in the genre. No shows continue for that long without having a crossover. In its 1th Season, Supernatural broke the standards quite dramatically.
The 2018 Scoobynatural episode saw Supernatural’s core community of paranormal researchers unite in the battle for a spooky-fought TV-team: Mystery Inc. In this crossover, the Supernatural squad was in an animated universe, grappling with Scoob and the gang in the other world, waving giant Dagwood sandwiches and hiding from ghosts in oversize pots along the way.

In the episode, guest performances were provided by the vocal players who worked on Scooby-new Doo’s TV embodiment: Matthew Lillard (Shaggy), Griffin Grey (Daphne), Kate Micucci (Velma) and Frank Welker (Fred and Scooby).

13. The Green Hornet Vs Batman
Yes, in what has long since become the substance of nerd legend, Batman and Robin fulfilled The Green Hornet and Kato on a number of occasions.

The following meetings have taken on a especially mythic status as the function of Kato was played with future Kung Fu movie pioneer Bruce Lee.
Following a brief cameo appearance in 1966 Batman event The Spell of Tut, the Green Hornet and Kato made their mark at Batman two-parter A Bit of the Action/Batman's Satisfaction, in which they both fight alongside and from the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin.

Regrettably this was not enough to save The Green Hornet at the time, as the show was cancelled after just 1 year; thanks to the Batman connection and the existence of Bruce Lee, the show has long since attained cult status.

14. Marvel Vs. Malibu Comics: The Black September

Marvel has come to be known as the King of Crossover events that even date back to the 70s and 80s with some notable one that appeared the 90s through to the 2000s.

In 1994, Marvel Comics bought Malibu Comics and their Ultraverse, in what now appears to be a concerted attempt to deliver Malibu's best coloring gift within the House of Ideas (and into vex DC Comics). Marvel took Malibu's comic book universe, and rather quickly canceled and rebooted the entire line (sound familiar?) In an event they called"Black September." You know, like the sort of thing you would call a stock market crash and subsequent horrible downturn in wellbeing.

Through Ultraforce and Ultraforce/Avengers preludes, Marvel explored the time-tested event waters of explaining continuity resets with idle cosmic storytelling. This absolutely flawless strategy lasted about no time at all until Marvel just cancelled the Untraverse for good.

15. Wolverine Vs. Badrock Crossover
When it was not sufficient that Rob Liefeld's Younglood was permeating every crevice of'90s comic book dialog, Youngblood's very own Badrock needed to go and get himself a crossover show using the X-Men's trophy sales-magnet, Wolverine. Despite a narrative by the underrated Jim Valentino, Wolverine and Badrock's interpublisher crossover is a dull by-the-numbers Savage Land escapade we have seen 100 times before.

Wolverine, Badrock and Ka-zar's pet Sabretooth tiger Zabu search the road of Sauron, the vampire pterodactyl. Oddly, Wolverine speaks to Badrock just like the least attractive variant of Mary Jane Watson (direct quotation:"Seems like we just hit the jackpot, tiger!") , and the duo struggle Savage Land mutates andwe estimate, a"Gigantosaurus-Man." If you have fallen asleep only reading this, then we can not blame you.

16. Sonic Super Special No.7

1998's Sonic Super Special #7 Has Been released as the Large Sonic and Picture Comics crossover, Together with appearances from The Maxx, Savage Dragon, ShadowHawk, Spawn, Union and Velocity. Regardless of the possibility, the crossover fast becomes an unsatisfying sampler platter of late-'90s Picture Goods, feeling much more like a Free Comic Book Day rather compared to an authentic super special value hard earned money.

While on one hand you need to love Dr. Eggman threatening Sonic with Spawn's forest-cutting"Spawnmower," it is still an actively dreadful pun, and among the few minutes we get to watch Sonic and Spawn showdown. Purely based on nostalgic amusement, this dilemma would be a difficult one to pass up in almost any longbox, but actually reading the matter is far from a fantastic idea.

17. Rune x Venom Crossover
Venom was so omnipresent in the'90s that if you didn't crossover or team-up together with the villain turned anti-hero turned symbiote-baby-daddy, there's a good chance that you were dead or Hank Pym. This Venom-fever extended to Malibu Comics' Rune, a vampiric baddie Made by Barry Windsor Smith and Chris Ulm.

Venom and Rune brawl at exactly the slobbering, savage fashion you would expect from character's best known for eating being nicknamed"Prince of the Void." Weirdly, Venom vs. Rune is deeply linked to Marvel's mid-"Clone Saga""Planet of the Symbiotes" event, making this an external crossover combined within an internal crossover, also inducing wallets and minds to melt upon the globe. Credit where it's due, Venom's tongue and symbiote appendages are approximately 7,000 feet long in each panel of this comicstrip, so if you are merely flipping through without unintentionally reading some of this content, you might actually enjoy yourself.

18. Spawn Vs. Batman Crossover: War Devil

Image Comics displayed a lot of creator clout from the'90s, luring the hallowed Abilities of Alan Moore to write Supreme, and Persuasive Frank Miller to Come Back to Batman for the first time since The Dark Knight Returns in a crossover with Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Frankly, the Miller and McFarlane Batman Vs. Spawn is well worth checking out --sadly"War Devil" is another story.

Despite a commendable creative team-up between Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant and Klaus Janson, Batman/Spawn: War Devil reads like an egregious cash-in on two profoundly marketable characters. Batman wanders Gotham with interior monologue such as"Bombs and buildings. A terrible combination if ever the the twain are permitted to meet," and Spawn steals lines from Daredevil: Born Again ("You shouldn't sign your work before you complete"). Let's just say both ultra-popular comic celebrities have seen brighter days.

19. Amazing Spider-man Vs. Ren and Stimpy Crossover

The cover acknowledges"Since no one demanded it!" Composed by a pre-Spider-Man celebrity Dan Slott,"Clash of Titans: Break-Fest of Chumpions" is a farcical artifact of the early'90s that certain does not make a great deal of sense.

When Ren & Stimpy run from powdered toast, Spider-Man matches in for Powdered Toast Man who is being controlled by an evil genius. As Spider-Man states,"it occurs." Spidey subsequently makes Ren & Stimpy toast from web fluid. Through the issue we are struck with bread puns than any individual could reasonably be anticipated to consume, with pages on pages of Spider-Man's worst quips. There is, though, a really good extended gag about all of the people Spider-Man thinks of if he sees himself in dire straits. Regrettably, it is nowhere near enough to save this oddity.

20. Aaahh! Real Monsters vs. Rugrats Crossover
A ghost story gets completely out of hand as a result of Angelica, who does not believe the infants are telling a chilling enough narrative -- enter Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm. While the Aaahh! Real Monsters trio are conjured up over the ghost story, they create a real-world look at the limit to terrify Angelica, which will be oh so pleasing. This is one of my favorite crossovers of the yesteryears. I wish these show could get a revival soon so that we could see more of such crazy crossovers.

Final Thought

There is nothing like the moment when you just relax and enjoy your favorite TV show, then BOOM! Unexpectedly a rare thing occurs: The crossover episode! Crossovers would sometimes knock me out of my fantasy world and leave me pondering on how they did it!

Despite the huge differences in the TV shows, they sometimes came together to create a super episode ( If I may call it that). Crossover as much fun, but sometimes can be creepier or awful. Sometimes they can just live you more confused than before.

The best ones are when a character from one of your best TV shows meets another form one of Your best Movie. The experience is just epic. The nostalgia of crossovers of the 90s through to 2000s can sometimes be so strong. So strong, that you can’t help it but re-watch the entire crossover episode.

What is your most favorite, awful, or epic crossover that you remember?
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