I am the god i fear!
Crash Bandicoot (1996): Remembering The good old "Crash" days.
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Image credits: TVtropes
Just the mention of the name Crash Bandicoot will stir your fond memories of the good old days of the ‘90s. I know many of you...
Ren & Stimpy (1991 -1995): How much do you remember?
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If there is a show that has stood the taste of time, then it is the Ren & Stimpy show. The show has survived the VHS, LaserDisc, UMD, DVD, and Now it has managed to quench our nostalgia on...
Tamagotchi (1996 – Now): Why Tamagotchi Had Been So Popular Till Now?
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Before smartphones and the shiny consoles that we have today, before the Nintendo Switch and the fancy PlayStations, before even the Pokémon Mini, we had the Tamagotchi. This was a toy...
Waynehead (1996-1997): Saturday Morning Memories.
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Photo: Paulinxx
This week I have made several trips down the memory lane! Today, I made a trip to HBO Max; guess what I found? Waynehead! Yes...
Retro Review: The ‘90s Technologies that shaped the future
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The ‘90s was a significant era to have spent your childhood, both technologically and culturally. I love Technology, and recently, I have been fascinated by how Technology and culture...
Cow and Chicken( 1997 - 1999): The Formidable pair of the mid-'90s.
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Mama had a Chicken,
Mama had a Cow,
Dad was proud,
He didn't care how.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Here is what you missed! (1993-1996)
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By now, you have the hunch of my undying love for cartoons and superhero-themed shows. And I am going to keep them coming everyday! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is another '90s kids...
Gumby: Remembering the Adventures of Gumby (1953 – 1995 - 2012)
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Now, I was just minding my own business online, then Boom! I landed on this website called Gumby World! Can you imagine a whole webpage with hundreds of...
Big Bad Beetleborgs: Why were Beetleborgs Considered Underrated? (1996 - 1998)
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As you all know, I am a ‘90s Nostalgia freak! Today I want to dig into a show that was not so well received by everyone back then...
Super Mario 64: Reminiscing the good old days of Super Mario 64 (1996 – 1997)
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Let us take another walk back memory lane to the days of Super Mario 64. Back in the days when owning a Nintendo console was an outstanding achievement. Today, Video game consoles are so...

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