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Photo E: Creepy

Photo E: Creepy

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Last Supper
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They had it coming
We could never repay Rats for how their sacrifices have allowed us to live longer and healthier lives. What other animal is tortured to death in order for humans to discover cures and medical treatments? What other animal do you think is being injected with Covid-19 and have to SUFFER just so us humans can find a vaccine? We do not respect Rats because we believe they caused the Black Plague when the truth is, humans are the filthy ones. Rats groom and clean themselves more than cats!!!!!!!!!!!! So tired of people not understanding animals of all shapes and sizes. Rats would be like squirrels but they have learned that WE HATE THEM and they can only survive underground or what you see in the picture is their fate. If there is a rat infestation someplace, it usually is a sign that humans came and took over the rats habitat and not the other way around. I'm not asking people to love rats but at least respect them for how much they have helped us humans live thanks to the sacrifices of their tiny bodies in medicine.
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I sense an animal lover there....so look on the bright side of the pic.Am no expert but what if they disingenged the the trap and started eating the cheese majestically????

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