13 Most Memorable Nickelodeon Bumpers of the Century.

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Happy New year, folks! Am glad you all made it.

It has been a rough ride in 2020. The pandemic took a toll on us and crippled all the world's economies. My fingers are crossed, praying that the vaccine works so that we have some freedom. I bet things will never get back to the "normal" we had years back, but at least, with the vaccine, we can quickly adjust to our "new normal."

Anyway, that aside, the year is 2021. We have just moved a year further away from the '90s. That gives us more reasons to look back in time and borrow for what worked then while appreciating the development that has taken place over the years.

Sooner or later, the dull year 2020 will be future nostalgia. A couple of years from now, we will be talking about the events of 2020 in retrospect.

Let’s get back to our usual thing……walking back the memory lane.

Today, I would like us to go back in time and look at some awesome Nickelodeon Bumpers from back in the days. Nickelodeon had that ability to make a tune or video stick in your head. I used to sing or speak along with Nick's promos!

I somehow remember bumpers more than the shows themselves. I can forget the entire storyline of an episode, but the pumpers have never gotten out of my head!

13 Nickelodeon Bumpers that you may have missed back in the ‘90s.

Here is a collection of 13 Nickelodeon bumpers that you may have missed back in the ‘90s. Some bumpers even go way back to the late 80s.

1. The Nick Tea Cup Head bumper: Best quality Nickelodeon bumper.


1609778946448.pngThis bumper featured a green-haired animated figurehead with blue eyes and purple ears with a long sprout, drinking green liquid out of an orange cup through his nose. X-ray imagery reveals that he has three orange fish in his head. This bumper first appeared in the mid-'80s and ran through to the mid-90s. It was commonly used for the closure of the TV show called Super Sloppy Double Dare. Fred and Edward Bakst created this bumper.

2. Dino Bop: My all-time favorite Nick bumper (Doo-wop)

This was undeniably my most favorite Nick bumper. I would sing it all day long while going to the mall. It had a very catchy song that I could not help but keep humming even in my sleep. Have you ever wondered whether the dinosaurs on a skateboard had no pants?!

I used to think that the dinosaurs with sunglasses were female, while the rest were men. This bumper was among the funniest Nickelodeon bumpers of the 80s. I love the nostalgia this bumper brings. I found the teeth flash kind of creepy, but still, it was fun watching!

Is there a “Boomerang” for Nickelodeon? I would love to watch such classic bumpers and other classic shows once again.
This bumper featured a group of singing dinosaurs with neckties doo-woping. In this bumper, an orange volcano erupts with the name Nickelodeon written on it. Nick initially used this bumper between 1988 and 2001. Joey Ahlbum and Allan/Fred developed it.

3. Spelling Bee: Goofiest Nick Bumper of the decade!

This bumper features girls spelling Nickelodeon in scrambled formats before they get it right. The bumper had two versions. Both had a different storyline. Nick used it from 1992 to 1999.

4. Main Course: Yodeling Vikings, Eskimos, Hippos

Imagine a meal of Eskimos, Yodeling Vikings, and Hippos; that is exactly what this waiter in this Nick bumper served as the main course! Well, I would love to eat these three, but I loved those toys back in the days. I would kill to have a Yodeling Viking toy!

The bumper shows a waiter who lifts a dish to show unusual dishes, including an Eskimo singing while fishing, a hippo busy eating grass and a Yodeling Viking. Towards the end, the waiter drops an orange anvil on the plate. This bumper was first aired in 1986 and ran through to 1994. The later 90s would saw its return briefly. It later appeared in 2011 on the “Are All That” segment. This bumper was designed and developed by Charles and the Allan/Fred team.

5. Nick Dog Barks: Creepiest nick bumper of the 90s

As simple and innocent as it looks, I found these dogs to be a little creepy! Plus, the horrifying wolf howl just made the whole bumper even scarier. Though I love dogs now, at that time, I was not a dog person! The howl sounded like the one from the Burning Moon home video at the time.

The bumper featured dogs barking in different tones. It ends with a bunch of wolves, all orange in color. This was the sign-off Ident for Nickelodeon back in the late 80s to mid-90s. It was created by the Laybourne/Noyes and Fred/Alan Team.

6. Nick Fish on Stage (1986): Funny-face fish!

This bumper was seen on the end of the Nick GaS airing to the Super Sloppy Double Dare episode, Demolition Duo against Bionic Blonds. The bumper shows a quartet of fish on stage singing. It was first aired in 1986 and ran through to the mid-nineties.

This bumper was created by David Lubell and Alan/Fred team.

7. Nick Doo-wop Dinosaurs: Cockiest Nickeoldeon Bumper of the decade!

This is yet another classic Doo-wop bumper that featured dinosaurs. But this time, they walked in in blue shoes and no necktie. The dinos move towards a green T-rex seated watching TV. When the dinosaurs turn, they see a purple pterodactyl wearing headphones with a portable radio. One of the dinos has orange sunglasses. This bumper was aired from 1987 to the mid-1990s. Joey Ahlbum and Fred/Alan curated it.

8. Nick Blob intro: Most impressive Nickelodeon bumper (1995)


This was undeniably the most impressive Nick bumper of the mid-90s. The animation was way ahead of its time. It is around this time that the quality of animation improved, and so did the bumpers. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon would be seen in competition for the franchise that will create the best bumpers that would go viral at the time.

The bumper featured a computer-animated blob that transforms into a shark, a dinosaur, a human, and then back to a blob. It was used as an intro to Nicktoons from 1992 to 2000 and later reemerged in 2006 on Nick Rewind block. The audio of this bumper was used as the second track on the Best of Nicktoons. It was later re-created as a bumper for the Splat in 2015.

9. Happy Fruits: Most creative Nicktoon bumper with singing and dancing fruits. (1987 – 1993)

This bumper featured a trio music show that included pineapple, a banana, and an orange. The three are seen singing Orange You Glad, and later they fall into an orange splat. This Ident was aired from 1987 through to 1993.

Strangely, the three fruits did not have eyebrows until when they fell into the orange Splat! It found the song addictive back in the days. I sing "Ain’t you glad….you are watching Nick" until my brother told me it is "Orange you glad…." Something that I still don't agree with him this moment! The colorful fruits would dance in unison to the edge and fall. This bumper ID had two variants. There was another one that featured the cartoonist. Another close bumper was the Notepad ID; though it was not related to the two fruit IDs, they only had the same jingle.

10. Ren & Stimpy: Most ridiculous classic Nickelodeon bumper of the Early ‘90s.


Well, there is no way the Ren & Stimpy duo can fail to be ridiculous. That is exactly what they displayed on this most memorable Nick Bumper that featured Ren and Stimpy on an orange bathtub named imprinted Nickelodeon on the side.

Well, it begs the question, what was happening in the water?! This was, in my opinion, not suitable for kids. But who cares? The duo just smashed the bumper. This bumper starts with Ren sitting in a bathtub full of water, enjoying his alone time. He makes faces, whistle, pops his pink eyes, and lips out in a gesture likely to suggest he has seen something interesting. He even goes ahead to fart in the water, causing the blue bubble to rise with greenish-yellow fat vapor!

Stimpy falls from above, fully dressed in scuba diving gear and a large blue nose, just as he is enjoying his alone time! Immediately he falls into the bathtub; he removes his scuba gear and picks what appears to be soap (not sure exactly) from under the water!


11. Nick Flying TV bumper: Most outrageous and unrealistic Nickelodeon bumper.

I found this to be the most unrealistic bumper of the decade! But what is Nickelodeon without such antics! The unrealistic creations of Nicktoons are what sparked creativity in kids back in the 90s. We would later gather and discuss how we would wish to ride on a flying TV set And watch cartoons all day while airborne!
In this bumper, a boy's seen watching TV when an orange one-horned creature looks like a rhino with wings emerges from behind the kid. The purple kid looks sad as he watches cartoons on the old green TV from a close range. His eyes are bulgy white. The rhino suddenly jumps into the TV from the top, and it suddenly transforms into a green-winged Nickelodeon TV.

The boy jumps in a mixed feeling of fear and excitement and then hops on the back of the flying TV monster for a ride. The smiling TV set creature with golden yellow wings flies right towards the camera to cover the entire TV with the diagonal words "Nickelodeon."

This creative bumper was developed back in 1986 and was aired through to 1992. It was also the outro in the Super Sloppy Double Dare episode.

12. NickOpera Bumper: The most musical Nick bumper

This is yet another musical Nick bumper that just killed it. It featured a serious looking music conductor neatly dressed in a black suit with a black bowtie. Looking straight ahead, like he is conduction an orchestra or opera. He hits the table with a stick thrice to signal the singers, and immediately a mellow voice starts to sing:

…Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick…Nickelodeooooooooooon…

The mellow voice comes from a lady with huge orange hair with red lipstick. She suddenly sings with a high pitch that knocks out the conductor and shatters his glasses.

12. Pink Rhino Bumper: Most weird Nick bumper of the 90s.

I consider this the weirdest Nick bumper because it features four animals that don't bark (A pink rhino, a lion, a snake, and a crocodile. The four are seen performing a quartet. But after singing the signature tune; Bow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-ya! Nickelodeon! Nickelodeon! Nickelodeon! A dog's back, probably a Husky or a Terrier, is heard from the back ground. A howl is also heard towards the end.

An orange tree emerges towards the end with the inscription Nickelodeon. This Ident was first aired in 1987 and was shown through to 1992. It was designed and developed by the Joey Ahlbum and Fred/Alan team.

13. Orange Wolves Dancing: The “Barkiest” Nick Bumper

Nickelodeon was famous for colorful animation and weird combinations, like pink rhinos and dinosaurs in sneakers. This time, it was dancing dogs…. not just dancing dongs, but dancing dogs in orange.

This bumper features some dogs pulling on a Nickelodeon branded bone. Then in comes three dongs dancing their ass off. This one ranks among the most adorable bumpers with cute dogs dressed in orange.

Final Word

In as much as I enjoyed Nickelodeon bumpers, I cannot list all of them here. They will be running into hundreds, I guess. The above listed were my 13 Best Nickelodeon bumpers of the century!

Post your best Nick Bumper below and why you loved it.
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