17 Best Cartoon Network Groovies of the 2000s

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Your favorite childhood television show has just begun. You go and sit down in front of the screen to enjoy the programming. Then Boom! An irritating short comes along. This is something that you will remember if you grew up in the 90s through to the 2000s.

We are all familiar with that annoying song of the interstitial shorts. While sometimes the song would have nothing to do with the actual program, some of the times they would be promoting it in a fun way.

The interstitial was created by Cartoon Network Directly after acquiring the U.S. rights to broadcast Groovies in 1997; they later moved Groovies from Boomerang Theater to bumper on special occasions. The looped vignettes were used as bumpers on Cartoon Network until 2003 and were used as bumpers on its sister channels until around 2010.

I remember those Cartoon Network Groovies! I was a kid growing up in the 2000s and you had to sit through the whole commercial block waiting for your favorite cartoon. We were so close yet so far away from seeing our favorite shows back then.

These bumpers were a way of marketing the Groovies brand to kids in America and getting them excited for the show. It was also a way of building anticipation for new episodes and ensuring that viewers would tune in regularly. These kinds of marketing strategies are still used today, albeit with more sophisticated techniques.

For example, major television networks will often release promotional clips or trailers for upcoming shows on their YouTube channels in order to generate interest and get people talking about it.

What are Cartoon Network Groovies?

Cartoon Network Groovies was an interstitial collection of musical shorts that originally aired on Cartoon Network and later Boomerang. It used to air on the previously mentioned channel during Boomerang Theater in-between-programs — but the show is no longer a part of Cartoon Network's current programming, so I guess that makes it uncool now.

Top Cartoon Network Groovies of the Late 90s to the 2000s

They Might Be Giants - Courage the Cowardly Dog

They might be giant was one of the most popular Groovies on Cartoon Networks. it was also one of the most popular songs on the internet in early 2000. It has been viewed over 8 million times on YouTube.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is an American animated horror comedy television series created by John R. Dilworth for Cartoon Network as part of the network's Cartoon Cartoons block. The series follows the exploits of Courage, a dog who is eternally optimistic despite a life filled with misfortune.

His owners are Muriel Bagge and her husband Eustace Bagge, both patients of Dr. Vindaloo. Courage's signature characteristic is his loud, high-pitched scream that can be heard all around the neighborhood in times of peril.

Incredible Shrinking Day ft Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Incredible Shrinking Day is the 20th episode of the first season in Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, after getting their "good looks" taken away from them by a giant fly, the Eds must find three objects that will make them look like normal kids again before it's too late!

This is one of my favorite episodes because it's so funny and has some great moments: like when Kevin yells at Rolf to get out of his house while he's doing pushups; or when Rolf gets stuck on a tree branch at Nazz's party and then falls off and accidentally knocks over Jonny (who used to be called Johnny).

Dexter's Secret Formula

Dexter's Secret Formula is an episode of Dexter's Lab that was originally aired on Cartoon Network in 2001. It was written and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, who also worked on Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Hotel Transylvania, and many other popular shows.

Dexter's Lab is an American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network about a boy named Dexter and his sister Dee Dee who often cause havoc in the scientist's lab. The show ran from 1996 to 2003 with two spinoffs: Ego Trip and Mandarker Powers Up.


Jabberjaw is a character from the cartoon network. He's a shark and also a superhero, but he's also just a cartoon character in general.

The show Jabberjaw was on the Cartoon Network and it was about this shark with superpowers who fought crime in New York City. A lot of people liked it because they thought he was funny looking, but some people didn't like him because they thought he was annoying or stupid looking.

I don't know if anyone remembers it, but I think he did something to save the city in one episode where they were all being attacked by robots. There was this robot who had a crush on him and wanted him to be her boyfriend or something, so they decided that they could use this robot's power to destroy other robots.

Go, Monkey, Go featuring Mojo Jojo

Go, Monkey, Go! is a cartoon about a monkey and a girl. The monkey is called Mojo Mojo. He's a hero and he can fly. The girl is called Mojo Mojo too. She's also the hero of the cartoon; she can fly too! Mojo is a monkey. He's the hero of the cartoon and he can fly. Mojo Mojo is also a girl in this cartoon. She can fly too!

Josie and the Pussycats​

Josie and the Pussycats is a fictional band that appeared in a series of Hanna-Barbera animated musical comedy television specials that aired during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The first special, The Archie Comedy Hour, aired on CBS in 1968. The second special, Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space, aired in 1972.

The adventures of Josie and her friends were later adapted into an animated series that ran from 1970 to 1973 on ABC as part of its Saturday morning cartoon lineup (it was considered part of "the major league" due to its prime-time lead-in).

A live-action movie based upon this same premise was produced by 20th Century Fox studios for release in 2001 and starred Rachael Leigh Cook as lead singer Josie McCoy; Rosario Dawson played Melody Valentine; Tara Reid played Valerie Brown; Alan Cumming played Alexander Cabot III aka Sebastian Bach.

Chemical X ft Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup

Chemical X is a fictional chemical substance that appears in the animated series The Powerpuff Girls and related media. It is used by the Powerpuff Girls to create their superpowers, and also by villains to create monsters. Chemical X has appeared in every episode of The Powerpuff Girls except "Ice Sore", "Boy Toys", and "The Boys Are Back In Town".
In the episode Boy Toys, it was revealed that Chemical X has been banned because of its side effects after being sold at stores but Blossom still had some left from when she was a kid so she gave it to Buttercup since she couldn't fly anymore due to her knees hurting too much so she could fly again for a while until she ran out of it after going through chemotherapy.

Mars Forever ft Marvin the Martian

Marvin the Martian is a character from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. He is an extraterrestrial from the planet Mars, who often attempts to destroy Earth, but always fails due to his incompetence. He is a member of the Looney Tunes cast.

Marvin first appeared in Haredevil Hare, which was directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. In this cartoon, Marvin has come to Earth on a reconnaissance mission for Mars. He takes out an atlas and looks up "Earth" only to see that it looks like nothing more than a speck with some dots around it; thus concluding that there's no way he could ever find such an insignificant planet.

Pork Jam featuring Porky Pig

Porky Pig is a cartoon character in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. He was created by animator Bob Clampett, and first appeared in Porky's Duck Hunt. . Porky has become one of the most famous cartoon characters of all time; his image has appeared in such diverse places as baseball cards, comic books, and even pinball machines to clothing items such as boxer shorts with his face emblazoned on them!

As an anthropomorphic pig living in the United States (though he was later shown to also live in Mexico), he can be either depicted as a country boy or a city slicker depending upon the situation.

Signal in the Sky ft The Powerpuff Girls

The Signal in the Sky is a song from the episode of The Powerpuff Girls entitled "The City of Clipsville." It was written by Tom Kenny, performed by Tom Kenny, and composed by David Kriegman.

It is used to promote the Cartoon Network's website and the Cartoon Orbit website. The song is performed by The Powerpuff Girls in a setting that appears to be a city.

The scene begins with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup running through the city being chased by criminals. They end up at a lake where they dive in and swim back to their base.

Dee Dee and Dexter

Dexter's a boy genius and Dee Dee is a normal 4-year-old girl, who also happens to be his sister. They live in the suburbs of a major city, where they are best friends with their neighbor Mandark and their teacher Miss Simian. Dexter and Dee Dee are both in the fourth grade at school (Dexter is four years old and in kindergarten, while Dee Dee is five years old).
Several episodes have revolved around Dexter and Dee Dee getting into trouble for being too smart for their own good, such as when they use science to cause chaos on Earth or accidentally erase themselves from existence. Other times, it's more about how amazing it would be if these two were together - like when Dexter invented his perfect imaginary friend!

''Yogi Bear" ft Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, and Ranger Smith

Yogi Bear is the main character on this Cartoon Network's Groovies, and he is a bear. Yogi Bear's best friend is Boo-Boo Bear, who sometimes gets them into trouble. The main antagonist of the series is Ranger Smith, who keeps Yogi and Boo-Boo from causing havoc in Jellystone Park.

Courage (Hearts Full of Love) by Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage (Hearts Full of Love) was also a famous groovie on the Cartoon Network. It featured Courage, a dog who lives in the middle of nowhere with an old woman named Muriel. Courage is afraid of nearly everything, and his character was humorous in the way his fears were usually exaggerated. He would encounter many unusual creatures and people throughout the series, and he would have to fight them off using his own ingenuity.


My Best Friend, Plank

My Best Friend Plank was another groovie on the Cartoon network that I didn't mind interrupting my show. It was among the funniest at the time. Plank is a character from the cartoon series Courage the Cowardly Dog. He's a wooden board with a face, but he's also Courage's best friend.

Plank is loyal and brave, as well as smart and funny—he always has something of value to contribute to any situation. You can count on him to be there when you need him most!

Time is Running Out by Jonny Quest

In "Time is Running Out", when his father goes missing while researching a new fuel source, Jonny and his friend Hadji embark on an epic journey to find Dr. Quest. After their plane crashes in the Himalayas, they are separated from Bandit and must travel through the jungle in order to reach civilization and rescue Dr. Quest from a mysterious villain!

Wascally Wemix by Elmer Fudd

Wascally Weemix is a parody of the song "Wascally Wabbit" from the cartoon short "The Wascally Wabbit". It was made by Elmer Fudd and is featured on Cartoon Groovies Records.

Elmer Fudd is a character from Looney Tunes that first appeared in Rabbit Seasoning as an antagonist who would often try to catch Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck for dinner, but failed every time. He became such a popular character, he spawned multiple spin-offs including The Looney Tunes Show, Tiny Toon Adventures and Baby Looney Tunes (which also featured his son Lanny).

Meet the Flinstones​

The Flintstones is an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera for ABC. The series takes place during the Stone Age, where a family of cavemen live in a suburban world populated with dinosaurs and other extinct animals. It ran in prime time on ABC, originally sponsored by Winston cigarettes, from 1960 to 1966 and on NBC Saturday mornings from September 1963 to September 1966. As of 2019, it has been seen on Boomerang Cinema (formerly known as "Boomerang" before its rebranding)

Final Thought​

These are some of the most memorable characters from the golden age of cartoons. They were funny, witty and lovable. They made us laugh at their antics and root for them to win in the end even though they usually lost.

What’s your favorite cartoon groovie?