3 Most Valuable & Rare Nintendo Games

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The Nintendo DS is now at an exciting stage in its life cycle as there are a lot of excellent deals to be had in its library, but some of the secret treasures and rarities are beginning to be revealed and competitively priced. Although some of the pricing in these titles might be disappointing, if experience is any indication, a few of the more rare games may only skyrocket in cost now from. On the bottom end of the continuum, you may find that some of the highest-ranking rarities have comparatively low prices. These lists are for games that can only be played on a cartridge. Though some of these games are still difficult to come by as bare cartridges, full versions command a higher price. While the Nintendo DS cases are far more sturdy and functional than the Game Boy boxes, many DS containers have been dumped by shops such as GameStop, which have a practice of abolishing cases before distributing cards (sad, but true). The best price in the last 3 months, which is normally the cost for a pure, physical copy, is the second cost in the price categories. If a packaged copy has recently sold, the average price is also exchanged. The combination of the two primary prices is used to sort the collection. It's worth noting that some of these games aren't uncommon in the context that there aren't enough of them, but rare in terms of demand, that makes buying games costly.

1) SHEPHERD’S CROSSING 2: $175-$515

Shepherd's Crossing 2 is a farmland sim focused on planting, animal husbandry, and attracting the ladies. Many who love the Harvest Moon series will recognise it, although there are several variations. Shepherd's Crossing 2's clean gameplay, which is less limiting than comparable titles, is a major draw. You can't abandon your property like in Harvest Moon, so you can enter other people's homes (as long as you bring food). There are often more serious effects than in Harvest Moon, such as running out of resources and dying. This DS sequel was a follow-up to the PS2 and PSP versions of the main series. Most of those games are still reasonably priced, although the DS version has a limited print run, making it difficult to find in the wild. It's particularly worth noting that there weren't many consumer perception of Shepherd's Crossing 2 when it was published.

2) VEGGY WORLD: $29-$600 ($605 SEALED)

It's not unusual for ancient scrolling shooters (aka Shmups) to be at the top of our Valuable and Important lists. Nevertheless, these in-demand shmups are typically pricey, owing to their high quality and popularity among fans of the series. Veggy World seems to have a more "budget game" feel to it, but it does have some good vibrations. However, unlike Shepherd's Crossing 2, there are almost no significant feedback of the title (though I would contend that Shepherd's Crossing 2 deserved extra). Veggy World appears to be a fairly monotonous game in which you press the button to shoot down incoming vegetable-themed "aircraft." Players are often surrounded by spinning vegetables that can deal damage to their craft. However, I don't believe die-hard shooter enthusiasts would be playing this on a regular basis. The Wii and DS versions of Veggy World aren't too costly in loosely disc/cartridge form, but full copies are particularly hard to come by. It's one of those titles where most DS owners who happened to pick up this fairly rare game won't attempt keeping the case. It's particularly difficult to locate right now.

SOLATOROBO: RED THE HUNTER: $85-$315 ($350-$500 SEALED)​

Solatorobo is a refined and elegant Action RPG with elements of excitement. To build a seamless experience, the breathtaking graphics combine 2D and 3D components. The game was released in very small quantity by X-Seed and included a soundtrack CD. All of this came in a separate exterior cardboard case. Like you would imagine, many people didn't keep the CD, much less the outer cardboard cover, on hand. As a result, a mint, complete copy would almost certainly command a price of $300 or more.

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