5 Facts About Pac-Man

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unnamed.png5 Facts About Pac-Man
By Alexander Money

Gamers are Pac-Man, who must consume all the dots inside a sealed maze whilst still escaping four ghosts of colour. Players can eat giant blinking dots which allows Pacman to temporarily injust them for extra points. Most of us are into retro gaming and are probably well aware of what this game is.

1) Puckman was the original name.

At one time, this classic was known as Puck Man and was soon changed to Pacman fearing that vandals would replace the P with F. The Japanese word pak means Chomp in the English language, hence the name of the game. Namco, the Japanese developers released Pacman in 1980.

2) The Highest Score Achievable Is 3,333,360 points

While Pac-Man has no finish, an excessive numerical renders it difficult to clear the 256th stage. Which implies if all 255 stages the player eats every one of the dots, blue-flashing power pellets, and fruit, the highest score would be 3.333.360 points. Billy Mitchell, the stunningly retro video gaming champion, who became the first gamer to achieve this ranking on July 3rd, 1999.

3) It's still addictive to play in 2020
Google implemented a free online version of the game on its webpage to celebrate Pac-Man 's 30th anniversary back in 2010. Google's first playable doodle, the milestone edition is still available to play to this very day. It's great to see modern technology being integrated with retro video gaming. Playing this type of Pacman makes me take a trip down memory lane and reminds me of my childhood as a Gamer.

4) Toru Iwatani, Game Designer had no education as a programmer.
Toru Iwatani, 22 years of age, began working at a company in Japan known as Namco in 1977. Iwatani had expected to develop pinball machines but then he started to design video games. His creations were Gee Bee, Bomb Bee and Cutie Q, and then finally Pacman in 1980. In computing, Iwatani self-taught himself without any prior formal programming or graphic design training.

5) Pacman's concept came from a slice of Pizza, Yummy!

Toru Iwatani's once said "If you take a slice of pizza and remove one piece, it looks like a mouth. That's where my idea came from!" This quote inspires us and other gaming enthusiasts who want to kick-start their career as a game developer. No matter their level of knowledge, they can succeed in planning from something we eat or use every day. I'm sure everyone here can agree that this is our inspirational quote for today.


I know many retro video gamers are on GeezeZone so I hope you all enjoyed reading some interesting facts about Pacman. Please expect another Article two weeks from today, which will be based on our Forum Genre which is anything 90's and 2000's. Please share your thoughts on Pacman and let us know whether you remember playing this classic title in an Arcade!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my article today.