7th Heaven

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New Geeze
Mar 24, 2020
Does anyone here remember this show? It was about a religious family, who deal with normal day to day life stuff with rebellious teens and all that. The father on the show, was a pastor if I remember correctly. Also, it turns out, the guy who played the father is a pedo, which makes watching the show feel super weird these days.

I used to watch this show with my sister back when it originally aired. I didn't think much of it back then, I thought it was ok, but reminded me of a more religious Full House without the humor.

Oh, and it also stars Jessica Biel, who I had a massive crush on back then. Hell I still do today. :D


New Geeze
Apr 20, 2020
I completely forgot about this show. I remember Jessica Biel being in it, and crushing on her so hard. I never was a big fan of the show though, was just corny. I only watched because of Jessica Biel and maybe one of the other sisters when I was a kid, I forget who else was in it.