Burger King Kids Club (1990 - 1999): Remembering Burger King Kids Club of the 90s

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The Burger King Kids Club of the 90s was a phenomenon back then. What other fast food had its own television show? It was a fantastic time to be alive. I still remember being in elementary school, watching the commercials for the club, and thinking that everything about it was the coolest thing ever. And when my mom finally took me there, I got a burger with fries and a drink for just $0.99! It was a steal, I tell you!

I remember getting one of those little crown-shaped pins and wearing it everywhere—even to bed. And I also recall that Burger King brought back those pins for a limited time in 2018—and I bought one immediately!

It’s no secret that the 90s were a wild time to be alive. We had our version of “The Real World” on MTV, we were all wearing too much flannel, and everyone had a pager. But there was one thing that brought us together, no matter how different we were in other respects: having fun with our friends at Burger King.

The Burger King Kids Club was a fantastic place for kids to hang out with friends and family. There was always something exciting going on—from games to contests to special events—and it seemed like you could never leave without getting a surprise! It was also an excellent way for parents and siblings to connect over something not related to school or sports or chores or anything else that might cause tension between them at home (although admittedly, those things existed too).

In honor of this beautiful time in my childhood memories, here are just some of the things I remember most about my time as a member of this club:

The plush toys! We could never leave without getting one of these adorable little guys as part of our membership package. And they were so soft and cuddly—I still have mine

Background History of the Burger King Kids Club​

From 1990 through 1999, a diverse collection of animated kids known as the Burger King Kids Club gang appeared in Burger King commercials aimed toward younger audiences. British multi-national advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi came up with them for Burger King.
Children could sign up for the real-life Burger King Kids Club benefits program and, receive a membership card, a free meal on their birthday, and other promotional items such as magazines and calendars in the mail. The cartoon characters were presented as “founding members” of the program.

The figures were used in television and print advertisements (such as the free Burger King Kids Club Adventures brochures).

The Most Popular Burger Kids Club Group Members​

Kid Vid​

Quite a tall lad, Kid Vid has golden hair. His images include a futuristic blue visor over his eyes (green in some depictions). His latest creation consisted of a red backward cap, light blue pants, blue and white sneakers, and a t-shirt with lightning bolts painted on both sleeves of the shirt. A previous version of his design, exclusively shown in ads, was a dark blue visor, a red, white, and blue striped shirt, a blue sash-and-belt combination, cuffed light blue trousers, and red, and wh1658012690886.pngite sneakers.

Kid Vid can “zap” people into other realms, such as inside video games and TV shows, and influence objects in his immediate vicinity, using two remote controls that resemble those used with televisions.
Kid Vid has proven himself to be an excellent leader. Therefore he now heads up the Kids Club. Nonetheless, he can delegate authority to other team members and does so willingly when someone else offers a better solution.

Hasty and forgetful, he often rushes into adventures without adequately preparing for them. He has a healthy dose of skepticism and is quick to attribute unexpected happenings to special effects or hoaxes perpetrated by ordinary people.

He has a kind demeanor and likes to help others by employing the unique features of his remote controls. He frequently drops video and computer-related jargon into the conversation because of his enthusiasm for such technologies.


Boomer is a young lady with green eyes and fiery red hair. She usually has her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her most recent creation featured a yellow “7” shirt with red details, black shorts, purple elbow and knee protectors, and yellow and purple roller blades.
Her first design was a roller skater who wore a green “7” jersey with yellow numbers and purple accents, purple-striped green shorts, yellow knee pads, and white shoes.
The “boom” noise made while kicking a soccer ball very hard inspired Boomer’s moniker. When it comes to the Kids Club crew, Boomer is the most sporty and dedicated fan there is. She is a firm believer that diligence and effort yield positive results.

Keeping one’s body in good shape is something she thinks is very important, and she has a general interest. She is confident in her abilities and always strives to do her best, but she values playing games themselves more than she does winning.

She brings the same determination to her daily schoolwork. Boomer is also very outspoken and has no problem standing up for herself or others if they are in danger.


“Intelligence Quotient” (I./Q.) is the quotient used to measure a person’s IQ. I./Q. is the smallest kid in the Kids Club. His most recent creation has voluminous red hair and is dressed in a yellow polo, oversized green pants with a brownish-gray belt, white sneakers, round pink glasses, and a blue rucksack stuffed with textbooks.
His first attempt at a design was a man in a green overcoat with a green bow tie, white underwear, baggy yellow slacks, brown dress shoes, red square glasses, and a gray wristwatch.
Although the youngest of the crew, I./Q. also has the sharpest mind in the bunch. He has memorized the contents of thousands of books and websites due to his exceptional memory. He has an air of the stereotypical “absentminded professor,” so to speak. He enjoys reading in peaceful settings. He is the Kids Club’s official scorekeeper and strategist and appreciates sports from a more analytical perspective than a participant.

He likes to come up with new things for Wheels to build. He uses a sophisticated vocabulary even when conversing casually and is seen to get irritated when his fellow Kids Club members cannot keep up with his level of intelligence.


The tallest of the gang is Jaws. His latest creation has a flat-top haircut and wears a green sweatshirt with an image of Earth on the front, blue shorts, green rolled-down socks, and blue, black, and white high-top sneakers. He also frequently sports a pair of binoculars and a compass.
On his first ever design, he layered a light green vest over a dark green sweatshirt and paired it with dark green cuffed shorts, dark green socks, and black, dark green, and light green high tops.

Jaws know his way around the woods and is a seasoned navigator. He has a strong sense of responsibility toward society and the environment. Additionally, he is sometimes portrayed as the group’s voice of reason, keeping his calm and collected demeanor in the face of the craziness surrounding him.

His moniker originates from his earlier portrayal as a culinary expert and the Super Official Burger King Quality Taste Tester. Later texts, however, paid little attention to these specifics.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pvQVi3fV_M


The girl named Snaps has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her most recent creation sported a yellow camera and a purple spaghetti-strap dress with pink undergarments and long pink socks.
The first character she drew had on a green-and-white striped polo, pink cuffed shorts, white socks, pink-and-white sneakers, and a giant pink-and-gray camera.

Snaps got her name from the sound cameras make when snapped, and she started utilizing cameras at a young age. She has a wide range of photographic interests, from candid snapshots of people at leisure to action shots at sporting events.
As a journalist, she is always alert to the possibility of breaking news and on the lookout for interesting new subjects to cover.

She has a strong sense of right and wrong and is not afraid to stand up to wrongdoers. Snaps used to write a regular section for the Kids Club newsletter in which she shared and commented on pictures brought in by real kids.


Wheels’ hair is short and brown; it’s parted in the middle. He is a wheelchair user, and his most recent creation was a bright yellow electric chair with a dark blue seat and silver trimmings.

He donned a denim jacket over a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and green, yellow, and white sneakers from his newest collection. His prototype featured a white wheelchair with a red “W” on the cap of each wheel, wore blue pants and white sneakers, and carried a white jacket with red stripes like a racing car driver.
Since Wheels is a master mechanic, he can not only fix and enhance mechanical devices but also design and construct new ones. In this capacity, he finds particularly rewarding his collaboration with I./Q., who generates novel mechanical concepts for Wheels to actualize.

Wheels are also capable of making modifications to his wheelchair; he has turned it into a gyrocopter so that he can fly. His favorite genres of literature are those about automobiles and racing. His optimistic, positive demeanor is contagious, and he enjoys spreading it. The impression is given that he and J.D. are close.


Small and brown, J.D. has a white muzzle. His tail and ears are also relatively short. With his most recent creation, he sported a green shirt, a green helmet with purple embellishments, and a purple bandana with yellow patches.
His original design had a white point on the tip of his tail and a bluish-green shirt with deep purple embellishments. One of the earliest Burger King Kids Club mailings referred to J.D. as “Paws.” The Kids Club mascot is not the property of any individual but is treated as such by the club’s members.

He can do tricks, which he enjoys demonstrating to the other kids at the Kids Club, and he subsequently rides around on a skateboard that Wheels has modified to be powered so that he can keep up with the rest of the group. Some later works portray him as oblivious or forgetful.


Lingo is an exceptionally tall young man with short, dark hair. His most recent creation sported a white tee, a tan vest (blue in some renditions), in whose pockets he frequently stored drawing implements, a pair of green pants, and red-and-white sneakers.
Lingo joined the initial seven members of the Kids Club gang in 1990, expanding the group to a total of eight characters. He is fluent in both English and Spanish and has extensive experience with visual and vocal forms of communication; he is also an accomplished artist.

Lingo likes to combine humor and art when he draws cartoons of the other kids at the Kids Club. He loves to share his Spanish vocabulary with the other kids at the Kids Club and is very proud of his ancestry. His personality can be described as outgoing, positive, and energetic.


Jazz is a young woman with black, short hair. She accessorizes her ensemble with a purple hat, a white t-shirt featuring a red music note and purple embellishments, green slacks with a red belt, and purple and red sneakers. Also standard in her artwork is a trumpet in her hand.
Jazz joined the rest of the Burger King Kids Club cast in 1997, long after the club had already been in operation. As a result, there is a shortage of media portraying her; nonetheless, in 1999, she received an official description on the Burger King website. Jazz is the music and social director for the Kids Club; many people assume that her broad musical talents are innate, but she must work extremely hard to keep them. She finds solace in singing her heart out. Always accompanied by an instrument, she is rarely seen without one. She is also a skilled ventriloquist with a voice range of five octaves and the ability to “throw” her voice.

Looking Back at the Good Old Days of Burger King​

The first fast-food restaurants to feature kid meals began popping up around the country in 1978, but the most popular one by far is McDonald’s Happy Meal. When it comes to the average consumer, however, Burger King has always been known as the king of children’s meals.
As the only major fast-food chain to offer a burger and fries along with a toy, the Burger King Kids Club quickly became highly successful. A study showed that every year between 1980 and 1988, sales increased approximately 5% per month.
During the early 1990s however, the company decided to reinvent itself and come out of its shell. They also introduced new items that would appeal to young families. For example, introducing the Kid’s Chicken Sandwich brought new life to the kid's meal industry.

Today, over 40 different types of sandwiches are available for purchase. However, the signature product remains the same – a cheeseburger or chicken sandwich accompanied by a toy.

Final Thoughts​

The kids club meals were magical. They had a great time, and they loved every minute of it. There was a special treat for each child, and the parents enjoyed a delicious dinner. Everyone left the restaurant with smiles on their faces.

Kids clubs are usually held in restaurants and cafeterias. These events are a great way to engage children in a fun activity. The food served at these events is typically healthy but can also be unhealthy if the kids aren’t careful.
If you want to run a successful kids club, you should ensure that the food is nutritious and that the kids don’t overeat. Also, you need to provide a variety of snacks so that your kids will always have something to choose from.

When planning the menu for the event, you need to consider what type of foods your kids like best. For example, do they prefer pizza or pasta? Do they enjoy sweets, sandwiches, burgers, and fries? Make sure that you plan the menus around those preferences.

Also, make sure that the kids have a choice when it comes to the drinks that they are allowed to order. If you only let them to drink water, then there’s a high chance that they will end up getting sick.

What do you remember about the Burger King Kids Club?

Did you get a chance to enjoy the Kid's meal back in the 90s?
I never knew of it at all. This is interesting details though! I sadly didn't really have cable at first as a kid so missed out on some stuff in the early 90's.