Escaping lockdown into a world of video games

Introduction - Escaping lockdown into a world of video games

With several venues now shut down due to coronavirus, players turn to games to help them deal with problems swallowed up during the lockdown. Yesterday, Boris Johnson, the current UK prime minister, announced a national lockdown for the whole of the UK, which will be in effect from the 5th of November. Lockdowns or restricting people's movement can have serious consequences on one's health, physically & mentally. It's natural for people to look for a form of escapism to take their minds off things, and one of those methods is gaming. games-europe.jpg

New restrictions in England?

  1. People are advised to stay at home, but for particular reasons. These include jobs that can not be performed from home, childcare or school, physical fitness, health reasons, necessary shopping, delivering care or participating in volunteer activities, and meeting with people from your support bubble.
  2. Meeting inside or in private land is not permitted; however, persons may meet someone from another residence outside in a public area.
  3. Unneeded retailers will shut their doors but may stay available for click-and-collect distribution.
  4. Pubs, cafes, restaurant owners will have to close their outlets, but they may still deliver or provide a takeaway service, except for drinking.
  5. Industrial and construction sites can remain open.
  6. Marriages ceremonies will not be available, and funerals will be restricted to a maximum of 30 individuals.
  7. Overnight stays, residing in a second apartment, and vacations will not be permitted, both in the Uk and overseas.

  1. Is your country under restrictions?
  2. During these times, which modern & retro video games have you been turning to?
How have I coped mentally during Lockdown V.1 in England? And how I plan to cope during the next one!

I don't know about you, but I have a massive "digital" gaming backlog of titles that I've bought but not yet had a chance to play because of how busy adulthood is. My time dedicated to video gaming hasn't really changed; it might well have reduced. I'm a key worker, working in a retail store, selling essential groceries and household necessities. The business has seen its largest sales & profits since the pandemic has begun, and we're not through COVID-19 yet, so it's only going to get busier leading up to Christmas.

I'm fortunate enough to have made time and have taken a walk back in memory lane to play Minecraft. We know the video game creator was Mojang Studios, the founder Markus Persson, and the composer Daniel Rosenfeld. The popular sandbox game was released in the 2000s, in 2009 and became a one-hit-wonder between 2011 and 2015. I love playing both game modes, single-player & multi-player.

In single-person game mode, my favorite world settings are survival with no cheats. I have to ensure the no cheats are set; otherwise, I may become tempted to switch to creative & take as many items from the inventory as possible. This spoils the fun and the meaning behind survival sandbox games. Shelter, food, & ensuring you have gathered enough resources to last you throughout the night is a very key part of Minecraft. This article, which was published on, the official website, explains thoroughly how to survive your first day.

As for the upcoming restrictions, I plan on looking through some of my older titles if I have time and relive some of the biggest & greatest games in the gaming industry. I'm considering GTA 4, Mario Kart on my 2DS, & many others. But, at the end of the day, it depends on my work schedule and how busy I'm going to be. Thank you for reading my article this evening, and please expect another to be published two weeks from today, the 15th of November.
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Sep 24, 2020
Great job.its really a wonderful article..i will be expecting the next article..
well since am in Africa..the problem wasn't covid 19 it was poverty because they just declared lockdown but didnot provide food for the citizens so thats how it has been going down in some countries in Africa