Game Boy Full Review – Super Mario Land

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Game Boy Full Review – Super Mario Land


My sibling and I will use our Game Boy to get through the long summer holidays. Although we liked the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong, it wasn't a typical retro title. We quickly found this real goldmine, and I've been playing and recommending this game ever since! In terms of plot, Mario is on a mission to rescue a girl – but not just any queen. Daisy made her first appearance! You ride with Mario through several diverse lands in pursuit of Daisy, who has been kidnapped by an evil warlock known as Tatanga. Though the plot is light (as is typical of the series), it does not distract from the gameplay.


It is a traditional Kart racer with a few variations in terms of plot. You command Mario thru every level, jumping on rivals and killing them with flames and star force, as is typical. The buttons are a little finicky, but I believe this is due to Mario's tiny size on the computer. It never feels uncomfortable, and I quickly became used to it. A new style of stage, akin to an end of the spectrum shooter, is also introduced in the game! You get to fly in a submarine and an aircraft (as seen below), which adds more variety to the experience. If you can make a difficult series of leaps, the game will give you some nice bonus stages at the end of each phase.


There are four dimensions in all, each of three degrees. The first few stages are uninspiring and uninteresting, but they soon become more motivated and engaging. For example, which became world has ever known boss level is set in a temple (complete with traps)! The shootemup levels introduced a new layer of variety to the game, keeping it looking young. Several of the monsters were also specially designed for the stages. Overall, I loved the variety of each planet, which seemed to be influenced by diverse regions. There was a fight towards the end of each level, and I thought this was one of the best features that the game developer implemnted. Unlike early Nintendo games (such as Mario 1 or 3), this game featured distinct bosses that necessitated different tactics to defeat rather than simply crossing a bridge. If the bosses aren't particularly difficult, they are entertaining to defeat!


Although the game is an early Game Boy game in terms of visuals, it still holds up well as opposed to the rest of the Game Boy collection. The sprites are tiny, but they are easily identifiable. The top monsters and multicultural style features in the levels added to the player's distinctive feel. Although the background music sounds are nostalgic, I don't think they stick apart, and they are, in my opinion, the game's major weakness.


In conclusion, this is a simple little Mario game for the Game Boy that should not be overlooked. It's a brief journey that's great for a trip home or walks. The only flaw I saw was that the soundtrack instruments were a little lacking. Overall, I award this game an 8 out of 10 ratings. Thank you for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed reading this review of this retro game! Tell me in the comments below, what you think!?

Article written by Alexander from Bizdustry - make money forum.
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