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This is a community dedicated to the discuss all things 90's and 2000's! Here we discuss and write about old tv shows, music, movies, games, toys, etc. Feel free to join to will be able to: comment on articles , join our events, and stuff.
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On March 30th, 2020, a journey began: was born! The time machine that takes you back in time…way back in time, back to the sweet old '90s and 2000s. GeezeZone is a unique forum for discussions of all things the '90s and 2000s from retro games, books, TV Shows, Movies, Internet culture, memes, YouTube videos, and many more.

I am a passionate fan of the nostalgia that comes with the memories of the good old days. But what is the fun if you do it alone? Now here we are, five months down the line with over 7000+ posts and counting, ok 7082 to be exact.
Before I go further into the history of and the inspiration that led me to create this forum, let me first thank you all. The 121 members who have made this possible.

Welcome to GeezeZone @DavidBow, you are the Latest member. (at the time of writing this post)

What is Nostalgia?
What is nostalgia? Are you a fan of nostalgia? You may wonder.

Nostalgia is that feeling that is triggered by something reminding you of a happier time. Whether it's an old commercial, video game, movie, Cartoon, TV Show, and many more. All those sweet memories have a home here, at

Here we can take pleasure in reminiscing about the good old days… how sweet the '90s and the 2000s were. The time we enjoyed, the moments we cherished with our friends and families, humor, sadness, and everything that we can fondly remember.

The story Behind GeezeZone
Well, I am a fan of boards. And I have been running boards for a while now. But so far, has been the most promising. Only coming second to Q-Army, which was my biggest forum project that did over 24,300+ posts.

Let me tell you a story, on July 18th, 2020; we did hit 5,000 posts! And that was a huge deal for me. Why? Its because I had never hit such a high since Q-Army back in 2007. Fast forward to August 2020, just a couple of weeks later, we have hit another high of 7000! I am so excited.

Let me take you through my past projects.

1. Q-Army was my biggest project back in 2007 and garnered over 24,310 posts. It was running on vBulletin back then. It was a very successful board. Originally formed in 2007, when I was 16. I hold a lot of pride in it.

2. Disciples of Bender
This is yet another successful board that I had that was running on Proboards with over 4,482 posts. Lot of good memories here. Lot of shit posting but eh, we were really young.

3. [Ab!] Gmod Server – and then there was my Gmod server with over 3,557 posts. Check it out on the Waybackmachine.

And then in came the GeezeZone, my current project. I love this project so much and am excited about the progress so far.
Geezezone has also undergone some transformation since it was started. This is how it looked before:



Later, I did some re-designing, thanks to the Themehouse and now we have a new look with a friendly, nostalgic feel on it:

My Goals for

I like setting goals for every little thing I do. And is not an exception. So I came up with 3 goals, based on the past boards that I made back in the days. All I wished for was to outpost my last 3 projects: Q-Army, Disciples of Bender, and [Ab!] Gmod Server.

So far, so good; we have already beaten two, one more to go. The mighty Q-Army
  1. My goal was to beat the 3,557 posts on [Ab!] Gmod Server –Done!
  2. Next was to outpost Disciples of Bender that had 4,482 Posts – Done!
  3. Now the mother of all my projects was Q-Army With over 24,310+ posts – Looking forward to breaking this record at Geezezone. Breaking this record will be the Zenith of Geezones' achievement. (Pending)
Without goals, everything would be boring. The above goals have helped me to track the daily progress of GeezeZone.

I am excited to see the day I will outpost Q-army's 24,000+ posts! Let's take a look at the important milestones we have achieved so far.

Important Milestones So far

The months of July and August have been very exciting and full of great achievements for GeezeZone. Here is a summary of the achievements so far:

July 2020, we did hit the 100+ members' mark!

July 2020 Hit the 5000+ posts mark

August 2020 Hit the 6000 posts mark

August 2020 Hit the 7000 posts mark!


1598204678080.pngAugust 2020 Alexa ranking just hit the coveted six-figure mark. We are now #882,505 out of about 2 billion websites in the world! In July, GeezeZone was ranked, well….zero (0)! I try not to be overly critical on the Alexa ranking, and more on building the community. But still, the Alexa global ranking is a good yardstick for progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Well, I intended this post to be very brief, but oh! There I go again. I will quickly go through the questions you have been asking.

1. Where did the name Geeze Zone come from?
It used to go by "YearEra" in its early days, but the name didn’t slide off the tongue easily. I figured a name that kinda makes it sound like everyone inside is an old geezer would be funnier and more appropriate. That and it was the first thing to pop in my head that I liked it lol.

2. What made you decide to create GeezeZone?
I came up with GeezeZone when I was planning to have a fully custom made forum software made with a retro software look in mind. That proved too expensive, and I noticed I had a forum up that got no activity anyway that ran on Xenforo. I decided to clear and repurpose that for the 90s and 2000s nostalgia forum (Which is something I'm passionate about) instead!

3. What made you not want to go further and include the 80s?
"If you want to talk 80's, go nuts! The 90s were my era, though, and thus, my comfort zone, which is why it's mostly 90s and 2000s. I think everything kinda was better back then. At least in the states. Stable economy, it was a peaceful time, great tv shows and vidya games coming out, and technology was just overall improving."

4. What do you have in store for the future for
I will not spill it. But good things are coming in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned. Check out our article section. We will be posting fresh new articles every other day. Let us know what you would wish us to review or/and talk about in the forum.

What People Say:
Here is wahat people say about

Special Thanks to:
I would like to acknowledge the support of the following:
1. All forum members – Without you, this would be a ghost city. I would like to thank y'all for making GeezeZone one of the best and most active repository for sweet memories of the '90s and the 2000s. You are now my family; I hope we will grow this community together for many years to come. There is wisdom in a crowd.

2. Special thanks to,, for featuring GeezeZone on your forum.

3. Themehouse – For developing such a user-friendly theme that has the retro feel of the '90s.

Parting Shot

If you are looking for a place to learn, interact with mature and like-minded people who love the nostalgia of the '90s, then you are in the right place. Join today. There are loads of benefits for being a member of the GeezeZone discussion board. Stay tuned for much more to come.



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Aug 11, 2020
My dude,I haven't genuinely enjoyed a group of people/site in years like this. GEEZEZONE is a reminder of that special part of the heart that only gets triggered when going back in time.Good vibes all day,all night.*salute to the members and the Abizaga ???1598222995397.png
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Jul 13, 2019
My dude,I haven't genuinely enjoyed a group of people/site in years like this. GEEZEZONE is a reminder of that special part of hearts man that only gets triggered when going back in time.Good vibes all day,all night. ???View attachment 378
I'm so happy you like it here and I'm so happy we could give you some serious good vibes! Thanks for being part of my community! <3