How to Become a Retro Gaming YouTuber - Step by Step Guide

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Have you ever wanted to turn your hobby of retro video gaming into a career, and get paid for what you enjoy doing most? The answer is most likely, yes. Your probably reading this because you can’t figure out how to earn passively on YouTube, would like some tips , tricks and easy to follow steps on how you can turn this dream into a reality.

Step One: Choose ONE genre or niche.
So, as your a retro gamer, you should try and stick to Retro Gaming or at least anything retro or vintage. This is because you’re going to obtain a audience, that I’ll explain later on how to achieve. The target market of subscribers followed you as they share a similar interest in nostalgia - so they wouldn’t want to be watching videos about Business in 2021, would they?

Step Two: SEO is your friend.
For those who don’t already know, SEO stands for Search Engine optimisation - and in this case we need to focus on YouTube search. You should utilise the description, tags, and hashtags. The description should include 4-5 main keywords that you want to rank for, for example Mario Kart DS Gameplay, should be included naturally within your sentences as much as possible. You may rank for more than one keyword, but I would suggest no more than three. Tags, are keywords also, that will boost you in the search engine - these can be inputted into the tag section. Hashtags should be in the description at the end, with no more than three. Take a look at VidIQ and consider installing there free browser extension - which will give you tips on the best keywords to use, and you’ll be able to see the keywords of competitors videos.

Step Three: Ensure you upload consistently in accordance with your schedule.
Ok, this one might seem rather obvious to keep your current audience engaged but there is more too it. Let’s say for arguments sake you have 10 subscribers - these subscribers are expecting content on a weekly basis and you don’t upload one week - they’ll most likely unsubscribe. On the flip side of the coin, if you do keep to a weekly or monthly schedule, this shows that your dedicated to work and your current fan base might share your channel by word of mouth or other marketing methods.

Step Four: Building your audience / getting the ‘name’ out there
Building your audience is the hardest thing when starting out on YouTube. I started YouTube, as my name, when YouTube first launched in 2006, and it took me over 16 years before I established a brand name, found what I enjoyed most, and to achieve nearly 10k subscribers and 2.5 million channel views on Bizdustry. Ok, so it’s not a retro or vintage channel but I am using it as a example - as you can choose a niche as pointed out in the first step to creating your channel. I then created my earn money forum, that’s based of my business YouTube tutorials. Enough intro, and about me, let’s dig into this step. One of the steps that I’ve already explained about getting your content out there is SEO. Along with SEO, it’s important that you design click bait thumbnails, to attract potential viewers. Thumbnails are the small images displayed on the left of the title. In addition to this, if you have any social media platforms or your own website/ blog - spread the word on there. This includes Facebook Groups - they are a gold mine for subscribers! Only advertise on Facebook Groups which fit the niche of your channel. So you wouldn’t want to advertise on a nature group, would you?

Step 5: Do not buy, exchange or otherwise artificially increase your numbers.

Views, subscribers, likes, comments all mean nothing if you’ve artificially boosted them. You may think that you’ll rank higher in the search engine? Wrong. YouTube has sophisticated systems in place to detect this behaviour and actively issues punishments like account restrictions, SEO restrictions or even worse, a YouTube channel termination! Let’s say you did get away with it and you bought 10,000 subscribers - wouldn’t it be slightly obvious when you only have 50 views on a video you’ve just uploaded? This would ultimately deter real people from watching or subscribing to you.

I am not suggesting you should quit your full time job straight away to become a vintage YouTuber - but there are small steps that anybody can take to achieve this in years to come. To conclude, it takes dedication, hard work, and finally: for you to have fun creating the content. If your not enjoying, it’s pointless, and your viewers won’t like it either!


New Geeze
Sep 24, 2020
Good work here alex... I feel like I have known it all but what you I read here today have changed me am just lacking something which is tangible to my YouTube success, which is free internet.