How To Increase Website Traffic for Retro Webmasters!

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Article Title: How To Increase Website Traffic for Retro Webmasters!

Author: Alexander from Bizdustry

Tags: #retrogaming #retro #websitetips​

Welcome back to another Article! This week, this publish is directed towards website owners who are in the retro gaming niche. Every Retro Gamer Blogger’s dream is to make their blog active, and they think it is not easy and time-consuming. It’s not like that; You don’t want to write huge blogs; the only thing you have to do is write it smartly and SEO-friendly. Yeah, it's straightforward, and everybody can try it out. I have written few tips below to help you out in getting your blog more active.

1 - Create A Good Quality Post
Quality, this is what all retro gaming blogs need. When a guest reads your blog, he/she wants to feel the magic from the post. A quality post doesn’t contain anything bad, so take the time to post and make it interesting for guests. Make them laugh if you are about blogging funny things.

2- Promote Your Content On Social Media
Once you have published your blog post, it will go live to the public, but nobody will find it if you are not going to share it. We usually share our blog posts on Facebook or Twitter once or twice. By doing this, you are not going to get any visitors. What you want to do is to share it multiple times for multiple days. For example, I will share a topic called ”, “so what I’m going to do is simple. I will share the topic with Facebook, Twitter, or G+ multiple times, and I will do the same thing next week but make sure not to spam. You can also share the information with other websites too.

3 - #Hashtags and @tagging
One of the best ways to bring a specific group of people to your blog post is to add #hashtags and @tagging a person; This will bring double the number of visitors to your blog. You can try it right away. It will be instrumental with Twitter.

4- Optimize your blog for different device
This is a world of smartphones, so not every guest use the same device, they may come from the different device like PC and other devices, so you have to optimize your blog and make it suitable for every device. This is one of the main things you have to do first, Also make sure to check if your blog loads faster; otherwise, the user will be put off from visiting your blog.

5- Target audience
You can’t simply start a blog right away; you want to think about what your guest wants and who will read your blog? You have to write for them and not for you; this will increase the chance of getting more traffic and carefully target your audience.

6- Submit the Blog to Search Engines
There are plenty of sites where you can add your blog Url to promote it. Please don’t be shy; it’s free so that you can do it. You have to do it. It will take some time to show up your blog on the search list, so be patient.

The best way to get more traffic is to advertise your blog. Yes, you will get a lot of traffic through advertising. If you don’t have the money to advertise you can use free advertising or promotion features from other websites. These are the few methods to help you get lots of traffic. Easy, right! Now give it a try, and don’t forget to share your thoughts through the comments below. Thank you for reading!