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If you are a fan of the ’90s and the many Nickelodeon Movies and TV shows that were released in that period, then you have landed in the right forum. takes you back in time with news and reviews of all things from the ’90s and 2000s. This article will interest you as we explore the old classic show “All That,” an exciting sketches series starring Brian Robbins as the title character.

“All That” was our version of Saturday Night Live of the '90s.

It is only until recently that I discovered that Brian Robbins was the guy who played the role of the teenager from the ‘90s! This was a role many actors wouldn’t wish to playback then. I found “All That” exciting back then, and I still do now, even after watching it from an adult’s point of view. The show aired from 1994 – 2005 with a two-year hiatus between.

“All That” was the launch pad of careers of many talented individuals in the comedy industry and the entire entertainment industry. It brought into light talented people like Kenan Tompson, Kel Mitchel, Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon, and Iglesias Gabriel.

The story revolved around a girl (Ruth Negga) who was stuck in the ‘90s. She spent most of her time in the basement with a group of teenagers. Here, Brian Robbins is seen to be the leader of the group, who is supposed to get them out of the basement and introduce them to the real world. The problem is, they don’t have enough money to afford to be outside the basement.

The exciting bit about the show that grabbed my emotions was the fact that it was based on a true story. That alone made me get hooked to the storyline because I could relate to the characters and the entire plot. Being an introvert myself, it was the best show for me at the time.

The story behind “All That.”

The original story was centered on the relationship that was built when they were stuck in the basement. The relationship had a sour ending since they ended up breaking up when the girl got married. Although, they later got back together. This was an interesting twist that I didn’t get back in the ‘90s, but now, I relate to it.

The ‘90s was a great time to be alive, as depicted in the show. Then, we didn’t have Sexually Transmitted Diseases or teenage pregnancies, plus we had the best movies, TV Shows, games, and music!
Nickelodeon decided to revive the show in 2019, and it was still as exciting with guest appearances from the ‘90s characters. This is a show that you must add to your entertainment list, especially if you missed to watch it back in the days. The show was recently released on Blue-Ray and now has some extras like “The Best of the Worst,” which is a compilation of the best and the worst scenes from the show.

The image of Kenan in flipper usually evokes waves of nostalgia in me. Not to mention Kel Mitchell, the incompetent fast-food employee, and Lori Beth Denberg, the hypocritical librarian.

“All That” nostalgia

From its release in 1994 to the season finale in 2005, “All That” was a cultural force on TV. But how could a show that was a hit in the ‘90s, come back and win the hearts and minds of the new generation? Brian Robbins, the president of Nickelodeon, said he intended the show to appeal to 6 -13-year-olds who were born after the 2005 final season.

During its revival in 2009, the kids could not get the nostalgia that the show brought, but they enjoyed it all the same. Thanks to the great job done by the cast.

In came the “Masked Video Game Dancer” – Celebrity Edition

Every Nickelodeon show has hours of research behind them. To determine what the children find entertaining, Nickelodeon often uses focus groups where kids are asked about there preferences in terms of shows, actors, and the kind of jokes they like. It is from this survey that Nickelodeon came up with the “Masked Video Game Dancer – Celebrity Edition,” that involved costumed actors performing Fortnite-esque dance moves for a panel of judges such as Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Dwayne Johnson. Young kids played all these characters.

The Revival of “All That.”

Nowadays, the attention span of kids is small, and thus require such short skits. Robbin was the man in charge of the revival season. He reached out to the cast of the first season. The first “All That” show showcased hip hop and R & B artists at one time, which was uncommon on kid’s show then.

The musical guest in the very first season comprised TLC, Brandy, Aaliyah, and Usher. At the same time, the very first episode of the revival included the Jonas Brothers. Flower, 31, who’s famous for his roles in the sitcom “Superior Donuts” and “Sorry to bother you,” said that the young actors are very talented since the youngsters acted the revival, which I found very creative of Nickelodeon.

Gabrielle Green, 14, played the Beyonce while Nathan Janak, 14, played Ariana Grande. Despite the changes in the cast, the comedic touch of the series stayed the same. That is, it had loads of silliness, absurdity, and excessive destruction, which are all thrilling to kids nowadays.

The first iteration of “All That” contained sporadic beliefs of politicians. The characters were depicted as benign and ridiculous. “Ross Perot” had a squeaky voice and unrealistic ears, but made serious political jokes.

The newly revived “All That” was brilliant in conception and execution, and it managed to accomplish everything it was meant to establish. It was the bridge between those who were born in the ‘90s and their Generation Z counterparts.

Although the younger generation viewers may not resonate well with episodes like the “Good Burger,” the expectation is that adults would join the kids and help them understand the plot. This will, in the process, bring the family together.

What are your fond memories of the show “All That”?
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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
Sure, it is a nostalgic revival. The come back of the old cast just made it dope. It's like bridging the '90s and the 2000s! Bridging the generation gap!
I haven't actually seen the reboot! Is it any good?