KaBlam! Review (1996 – 2000)

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Any '90s hardcore Nickelodeon fan, like me, must have fallen in love with KaBlam! It was the best show on the entire channel, lightening up the Saturday Night Live for teenagers. The show was so amusing to the point I am still longing to watch it again today!

Unfortunately, like all other good comedy series, KaBlam! went down just like the Saturday Night Live and "All That." This was a massive loss for Nickelodeon, which now airs shows that are not as nostalgic as KaBlam!. But at least we still have our memories.

Yeah, KaBlam! Was one of Nickelodeons Best TV shows for three reasons:
  • It was Unique
  • It was Smart
  • Last but not least, it was Funny…way much funny!!

KaBlam! is like an anthology of various off-beat cartoon shorts. It features two children; Henry and June with a little support from Mr. Bigfoot. The shows that appeared daily on KaBlam were; Prometheus and Bob, Life with Loopy, Action League Now!, Sniz & Fondue, The Off-Beats.

It was made up of five main shows that made up the large portion of KaBlam! 's runtime:
  1. Prometheus and Bob show was about an alien named Prometheus and a caveman called Bob. It was also called the Prometheus and Bob tapes. It was a compilation of a stop-motion segment featuring the camera recorded mission of Prometheus, a purple alien with long freaking arms. He came on earth 900,000 years ago and tried to teach Bob everyday things like dancing, playing, ice skating, etc.This usually went wrong, thanks to the monkey who used to mess things up. It was nice and funny, even without dialogue. It had a lovely sub-plot and very enjoyable. This is not a show that the kids of today will enjoy; I would say because they don't have the nostalgic feelings of the '90s.
  2. Sniz & Fondue was about two cats (or moles, am not sure what they were) living their crazy life full of adventures in their house. They would get into trouble from time to time. They would sometimes be best of friends and suddenly become the worst of enemies. However, they had a strong brotherly bond. The show went for 24 episodes out of the Kablams 48 shows.
  3. Action League Now, was by far Kablam's best hit show. It was filmed using a unique style of animation called Chukamation; it featured traditional action figures as superheroes doing their thing to resolve the chaos caused by 'The Mayor.' This show was one of Nickelodeon's unabashed classics. The action figures were The flesh, Thunder girl, Stinky Diver, and Meltman in a suburbia setting, and something terrible would always happen. The mayor looked like Charlie Sheen in a suit to me! It went over 51 episodes.
  4. Life with Loopy was another exciting short series under the KaBlam label. Loopy was an imaginative little girl that had a knack for discovering surreal things like a world under the sofa. In the plot, Loopy is always discouraged by her brother Larry Cooper any time she goes out to adventure. Loopy often ignore Larry. Danielle Jodovits voiced Loopy. Loopy was one of the best cartoons of the '90s. The only disappointing thing about this show is that each episode would last for only 4 minutes, but it was well curated with hilarious jokes. Its like Gumball of those days. The mixture of slow-motion and puppetry worked well for the show. It ran for over 35 episodes, instant classics. I recommend you watch this show if you haven't.
  5. The Off-beats show was made by Mo Williams, who co-created Codename: Kids Next Door in 2005 with Tom Warburton. The off-beat was about the struggle between the popular kids and the unpopular kids trying to warm up on each other. It was nice to watch, and funny, quite unpredictable Tommy was my favorite character.
My Thoughts
June_%28Kablam%29.pngIf you haven't seen this show before, I recommend you do, because it is exciting. The pitch of it was that it was designed to be a cartoon that kids themselves would make, as shown by the wild imagination sequences and the stick figure art style.

What I mean is, if kids could make a cartoon, I mean, if the '90s kids could make a cartoon, this is what that cartoon would look like. For instance, Action League Now! Showcases the perfect experience of playing with a random mismatch of toys. I'm pretty sure back in the days; you took some of your toys on similar adventures. Life with loopy goes into these random bizarre adventures that feel a creative childishness. It was like one step of craziness after another. It was more like a child making things up as s/he moves along. For example, loopy eats a bunch of eggs and turns into an egg and then gets chased around by a giant chicken, it is just delightful and funny.

The show was marketed as a fusion of cartoons comics. That is where the main KaBlam segments come in; they were hosteHenry_kablam_geezezone.pngd by Henry and June. They used to get themselves into all kinds of problems when trying to one-up or torment each other. Henry and June were a fantastic duo; their friendship feels like a real thing and has a perfect comeback to each other. It felt like they knew each other.

What I can say about KaBlam is that it is the most '90s of all the Nicktoons. That is a bold claim from me, considering that I have talked about many other '90s cartoons here! But let us be real here, KaBlam is technically timeless. Min the '90s, but the events in the episodes can take place at any time, and it frequently references themes from an age long before the '90s.

The '90s references, style, and attitudes are built into the KaBlams storyline. Its one of those shows that takes me back to my childhood every time I watch it. When I watch KaBlam, I feel like a kid again.

KaBlam is full of random nonsense that made it stand out from the average shows of the '90s. However, unlike most shows, KaBlama followed a clear logic from one episode to the next. It had the theme of comic books.

Copyright Controversies

Well, I loved KaBlam, but it had its fair share of issues. For example, one of the segments called Lava was an abstract scene that is hard to describe. Don't worry if you have never seen it because Nickelodeon had to cut them out from the episodes. Nickelodeon did not have the copyright to Lava; they only had the airing rights that expired in 2000. Even after losing the airing rights, they still had clips in some of the end scenes. It's ironic because that was copyright infringement.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend you watch this show. It brings the nostalgic feeling of the '90s and guts your emotions from the start to the end of each episode. I can't even put the words of how great this show was. It was funny and creative with the greatest diversity. And did I mention the writing, it had a unique style altogether.

When I first watched it, I gave it a thumbs down. But a few weeks later, I watched it again, and I couldn't stop laughing. It was just hilarious. It may not be the kind of quality that the kids of today may wish for, but still, It was a classic all the same.
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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
Great article! I have sooo many good memories watching this show alot as a kid and I miss it so much!
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Jul 15, 2020
Great article! I have sooo many good memories watching this show alot as a kid and I miss it so much!
I wonder whether the kids today will get it. Many will say that the quality is poor! Not knowing that is point!! Only those who enjoyed their childhood in the '90s will enjoy the nostalgic feeling the show elicits!