Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Here is what you missed! (1993-1996)

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By now, you have the hunch of my undying love for cartoons and superhero-themed shows. And I am going to keep them coming everyday! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is another '90s kids show that got my attention back then. I believe I am not alone in this.

To date, I still get goosebumps and nostalgic pangs every time I watch the Show online. Back in the days, I could spend much of my time binging on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on cable.

Once again, let's take a retro trip back in time to the sweet decade, the mid-'90s, when superheroes were the in thing.

The background of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a Japanese/American superhero children TV series premiered on Fox Kids in August 1993. The pop culture phenomenon made the Show lovable to people of different ages. The Show had a lot of its stock footage borrowed from Japanese TV series –Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. The Show's merchandise was produced and distributed by Bandai Entertainment.

The Show revolves around five teenagers who had been given powers to fight evil. They each have a unique color and weapons.

Haim Saban and Shuki Levy created the Show with three seasons and 145 episodes, including those of the re-version.

The Show has been made into a movie, and comic books have been written. In 2017, a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie edition was aired in Village Theater in Los Angeles. There was also a special release of the DVD version of the Show.

This show remains arguably one of my favourite while growing up. First, let us talk about the notable characters in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show:

The Power Rangers:
The Original Power Rangers
1. Jason Scott

Red Power Ranger

Image: Clipartkey
He was the first Red Power Ranger and the team's first leader but later becomes the second in command. He wields the Power Sword and the Red Dragon Thunderzord.

He is portrayed by Austin St. John.

2. Zack Taylor
He was the first Black Power Ranger and second in command. He wields the Power axe.

Walter Emmanuel Jones portrays him.

3. Trini Kwan
She is the first Yellow Power Ranger and wields the Power Daggers.

Image: Rangercentral
Thuy Trang played her.

4. Kimberly Hart
She is the first Pink Power Ranger and wields the Power Bow.

Image: comic vine
Amy Jo Johnson played the Pink Power Ranger.

5. Billy Cranston
He is the Blue Power Ranger. He wielded the Power Lance and was portrayed by David Yost.
Image: Comic Vine
These were the original Power Rangers.

Rita is the most notable of the antagonists and was voiced by Barbra Goodson.

Image: Rangerwiki fandom
Lord Zedd works alongside with Rita and later marry. He was portrayed by ED Neil and Voiced by Robert Axelrod.

Image: RangerWiki Fandom
Rito is Rita's brother, who appears in season three and works with Rita to bring the Rangers down. Kenichi Endo and Danny Wayne portrayed him. Bobby Papen brook voiced Rita.
Rocky De Santos, Adam Park, Aisha Campbell, and Katherine Hilliard replace the original Power Rangers. Rocky replaces Jason, Adam for Zack, Aisha comes in for Trini, and Katherine replaces Kimberly.

Tommy Oliver may be regarded as a special Power Ranger. He is the Green Power Ranger, The White Power Ranger, and the team's second leader. He wields the Dragon Dagger as the Green Ranger and the Saba Sword as the White Ranger. Jason Davis Frank plays him.

Image: PowerRanger Centeral
There were also other characters used by the producer in making the Show lovable to all 90s kids.

An overview of the series
Season 1

In the fictional town of Angel Grove in California, five teenagers are tasked to protect the Earth from evil, Rita and her minions.

Rita had been recently released from 10000 years of confinement. Zordon, who acts as the wise sage, learns of the evil release and orders his robotic assistant to select the five teenagers –Jason Scott, Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, and Billy Cranston. The teenagers are given powers to transform into a fighting force called Power Rangers. They are also given superhuman abilities and an arsenal of weapons.

In the first few episodes of the series, the five teenagers combat Rita and her monsters' arrays. They were also clashing local bullies and dealing with typical teenage challenges. Rita adopts new methods to fight the Power Rangers after consecutive failures.

Tommy Oliver is the most recent "Power Ranger" who is a local teenager kidnapped by Rita, who uses her magic to match Tommy's fighting skills to Jason. Tommy becomes extremely dangerous and almost defeats the teenagers.

Rita has entrusted him with his Sword of Darkness that gives her the powers. In the end, The Green Ranger-Tommy is dominated by the Rangers. He later joins the Rangers side and helps them in fighting evil.

Later on, Rita starts focusing on how to have her powers back from Tommy. She uses a magic green candle to regain her powers from Green Ranger slowly. However, Rita is unfortunate and fails to clinch back all her powers since Tommy transfers part of them to Jason. Tommy is assisted by Zordon to gain back powers and fights alongside the Power Rangers.

Season 2
Superpowers reign this season. Lord Zedd, Rita's superior, comes from the moon and vows to replace Rita by throwing her into a space dumpster. The Power Rangers seem to be ready for him. Zordon and Alpha upgrade the teenagers and make them more powerful. Tommy is also incorporated in the team and is made to retain his powers.
Zedd is not entirely successful in his quest and fails several. He then becomes progressively more violent and schemes to eliminate Tommy, who he believes was Rita's greatest mistake. The Green Ranger's powers seem to be deteriorating, which makes Zedd enhance his process, and at some point, he is near to success though Tommy fights back and transfers the powers to the Rangers. Nevertheless, Zedd finally succeeds in taking back the powers. Zordon and Alpha craft a new way to fight back, and they create a White Ranger to aid the others. The new ranger is revealed to be Tommy and takes over from Jason as the new leader.

Jason, Zack, and Trini are chosen to represent Angel Grove at the World peace Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. They are replaced by Rocky Desantos, Adam Park, and Aisha Campbell, who they met during Ninja trials. Zordon transfers the powers to the trio who take over in fighting the evil.

Rita returns on Earth after Tommy is inaugurated as the White Ranger, only to fall in the hands of Bulk and Skull, the local bullies. The Rangers send her back to space. She then reappears with a prettier face and a younger look and uses a love potion to lure Zedd. They later get married and join forces to come up with the biggest threat to the teens.

Season 3

Rito, Rita's brother, comes on Earth with the monsters' help and becomes a threat to the Rangers. The Power Rangers seek aid from Ninjor, the alleged creator of Power Coins, who gives them new coins to fight Rito.
Katherine, an Australian girl, befriends Kimberly. She had been captured by Rita, who put her under a powerful spell, giving her the ability to transform into a cat or a cat-like monster. When in love with Kimberly, she steals his Ninja coin weakening her and nearly kills her.

During this time, the other Rangers acquire more powers from Zords. Katherine overcomes Rita's evil later and returns Kimberly's coin. Katherine replaces Kimberly as the Pink Ranger after Kimberly leaves to pursue her athletic dreams. Katherine has fear and hesitation at first, but she becomes comfortable with time and capable of fulfilling her duty as a Ranger.

Rita's father later joins Zedd and Rita. The Power Rangers are turned into powerless children by Rita's father after he reverses time.

Humorous moments in the Show
The Power Rangers was a staple of childhood for anyone who grew in the 90s. The massive phenomenon of pop culture in the Show has made it progress over time. This was a show that provides us with funny and weird ideas. Some scenes left us wondering what just happened. Honestly, the Show's best moments are the craziest ones.

Some of these humorous moments that still linger in many 90s kids' minds are the Wedding of Zedd and Rita, The lousy editing of the lost actors, the crossing over of the Ninja Turtles, the Power Rangers watching themselves, and the scene where Zordon kidnaps children. The Show had lots of humour, but these were my most outstanding for various reasons.

Have I missed some of your most memorable moments in the Show?

Nostalgia factor
Nostalgia isn't something that is given credit these days, especially with the many superhero children series. Most of these shows are, in fact, horrible compared to what we used to enjoy back in the 90s. I can't even sit down for an hour to watch most of these shows.

For many 90s kids, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was every children's Show. The Show was superb, with a well-developed storyline to make kids enjoy. Growing up back in the days, I enjoyed every minute watching this Show. The colourful spandex, diverse leading cast, and the cheesy dialogue made my year more of it. The Show helped me remain happy and had a lot of goodies for the 90s kids.

The emotional weight brought about by the Show was unique and enough for the nostalgia factor to develop. Besides, the Show's casting was very spot on. Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger, was my favourite and how he was permitted to utilize attributes and clothing aesthetics remains something I would like to see in the current age movies, which I don't.

His diction and how he mixed the hip-hop culture with his fighting style made many children like the Show. He sometimes made me feel like a superhero and felt like finding him and join the team to fight Zedd and the allies.

The influence the Show had on those of us who grew up then was significant. Watching the TV series taught most of the 90s kids critical lessons that they should remember while reinforcing the importance that everyone should have something to fight for their lives.

The loved Show
This was a loved show without any reasonable doubt. Since its premiere in 1993, the Show gained popularity and viewership among children as well as adults. Its adoption and purchase by several countries and movie companies prove it was a loved TV series.

As a result of people's hunger for the Show, in 2010, a re-version of the Mighty Morphin Comic Rangers that had a new logo was broadcast on ABD kids. Bandai entertainment produced and distributed the Show's merchandise made new toys to coincide with the series. The Show then moved to Nickelodeon in 2011.

The Twentieth Century Fox also made a movie on June 30, 1995.

The movie was also aired in theatres across Los Angeles in 2017.

Recently, Saban and Lions gate has begun filming the first live-action Power Ranger film in almost two decades. The Show is dubbed: SABAN'S POWER RANGERS and hopes to explore the first-ever Power Rangers incarnation with realistic themes to counter the melodrama and overbearing themes of positivity and generic tropes of heroism. What's not clear is what the Show has for the old fashioned.

Final word
The TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a fantastic show, and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you to give it a watch. Please check all the episodes, although many are exciting and worth your time.

Well, that was a short preview of the Show, be sure to check out tomorrow for another nostalgic retro review.

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Ultra Geeze
Aug 11, 2020
Legends of my childhood man!!!!!


Ultra Geeze
Aug 11, 2020
yeah dude,someone just put me on to it a few years ago i was like oh shanppppp.He even talks about it in interviews cause you can notice how hes holding the morpher. **The Middle finger )= ...thats the best one sir
  • Love
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Ultra Geeze
Aug 11, 2020
THERE IT IS!!!!! or isn't??? ? Best power rannger imo besides tommy!!!! him and tommy were my 2!!!! Come on dude could breakdance while fihgting!?!?!?!? that's the best to do it jedi academy..totally feel it man!!!


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
THERE IT IS!!!!! or isn't??? ? Best power rannger imo besides tommy!!!! him and tommy were my 2!!!! Come on dude could breakdance while fihgting!?!?!?!? that's the best to do it jedi academy..totally feel it man!!!
Yeah I won't lie the break dance fighting thing was really cool.
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New Geeze
Sep 24, 2020
I watched the power rangers my entire childhood...it was one of my favourite..I think they once did a movie back in 2001... Can't really recall the whole thing but it was massive..I love the part when they kill a small monster it get bigger and the fact they have to combine focus to finally finish them off


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
I watched the power rangers my entire childhood...it was one of my favourite..I think they once did a movie back in 2001... Can't really recall the whole thing but it was massive..I love the part when they kill a small monster it get bigger and the fact they have to combine focus to finally finish them off
Yeah man, me too. I genuinely loved that show in all its rediculous campiness!