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Hi everyone! It's been a couple of weeks, and another one of my articles is due today; I have decided to talk about something a little different—the Nintendo DS. The DS is something I grew up with as a child, and some of my favorite games included Sims and Mario Kart. I can specifically remember having hours of fun, transporting it everywhere I go and playing it on the airplanes a couple of times. If you used to have one of these gadgets, what was your favorite title to play? Do you still have your DS, or was it sold a while ago?

Product FeaturesNintendo_DS_-_Original_Grey_Model.png
  1. The ability to play video games in 2D.
  2. The screen is Extra Large (XL)
  3. An eye-appealing, folding feature that transformed portable gaming.
  4. Headphone jack
  5. Wireless connectivity
  6. A unique design
  1. Camera
  2. Cartridges and content that is downloadable.
  3. Controls (d-pad)
  4. 3.5 mm audio jack
  5. Memory card support
  6. Backward compatibility
  7. 2nd display screen
  8. 3-5 hours of battery life
  9. Dual-Core ARM processor
  10. 4GB (4000MB) SD card included.
Price (Now): 95USD$ (Average)

Pricing for the Nintendo DS - Firstly, the Nintendo DS's price is something that I really like. The ones that come with the console only come in at under 80 bucks. However, I would always suggest buying any console with the games included, as the value for money usually works out better. It's best to save yourself money where possible! Nowadays, these retro gadgets can be purchased using eBay, Gumtree, and other similar online marketplaces.

Backward Compatibility - One of my favorite features is that you can play a wide range of games from the 3DS to the original DS. This is what's known as backward compatibility, and this is something I'm sure any avid retro gamer would be excited by. Any old games can now be played on a newer handheld device, which is the 3DS.

Speakers - One of the drawbacks of the Nintendo DS is that it has only one speaker. If you are not a headphone user, it won't be the best gaming experience. So, I would always suggest wearing head or earphones for this reason, while playing a game on the console.

Design: I remembered my Nintendo DS had a foldable design, which meant it could be taken anywhere I went. This is something that Nintendo did well, but I was disappointed to see them remove it when the release of the 2DS came out. The design is so user friendly; it can quite literally fit in your pocket as a mobile phone would.

Battery Life: One of the biggest issues with the original DS is the battery life. Playing a game, I can often find myself playing for a long period, and it's frustrating when my battery dies out on me during mid-game. When I play Mario Kart, I usually keep my device plugged in at all times because when I'm gaming, I tend to lose myself in a gamers world.

I would recommend buying the DS if you haven't tried it or want to repurchase one, so you can take a walk down memory lane and remind yourself what gaming looked like decades ago, compared to now. Thank you for reading this weeks Article; please expect another to be published by 14th Feb 2021
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