Nostalgic Bytes: Pokémon (1996)

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Pokémon…ahh…Just mentioning the name stirs a whirlwind of nostalgic goosebumps. I am sure we share this feeling with the thirty-something year old geezers in here. If you did not enjoy your childhood in the ‘90s, you could still catch up with the show ‘I Choose You!’ which comprises of all the nostalgic memories that Pokémon has.

As the die-hard fans of the original Pokémon continue to age, the makers have been trying out new things like Pokémon movies and TV shows. Though I still have a strong liking to the Pokémon games as opposed to the movies and TV shows.

Pokémon nostalgia: The Video Game
In the ‘90s, it was easy to trade. That was just when Pokémon had hit the scenes. All you had to do was to use the link cable.


We had to confirm that the other person is standing at the right place and that the stars are aligned correctly. And we thought that was amazing. You had to know someone personally to link.

Fast forward to today, kids can hop and grab online monsters from all over the world, as long as there is Wi-Fi. No wonder nowadays, in a few days, you will find a kid with complete Pokdexes. The internet has made traveling around the regions to be fun and faster.

Back in the Days

When Pokémon Red and Blue was released, in 1996, if you wanted to explore, you had no choice but to do it slowly on foot. If you go further, you could now use a bike. But before you get the two wheels, you had to stick it out and deal with the hard monotonous task of filling out an entire Pokedex for an old man.
Then in came the Pokémon 2D, which not only lets you walk or ride as and when you wish, but also offers roller skates. And there’s a bicycle in the entire arsenal of stuff. If you cannot whiz in the fitness center with your team of six at level 30, you can do it on a bike. And on Rhyhorn’s back Then a Skiddo. Like, you can hop on a Pokémon and take a ride – how fun is that?!

Grabbing the two versions of Pokémon release was the sure way to capture each monster if you wanted to be respected by your peers. With the internet, came in a host of features that enables you to fill up the empty slots without plunking down the cash for another game. You can relax with only one version that you have and slowly take over the world. Is that convenient? Back in the ‘90s, we thought we had it all figured out when we bought both versions and two Game Boys.

For me, Pokémon is the warmest part of my childhood years. During school breaks, kids would gather around benches to play Pokémon cards and trade. Some would sell whole decks in return for holographic Charizard.

Pokémon marked the beginning of a new technological era where adventure was could be carried on a handheld device. The theme song was the national anthem of kids back in the ‘90s.

Epic Pokémon Theme Song

This theme song sparks my inner childhood joy. It reminds me of all the good times we had every weekend with our neighbors playing endless games throughout the night.

Brief History of Pokémon Video Game
Pokémon also referred to as Pocket Monsters, the Japanese media franchise owned by Pokémon Corporation, a company founded by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures with shares between companies.
However, Nintendo owns the trademark in other countries. The English slogan for the franchise is “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.”

Pokémon began with Pokémon Red and Green, a couple of video games for the original handheld Game Boy system that was developed by Game Freak and released by Nintendo in February 1996. Pokémon was the best selling media franchise of all time, reaching a total of US$ 90 billion in franchise revenue.
The original video game series was onee of the second highest-selling computer gaming franchises right after Nintendo's Mario franchise that sold over 368 million copies and raised over 1 billion US dollars.

It is also featured in other Nintendo media, including the series of Super Smash Bros.

4 Kids Entertainment, which was responsible for Pokémon’s non-game licensing, announced in November 2005 that it decided not to extend Pokémon’s representation agreement. The int’l Pokémon company oversees all the licensing operations for Pokémon outside Asia.

The Concept Behind Pokémon Video game
Pokémon managing director Satoshi Tajiri first thought of Pokémon in the 1989 Game Boy update, but with a different idea and name. The Pokémon universe definition is a common fascinating pastime that Tajiri enjoyed in his childhood playing video games.

In this game, players are assigned Pokémon Trainers. They have three overarching goals: to complete the regional Pokédex by collecting any possible species of Pokémon found in the fictional region of the Pokémon. The themes of collecting, training, and battling are common in almost every release of the Pokémon franchise, from video games, animated series and manga series, even the Pokémon Card game.

In most Pokémon games, a trainer who meets a wild Pokémon will catch this Pokémon with a special device called a Poke Ball. If the Pokémon cannot escape the Poke Ball boundary, it is considered to be the property of that Trainer. It will then follow any orders from its new Trainer unless the Trainer has too little experience that Pokémon would instead behave in its terms.

The trainers are allowed to send one of their Pokémon for non-lethal combat against other Pokémon; the Trainer can catch the Pokémon with a poke ball if the other opposing Pokémon is wild.

In Pokémon Go and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! And Let’s Go, Eevee!, the wild Pokémon that players meet can also be captured using Poke Balls not necessarily by fighting. The Pokémon held already by other trainers can not be caught again, except in some side games under special circumstances.

If a Pokémon completely defies a rival in combat to knock the opponent out/faints, the winning Pokémon earns points of experience and can climb to the next stage. Experience points are also gained from catching Pokémons using Poke Balls (in the Pokémon X and Y).

When leveling up, the statistics of Pokémon’s combat skills (“Stats,” like “Attack” and “Speed”) are increased. The Pokémon can also learn new movements at certain stages, which can be employed in combat.

Many Pokémon species may also undergo a form of transformation and turn into similar but stronger Pokémon species. This process is called evolution and takes place spontaneously under different circumstances. Some species can undergo a maximum of two evolutionary transformations, while others undergo only one; some may not evolve at all.

The Pokémon Pichu can evolve into Pikachu, which in turn may evolve into Raichu, which is the final stage of evolution.

Super Evolution is a concept that was introduced in the 2D version. Here, it allows some fully developed Pokémon to be temporarily transformed into stronger form for combat purposes. This is considered a special kind of evolution.

Game Play

Each single-player mode in the main series requires the Trainer to raise a Pokémon team to beat several non-player trainers (NPC) and their Pokémon. The game features eight powerful trainers known as Gym leaders, which the Trainer must win to advance, except for Pokémon Sun and Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.

The Trainer is then rewarded a gym badge, and if all eight badges are earned, the Trainer is entitled to challenge at the Pokémon League zone, in which four professional trainers (Elite Four) challenge the Trainer to four consecutive Pokémon battles.

If the Trainer can get through this gauntlet, the master trainer who has previously beaten the Elite Four must challenge the Regional Champion. The Trainer who wins the last fight will be the new champion.

Pokémon the Series: Anime TV Show.
Pokémon is an anime TV series based on the Pokémon video game series. It was released in 2013. However, it was initially broadcasted in Japan in 1997. The show has over 1,000 episodes spread in 7 series. It is among the longest anime series in the history of TV anime shows.

The series is based on the search for Ash Katchum, who is the main character (Also called Satoshi in Japan). The story revolves around the practicing Pokémon master and a group of friends who travel around the world of Pokémon with their partners.

Several children's books have also bee written based on this anime series. The books were called Pokémon Junior. This year, Studio Colorido created a new anime series known as Pokémon: Twilight Wings that was released on YouTube.

Other Pokémon Movies include:

1998 Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back
1999 Pokémon: The Movie 2000 - The Power of One

2000 Pokémon 3: The Movie - Spell of the Unown

2001 Pokémon 4Ever: Celebi - Voice of the Forest

2002 Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias

2003 Jirachi—Wish Maker

2004 Destiny Deoxys

2005 Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

2006 Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

2007 The Rise of Darkrai

2008 Giratina and the Sky Warrior

2009 Arceus and the Jewel of Life

2010 Zoroark—Master of Illusions

2011 White—Victini and Zekrom

Black—Victini and Reshiram

2012 Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice

2013 Genesect and the Legend Awakened

2014 Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

2015 Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

2016 Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel

2017 I Choose You!

2018 The Power of Us

2019 Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution

2020 Coco

Final Word
It was amazing to watch Ash’s Pokémon journey unfold on the TV series and to go through the same locations and gyms like in the Game Boy series. The re-creation of the original series of Pokémon brings the memories of the glorious days back in the ‘90s.
Image Courtesy: sengupta
Additionally, if you love adult jokes, you will enjoy the humor in the Pokémon TV series. In some instances, there is more adult humor than necessary, in fact the Japanese version is not allowed to be aired in the United States. Look for it at your own risk! J

Pokémon has existed through several TV series and games and has had another revival recently on the mobile phone Apps with Pokémon Go. Nothing beats the magic of the first journey. Even if you do not have the nostalgia of the ‘90s, the show is still amazing. The adventures in the show, quirky characters, and the excellent music give you plenty of reasons to travel back to Kanto.
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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
This is a fantastic article! I remember when Pokemon started taking off when I was in elementary school, and I remember picking up my first pack of pokemon cards at Toys R Us! So many good memories... ?
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Ultra Geeze
Aug 11, 2020
i remember all the cool glitches ,like the one where you went back in forth in the water and you got all the golden candy bars.So many rumors about tricks to get certain pokemon that didn't exists and stuff 1598619685731.png
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Ultra Geeze
Aug 11, 2020
DUDE i had the one that came with the stickers that look like the images of the pokemon in the game!!!!!!!


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
DUDE i had the one that came with the stickers that look like the images of the pokemon in the game!!!!!!!
Oh dude that is sick af!!
Wow....this was priceless. Whoever has it now can sell it thousands of dollars. Just for the memories. In future, we should have a store for such items.
Ah damn it now I really wish I still had it! It was kinda beat up though.
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