(Part 1) - Build My Own Retro Gaming Console - Parts Required

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Welcome back to another article. We were supposed to publish this content on Wednesday 27th; however, we wanted to do something a bit different than we hadn't done before. Create an article that explains how YOU can build your own retro gaming mini console home using Raspberry Pi. We're going to split this article in two parts (part 1: what you need, and part 2: how to set up and configure the system)

What You Are Going To Need and The Costs Of Each Item:

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - from £30
Anyone could use a Raspberry Pi 2 or a very first model, although they are sluggish to operate and have trouble with specific applications. It's true; there's now the newer Raspberry Pi 4, which has more computing capability. However, for the money, the Pi 3 Model B, which has an Area network and Bluetooth device integrated into like the 4, but is less expensive, is a perfect idea.

The case for the Raspberry Pi - from £4
Many in the industry, sometimes for much less than 4 pounds. It's entirely up to you and how your completed terminal should seem. The standard slanted white and red cover is our favorite, but just a basic black casing that matches the remainder of our gear underneath the TV is equally appealing. If your finances allow, you can purchase a Raspberry Pi shell that resembles a miniature Nintendo Entertainment System. This even features a built fan.


microSD card (16GB) - from £5
We went with a 64GB microSD card, which costs roughly £14, but if you're on a limited income, a 16GB model will suffice. It can easily fit the Retropie os on it, with enough elbow room over for applications.

Power Supply for Raspberry Pi - from £9
You can charge your Pi with a conventional mini-USB cord if you have one on hand. Nevertheless, we've incorporated its specialized power unit for the whole thing. 3rd edition is available for a low price.

HDMI Cable for Raspberry Pi - from £1
A pound store Hdmi wire will work just as well as anything else. For a bit of extra, you can buy them on eBay for the raspberry pi 3

Additional gaming accessories
You'll also require a gamepad controller of some sort. There are specific USB devices that work well, including ones fashioned after the classic SNES or N64 pads. That's why we went with the first option: a Buffalo Historic USB Joystick controller that looks just like a PAL Super Nintendo controller from the past. Models based just on violet Super Famicom appearance are also available. You can also purchase a Wireless vintage joystick-like as the 8bitdo SFC30, that will instantly communicate to your Raspberry Pi 3. It's also a good idea to get a USB keypad on hand because you'll be typing text during the procedure.


Stay tuned for the Article next Wednesday. I will publish further information on choosing the operating system and configure the gaming accessories you have bought for your mini retro gaming console. Did you enjoy the Article, please check out my make money forum
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New Geeze
Jul 12, 2020
This is a really cool article! I really should try my hand at something like this.
Glad you enjoyed reading it. I released part two of the article today. Besides retro gaming, have you ever built and run an operating system on a Raspberry Pi? They are quite old, classic, and vintage-style machines. They are also very portable for modern-day technology.