Petition: Reboot SWAT Kats – The Radical Squadron

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Aired – (1993 – 1995) | Creators – Christian Tremblay, Yvon Tremblay; Robert Alverez (director); Glenn Leopold, Davis Doi (playwrights)

How I miss the ‘90s, where cartoons were crazy, hardcore and badass! Damn good old days. Back in the ‘90s, it was actually cool to be cool…! (I just made that up)!! Cartoons, TV shows, Video games and movies were just awesome. Same to music and fashion. The entire society was much better in the ’90 compared to today.

Someone to please tell Netflix, Warner Bros, or Turner Entertainment that it is time to revive the SWAT Kats! Please do to SWAT Kats what you did to Voltron. This is an appeal to Christian Tremblay and Yvon Tremblay, the creators and the entire SWAT Kats team.

The Storyline

The storyline of the two anthropomorphic cats that fly a super fighter jet and save the city from giant monsters, time-wizards, mad scientists and gangster is just super cool and guts your emotions just like like Avatar by way of Godzilla and Top Gun. I think SWAT Kats and Silverhawks should be made into an action movie.

The SWAT Kats were created in a golden era of action cartoons and were a predecessor of Batman, X-men, Spider-man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, among others. These shows were meant to push sales for toys to impress children.


The SWAT Kats was first aired on TBS in 1993 when Turner Entertainment bought the rights to the Hanna-Barber property. The Show turned up to be the most violent cartoon.

This led it to be cancelled in 1995 because Ted Turner, who owned Turner Broadcasting, appeared before the Congress in the early ‘90s and testified about how friendly the children’s show on the network was. This was a sensitive topic in the early ‘90s.

The boring quarantine period has really made me dig my TV shows archives. Am currently watching SWAT Kats for the umpteenth time! And I think it should have a reboot with a Blu-Ray release and remastered episodes. Since it worked for Firefly and Family Guy, SWAT Kats should not be an exception.

Initially, I thought I was alone in this obsession for the SWAT Kats. But I recently bumped into a petition to request the creators to bring it back. Here is the petition link, cast your vote if you love SWAT Kats: . The appeal is meant to reach to as many production houses as possible to make them reboot this series and enjoy the nostalgic wave that comes with it.

The Nostalgia

I remember the SWAT Kats very fondly for its awesomeness. Back then, I used to watch the show on Cartoon Network. I never got the chance to watch it on its original TBS network. It aired from the mid-'90s to the late ’90s; I recall Chance, was the cockiest and charismatic of the two characters, and his friend Jake. T-Bone piloted the jet and Razor was the one to load the ammunition.

The Show would enchant you from the beginning to the end with scenes that resonated with the ‘90s children. Back then, we used to be hyperactive, and the heavy metal soundtrack matched the emotions elicited by the Show. In keeping with its predecessors, like Johny Quest and ThunderCats, the Show was gadget-centric with acts of super-heroism and nerve cracking action with violence.

The 22 minutes episodes were each fully packed with dramatic hero’s fights, humour, ego-referential and more. The hysterically clueless Mayor Manx always cower under the skirt of Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs every time bad things happen. Sound familiar? It is like the script for the Mayor of Townsville in Powerpuff Girls; they used to do the same to Mrs Bellum.
Any time things go bad, the Deputy Mayor Briggs would sound an alarm, and T-Bone and Razor’s would spring into action and come to rescue by fighting off the bad guys. But the inept police chief that hates them so much would interrupt them in their mission. The chief was called Commander Ulysses Feral.

The Show was a total package of action with hard metal music accompaniment. This was mostly because Guns ‘n’ Roses was popular in the early ‘90s, just the way Slipknot is famous today.

Back in the ‘90s, The SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron breathed life into the stale and boring genre of kids animation. Watching the Show would relieve you of stress and frustration of life; it still ebbs those emotions even now. I dare you to watch it today!

The Reboot…

There have been several attempts to reboot the Show. But the greatest concern has been whether the fans today would appreciate the Show like those who watched the original airing in the ‘90s. The creators made the protagonist carefree like when the said: “We’re fucking Kats – yeah, with a K, fuck you, assohole –we fly fucking jets, and we beatfucking bad guys, and so-called fucking good guys don’t even fucking like us”. This like still cracks me up! No wonder the show has never been revived.

The Tremblay duo had it on TBS in the early ‘90s, when the upper-middle-class Americans couldn’t help but flip out over something like the Ren and Stimpy Show or the violence depicted in action animated show back then.

I support the numerous petitions that have been initiated since mid-2000 to bring back SWAT Kats. This Show should be brought back to our TV! What do you think?


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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
Sorry to bump guys but I recently got the first season on my firestick and WOAH it's just as good as I remember!