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We frequently focus on the games themselves in our retro game collection recommendations, but I decided to start tracking the prices of common versions of gaming hardware too though. My objective with the this pricing guide is to provide all of a widely obtainable price list of popular vintage consoles so that you may scan the console environment, see what you could expect to spend for hardware you've been contemplating, or see what you could get for a console you're seeking to sell.


refers to console hardware that hasn't been packaged. The console and a few other peripherals, such as a power adaptor, may be included in the lower price point.
Complete in Box (CIB): Its for a working console that also includes the original packing. The smaller price level could be lacking a few elements from the initial shipment (such as instructions or inside packing) and/or the cardboard box may be in worse condition.
New (Unopened): This category includes items which have not been handled or even used from their packaging boxes. We merely give a single price category estimate because this is less typical, however there is some variation in the value depending to the state of the packing and other factors.


Console NameLoose
Super Game Boy134855250eBay
Sega Genesis Model 2239055250600eBay
Sears Tele-Games Pong257075170eBay
Sega Genesis Model 32565105125230eBay
Atari 2600 Jr Long Rainbow288069200210eBay
Atari Super Pong30100100300eBay
Sony Playstation (PS1)3015055200600eBay
Atari 2600 Vader32150105210800eBay
Atari 2600 Jr Short Rainbow357585270400eBay
Sony PSOne3511090250400eBay
Magnavox Odyssey 240100653001600eBay
Atari 2600 4-Switch Woodgrain40130130230eBay
Sega Genesis Model 1401451104502000eBay
Nintendo Gamecube Gameboy Player40180200220500eBay
Microsoft Xbox40100100500700eBay
Atari 2600 Woodgrain/Heavy Sixer452001154002000eBay
Atari 2600 Light Sixer451401002001520eBay
Nintendo Famicom45150130550eBay
Sony Playstation 2 (PS2)45135100450500eBay
Atari Pong C-10050115100300eBay
Atari 2600 Vader Modded w/
Sega Master System Model 150150190580730eBay
Super Game Boy 2509268210eBay
Sony Playstation 2 Slim50175100200580eBay
Nintendo Gamecube50250908502000eBay
Nintendo 64522701207501000eBay
Nintendo NES Control Deck5514015012002000eBay
Atari 780056160130300eBay
Atari 2600 Jr Black/Irish6080100300500eBay
PC Engine CD-ROM 2 Add-On60160240300eBay
Sega Power Base Convertor609095195220eBay
Sega Dreamcast60125100300700eBay
Nintendo Famicom Disk System65100100300630eBay
Sega Saturn (Japan)6519598300400eBay
Mattel Intellivision7020080250eBay
Magnavox Odyssey7510025010002000eBay
Sega 32X75182135360385eBay
SNES 2 (SNES-101 / SNES Jr.)751501508001000eBay
Nintendo Pong Block80100100155eBay
PC Engine80240300400eBay
PC Engine Core Grafx80195175600eBay
PC Engine Core Grafx II80170175275eBay
Super Nintendo (SNES)8020018010001500eBay
Sega CD Model 290220235425470eBay
3DO Panasonic FZ-1090220240500eBay
Sega Master System Model 2952001602501000eBay
Nintendo NES 2 (Top-Loader)1002002708001000eBay
Sega Saturn (US/PAL)1002201205251300eBay
Microsoft Xbox – Refurb+Upgrade100750eBay
Atari 2600 Jr Modded w/ RCA110115eBay
Nintendo Famicom Twin110250165600eBay
SNES 2 (SNES-101 / SNES Jr.) Modded110225eBay
Neo Geo CD110230250280500eBay
3DO Panasonic FZ-11103403251400eBay
Atari 2600 Light Sixer Mod w/
Atari 2600 4-Switch Woodgrain Mod w/
Atari 5200125180150300670eBay
PC Engine Super CD-ROM140190260370eBay
3DO Goldstar 3DO Interactive140180250500eBay
Playstation 3 PS2-Backwards Comp140300300450850eBay
Atari 2600 Woodgrain Mod w/
Sony Playstation 2 Refurb Custom w/ HDD160450eBay
Turbo Duo JP170300400800eBay
Atari 5200 Modded w/ S-Video175265eBay
Sega Saturn Hi-Saturn180200240350eBay
Atari 5200 Modded w/ RCA185200eBay
Fairchild Channel F2005005009101050eBay
Atari 7800 Modded w/ RCA200225eBay
Atari 7800 Modded w/ S-Vid200250eBay
PC Engine CD-ROM 2 Console200300500600eBay
Turbo Duo-RX200300300450eBay
Nintendo Virtual Boy2003753509502200eBay
Phillps CD-i (avg of all
Sega Saturn Modded w/ Chip200250eBay
Turbo Duo-R220330340535eBay
Sega CDX2505006309101500eBay
Sega CD Model 1250325320450600eBay
Atari Jaguar2503502807001300eBay
Sega Dreamcast Mod w/ HDMI & GDEMu2501200eBay
JCV X’eye260445590710eBay
Nintendo NES Modded w/ RGB290380eBay
Sony PSX (PS2-Based DVR)300350400450500eBay
Sega Saturn Modded w/ ODE3151000eBay
Neo-Geo AES340750130030005000eBay
Neo Geo CDZ340450460650750eBay
Turbo Duo NTSC35048080016601900eBay
Nintendo NES 2 Modded w/ RGB370450eBay
FM Towns Marty3755006401200eBay
PC Engine SuperGrafx380500620660eBay
Nintendo NES Mod w/ Kevtris HDMI389550eBay
Nes-Geo Consolized MVS395975eBay
Casio PV-1000400500600700eBay
Nintendo NES 2 Mod w/ Kevtris HDMI400500eBay
JVC Wondermega4007008001000eBay
Sony Playstation DTL-H3001
Sega Saturn Skeleton420485eBay
Pioneer LaserActive42511206801200eBay
Amiga CD324505506508001200eBay
Nintendo Gamecube Panasonic Q4606506501025eBay
Analogue Nt mini (including Noir)500130055014001450eBay
Atari Jaguar CD6007007501200eBay
Analogue Nt (original)800200011002100eBay
Nintendo 64DD800125013002000eBay
PC Engine LT825100015001600eBay
Neo-Geo AES Modded HDMI8801150eBay
Entex Adventurevision9751600eBay
Sharp X6800016002200eBay
Sega Dreamcast Divers 2000 CX-134003900400050005150eBay
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