Retro-Fashion: Getting in style the 90s way!

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Have you ever looked at the fashion today and see how much they have borrowed from what we used to wear way back in the early 80s through to the 90s. Well, yesterday I got a hit of nostalgia while minding my own business in town. You will get a kink of the retro-style that we used to dress back in the teen years.

What I noticed, is that the fashion trends, both for men and women still borrow a ton from what we used to wear back then. What does this mean? Does it imply that the fashionistas of the 80s and 90s were so futuristic in mind? They sure were, because, how do you explain a fashion trend developed in the 80s, showing up in the 21st century.
Come to think of it, the same trend applies to music. Most of the music days are borrowing tunes and styles from the old music. Only blending them with the new jams to make them appeal to the new generation. But you can still hear the rhythm and the original idea of the good old days.

In the past few decades, there has been a massive transition from the fashion we knew in our teenage days. Across the world, cultures, ethnicity, beliefs and environment has done a lot to shape how we dress, live, and even commute. But some aspects of the new trends still borrow from the past. They still pledge allegiance to the initial fashion trends from back in the day. These trends are often well illustrated in movies that portray the different trends or timelines in history.

Sometimes I look at how our parents sued to wear back then and wish those trends could come back. I mean the bell-bottomed trousers, with afro hair and tight shirts. Life was good back then. I Am surprised that they are out of fashion now, but still, you can see them or some aspect of the trends in the current fashion.

Here are some of the 90s Fashion trends that am still nostalgic about until now, and I do miss them so much.

Some dope ‘90s trends that will forever be missed.

Well, the fashionistas have done a great job to at least maintain the good old feeling of these trends in their current designs. But what I miss is the good old primitive-looking fashion of the day. The one that we were accustomed to back in the 80s through the ‘90s, to the better part of the 2000s.

Styles and trends once regarded as new and audacious are slowly becoming ancient and hideous nowadays. Even those that were so trendy decades later that could only be afforded by high-profile people and celebrities are now nothing to look forward to.

But it seems like the cycle is turning faster than ever. Less than 30 years later, the cool trends of the 1990s are slowly gaining traction and becoming cool again. Well, some are reserved for the Catwalk, but some make it to the street or in the shops, the patterns of the 90s are all around us today. Look at the crop tops, cokers, and Doc Martens, let’s travel back in time and see how we rocked back in the 80s and 90s.

1. The Awesome Flared Jeans.
Yes, I mean those bell-bottomed jeans that graced our parents’ youth! I have seen tens of photos in our house with my parent wearing a nice fit of flared jeans with tight shirts. And trust me, those things look awesome. I can’t get enough of them. I am always reminded of them when I see someone wearing them in the street. They are just sick, in a good way! This was way back before the skinny jeans came into light. Everyone went for the denim look, flared and wide-leg design. This was the dress code of the decade, that reigned supreme in the fashion industry at the time.

Those pants were greatly preferred during the ‘90s thanks to a preference for large and loose silhouettes. Their casual aesthetic made them ideal for daywear, but those must-have pants were displayed with crop tops even at night. To rock flavored jeans today, consider choosing a cut style to refresh this look.

2. The Trend Chokers.

Chokers became “the in thing” when it came to accessorizing back in the 90s. Sitting tightly around the neck, these collars added an edgy aspect. Although many were made of stretchy plastic and painted to look like a tattoo, some had a cloth and charms and joys. Recently, chokers have re-emerged and they give a cool 90s retro feeling to a wide variety of new outfits today.

3. Massive Hoop Earrings.

The Flared Jeans and the Chokers were not the only trendy things to hit us I the 90s, for the ladies, the massive hoop earrings were their thing back then. This trend is still on at the moment with many ladies still preferring to accessorize using hoop earrings. Im a mad fun of them till now. They just make ladies look dope and trendy. The hoop earrings are basically a hallmark of beauty as they can still be seen in the catwalk and fashion events today. Many celebrities are still in love with them.

During the decade, Hoop earrings have had a great moment. These ring-shaped earrings, worn by women across the world added the feel of class to a large number outfits. The beauty of the rings is that it could be worn at any time and would match well with any dress whatsoever. The only requirement was to make them as large as possible when wearing the sassy jewelry. The size was the ultimate design of the earrings and what made them stood out from the rest.

4. The Mighty Crop tops

I first saw these a James Bond movie, and I thought they were awesome. They made girls back then look like little barbies (no offense). I fancy them regardless. The trends have stood the taste of time and are still being worn actively until now. Seeing it on the catwalk, or on someone on the street still gives me goosebumps and memories of how they rocked the 90s and still rocking in the 21st Century.

Now, you can enjoy these best 90s moments by wearing a crop top with a pair of mommy jeans. You will have a feel of the trend of the decade-old trend. This trendy mix of fame and street style is a favorite of all starts. Only exchange camisoles for shorter t-shirts, sweaters, and tank tops to make their look more appealing and modern.

5. The Classy Overalls.

Sometimes think this fashion trend got inspiration from the industry overall. It came in a wide range of designs with all of them having one thing in common, the workman’s overall look. At some point, the denim version of the overall took over the teens by a storm. If you lacked one in the weekend runs, you would be seen as being backward or not fashion conscious. Plus, the cool thing about them, they were all designed to be unisex at first. I could wear one with my sister and no one ever noticed! But lately, the ladies' version has received some curvaceous re-design and they look more ....well...girlish!

Bottom line, if you happened to enjoy the good old 90s, then you must have owned one of these. These sleek jumpsuits have become an important fashion statement in recent years too. They have survived longer than most of the dresses and fashion trends. Plus, since they are semiofficial, they can be worn anywhere without being out of place. Try combining your blue overall denim and sneers to rock this look that dates back to the ‘90s.

6. The Scrunchies
Now, this is another fashion trend that will never get old. All over the world, people are still fancying this dress code. If you were present in the 90s, you understand an outfit did not end with the clothes you’re wearing. One had to throw in something on top, to ice the cake! This is where the Scrunchies came in.

Your hair was part of the entire dress code. Least of all, the hair of the ‘90s had complements and, naturally, the scrunchie’s topped the list. Scrunchies were a decade’s favorite fashion item and several outfits completed. The scrunchies are available in a variety of choices and could be worn using a pony, but or pigtail from plain stain style to elegant velvet designs.

7. The footwear.

How dare we discuss the 90s fashion without discussing the shoes. The 90s saw a remarkable increase in the design and development of the footwear sector. It is around this time that the likes of FUBU, Nike, Adidas, and the likes became household names with their unique footwear designs.

I bet you have a Nike or at least a FUBU dress, shirt, t-shirt, or shoe in your closet. Just like its clothing counterpart, shoes were like clothes in the terms of trends. Back in the 90s, you would see men and women both wearing combat boots. How nice they looked in both. That cowboy look and sharp leather kink mesmerized me the most.
Back then, they featured most in Mexican soap operas and movies. It was the perfect local footwear in the hacienda. They were tough and would match with almost anything from slip dresses and florals, flannel shirt,s, and even denim jeans.

Remember the minimalistic Birkenstocks? Birkenstocks came in different shapes and colors, but always had the same look and feel, simplistic, and very comfortable. Pop and country music scenes, particularly the Spice Girls, made them popular by wearing them in their videos. Chuck Taylor of Converse and Mary Jane's shoes of Monolo Blahnik was both a heavy rotation, with classical swimming pool slides.

8. Music and Fashion.
How else did we know what is trending? Since we were all hooked to MTV Music back then, the best way to deliver a new trend or fashion item was through music. Once a musician wears a cloth or piece of a fashion item, it would remain the talk of the town for a long period of time.

Once a hit song was released back then, everyone would wish to see what the artist is wearing. Since they that was the basic way of getting to know what is trending in terms of fashion. I was a victim of weird attires myself, just because my favorite hip hop star or rock artist was wearing one.
Surprisingly, most of these hip-hop stars are still singing and appearing with almost the same look they had years back. Recently, fashion houses are way ahead in dressing the music stars, turning it into a multi-billion industry.

In the nineties, you definitely had a hip-hop wardrobe, if you weren’t rocking grunge and minimalists stylistics. Hip-hop fashion was common in urban areas and includes overside, loose silhouettes, casual fabrics, and sporting details. Like grunge, the style matched the same genre of music. Hip hop starts were pioneers of this style and were the perfect inspiration for outfits back in the days.

90s Grunge Fashion - Grunge was like the climax of the fashion style back in the 90s. Grunge gave a stylish, attitude-filled makeover, one of the favored looks of the decade. The theme of grunge has become apparent on the streets and along the road in recent seasons. The key grunge products are trendy once more, torn jeans and baggy tees to the plaid shirt and layered slip dresses.

Celebrity wears – The style icons of the 90s were the celebrities. The sartorial decisions of a generation were influenced by musicians, actors, and the strange model. Copied outfits and recreated models, all while celebrating individuality. If Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Adele, Gwen Stephanie, or any of the Spice Girls embraced a certain fashion, we all gravitated towards the design, with some slight edits here and there. Britney was offering a girl look when Grunge was being embraced by Gwen Stefanie and Madonna with her iconic Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra.

Do you have any fashion wear that was influenced by a celebrity? Tell us about it.

9. The 90’s headgear!
Fashion is incomplete without mentioning the hair. In the 90s, the shape, color, and design of your hair really mattered a lot. Back then, the afro was just a fashion symbol that illustrated how taking care of your hair was important back then. A trend that seems to continue, although the afro look has really been relegated to the ladies. Not so many guys still keep an afro kind of look.

The hairstyles of the ‘90s were nothing other than bland. Back then hair gave rise to many popular models, young and youthful. The Rachel was most common haircut of the decade, with women all over taking pictures of the character of Jennifer Aniston from Friends.

The Rachel was the 90s hairstyle with choppy layers and facial frames. Up-dos were normal for anyone who didn’t chop in the 1990s. The half-up and half-down appearance were modern and simple, while the schoolgirl look provided the pigtails that were divided into two small burns. A variety of hair accessories were added to the 90s hairstyles. All were worn with confidence, snippets, butterflies, bandanas, and colored hair strips. I miss crimping.

Final Thought

Today, you need to rework trends to be appropriate to the current culture. If you have to wear a 90s fashion, you will have to give it some new tweaks to make it appear decent and “trendy” for the 21st century. But still, many are still embracing the original 90s looks.
If you want to feel the nostalgia that the 80s, and 90s look brought, watch movies like the sound of music, the Bold and Beautiful, etc. You will be connected to the 90s in a way that you will enjoy and appreciate how the people back then felt. It was a nice and enjoyable time. Freer, I would say, and more decent than what we have now. To have a feel of this, simply mix your skinny jeans and scaled boots with a classic 90s item such as a crop top or chockers. Alternatively, you can use a half-up hairstyle to your favorite new dress or add a layer by wearing a t-shirt. Either way, there is some faun in reliving the 90s, have some fun while at it as you look good in the ‘90s style.

What are some of the 90s tend that you still remember? Do you still have them in your closet?

Which was your best 90s fashion?