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Hi there. I'll be reviewing Grand Theft Auto Five, more commonly known as GTA V. Rockstar launched the game in September of 2013. Gamers can choose to play between Single-Player and Multi-Player and today we'll be focusing on both Aspects of the Game:



Disembarking in Los Santos and leaving the aircraft without a penny, the character you create in GTA Online wanders straight into society, welcomed by Lamar at the airport and quickly donated a pistol and a car, the dual-core principles of having fun in the game. Depending on whether your character is male or female, will decide how Lamar will greet you.

Earning money:

Jobs, missions, fall into three primary groups: racing in a vehicle, but often on a boat or a bike, team deathmatches, and heists. The large percentage of GTA Online Jobs fall into the first two categories and begin to reappear throughout the game. Earning money through tasks may seem a marathon however results will show and sooner enough, the money in your bank account will grow, allowing you to purchase more vehicles and weaponry, for example. Unfortunately, in rare cases, a modder or more commonly known as a hacker, could join a lobby and perform a money drop. I can't stress enough to avoid this at all costs, the last thing you want is for your account to be banned! After some time playing the game, I recommend taking a look at Rockstar's Creator menu where YOU can create and design a Job for others to play!

Having fun:

You will have the most fun in the open world if you have the right kind of people in the session with you. I've been in a Gas Station Robbery and fled police helicopters, raced into the hills to avoid the five star Wanted level and parachuted down from the highest point in the game. There have been times where I've heard a Fighter Jet or a Buzzard light up the roads with missiles and bullets. Getting revenge and even attacking some users is all well and fun until you end up as a Bad Sport. Please avoid destroying personal vehicles of other players and you won't have to worry entering this lobby. The session is usually full of modders or people who troll.

Final Thoughts of the Online Version:
The actual missions, however, get boring after you reach level 20 or thereabouts, yet there needs to be something greater to keep people playing. I think there are improvements to be made. Without a doubt, there's too much money in circulation as a result of money droppings. GTA Online is good, then – properly great, even, when everything comes together. Perhaps we'll see GTA Six soon? Come September this year and it will officially be 7 years since the release of the current version. If we look at GTA IV, the title was launched in 2008 and five years on, Grand Theft Auto Five came out. We are well overdue for a new series!

Unless you're focused on anarchism, it's difficult for someone like me to suggest GTA Online to you. You're going to be dealing with several folks who are just out to grieve you. Toilet break? You're going to be murdered. Are you trying to buy something in a gas station? Prepare for other players to line cars up against the doors so you can't escape. The culture surrounding it is nasty, and after encountering nothing but offensive members, I muted all voice contacts whilst playing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Article. Let me know what you think and whether or not you enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto Five!
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