Road Rovers (1996 – 1997): All you need to know about this Short-Lived Animated TV Series

Once again, we look at an animated series that existed for roughly less than a year. You may have missed it!

Road Rovers was an American animated TV series produced by Warner Bros. The show debuted on the Kids’ Wb in September 1996 and ended in February 1997 at the end of season one.

Two years later, in 1998, the show was broadcast on Cartoon Network. It ran for two years until 2000.

The Road Rover is based on the experiences of the Road Rovers, which was a group of five anthropomorphic dogs with superpowers. The dogs are also referred to as Cano-sapiens. In the show, they live with world leaders, including the US President, the British Prime Minister, The German Chancellor, and the Swiss President with one dog in Kremlin.

Road Rovers TV Series Theme Song

Right from its memorable theme songs, the show would keep you watching from start to end without loss of enthusiasm
Since WB created the show, the makers of Freakazoid!, Animaniacs, and Pinky and the Brain, it was, well written and had an excellent plot. Even though it is not as fondly remembered as Freakazoid!, it was still among the best shoes of the mid-90s. Road Rovers remains an outstanding example of the greatest show that graced the ‘90s Saturday morning cartoon show.

I still recommend if you haven’t seen it, search for the DVD online. It only has 13 episodes. The show had great characters with a clear and plot. The show featured very well-curated jokes; the characters would make you laugh long before they drop the jokes itself, thanks to the artistry or the creators.

Just like any other Warner Bros comedy show, Road Rovers focused mostly on humor and comedy. But it also used action, Science fiction, fantasy, and romance.

Road Rovers had a decent number of fans back then and won some good reviews. At some point, Road Rovers was among the top-rating shows and was competing with the likes of Superman back then.

The Road Rovers Storyline

The story is set in Socorro, New Mexico, where Professor Shepherd has forced General Parvo to give up experimental trans dogmatic technology in exchange for his missing dog. Still, Pavo gave him a bomb that destroys his lab.

Shephard, who miraculously survived the attack, takes steps to stop Parvo. This was a year later when regular dogs began to mutate into monsters.

In the show, Shepherd picked five dogs, and he transformed his new transdogmifier into “Cano-Sapiens.” All this was done in his secret underground lab. The dogs were pets of world leaders, but when they are called into action, they become the crime fighter dogs called the Road Rovers.

Road Rovers Cancellation

Unfortunately, this great show, The Road Rovers, did not survive for a long time. It only lasted for one season with only 13 episodes before it was canceled prematurely.

There are several explanations for the cancellation, but the most prevalent were the jokes in the show. The jokes inevitably went over the heads of the young children back in the ‘90s. They were unexpected and funny for teenagers, but they were unwelcome in children’s show as some parents protested.

Later on, in 2015, a Multi-regional DVD of the whole series was released by Warner Archive for those fond of the ‘90s nostalgia.

The Road Rovers Characters.

Image courtesy: ShareTV
Jess Harnell voiced Hunter. He was a Golden Retriever mix breed and was the team leader of the group. Hunter was overtly cocky while at the same time, he was an enthusiastic and loyal leader. His strength was super-speed, allowing him to run faster than the speed of sound.

Hunter lived in the White House with President Bill Clinton.


Photo: rrk6 Tripod
Tress MacNeille voiced Colleen. She was portrayed as the no-nonsense UK based Rough Collie and the only woman in the team. Colleen is the team’s organizer, who would review to ensure that everything goes smoothly without complications or challenges. She is also a trained martial artist who uses her skills to assist the team. In the show, Colleen lives with John Major, the UK Prime minister, and his wife.

Colleen was undeniably the most beautiful dog in the entire show.
In the show, Colleen was recruited by the Master and went to become the pet of the British Prime Minister. She has a mastery of hand-to-hand tactics, and while fighting, she usually screams the names of celebrities. She also doubles up as the Road Rovers team doctor who has excellent driving skills.

She is very fond of Hunt and always calls him “Hunter-Wuntie,” but hunt seems to ignore her. She has hinted her romantic feelings to Hunt several times in the series.

Colleen’s hobbies include chasing the postman, chewy toys like bananas, and sizzling pork shanks. She went to obedience school, but she failed the paper test.

She is known for being positive and witty, and very relaxed when under pressure. She has a vivid sense of humor and is very loyal to most of her coaches, except Blitz, whose zeal she despises and hates. Colleen does not think or worry about Blitz and also pretends to forget about him. She couldn’t care less about Blitz.


1603474292027.pngPhoto: Weasly.
Jeff Bennett did blitz’s voice. He is portrayed as a German Doberman. In comparison to Hunter, Blitz is seen to be vain, greedy, and cowardly. Blitz has a short temper and a quick rage.

His superpowers are sharp claws and powerful jaws that allow him to do most things by biting and clawing. Blitz was once a thieves’ guardian dog but now lives with German chancellor Helmut Kohl. His personality is a spoof of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the show, Blitz is a team player, but he has very little regard for anybody else to buy himself. Many of the members of the team hate him. And yet, despite their dislike for him, the team still ends up saving him and getting him out of danger. His sharp teeth and claws can easily cut through anything.

He is attracted to Colleen, which is frequently met with indifference, followed by physical violence out of spite. Sometimes Blitz deserves the beating, but sometimes he doesn’t. This was a recurring joke in the series.

Blitz also expresses his weird desires to bite his enemies’ behind. He can be very violent and stubborn but always sticks with the group no matter how a burden he is to them. He usually ignores the abuses he receives from the other members.


Image: ShareTV
Kevin Michael Richardson did the voice over for Exile. In the show, he is a Siberian husky. His full name is Exilo Sanhusky Michalovitch.

Exile speaks dense Russian English with mixed-up words. He will be heard saying Aprilday rather than Mayday or Jingle bells rather than jingle balls.

He is a friendly and kind dog, but he also has a little temper. He is super powerful and can see in the dark. He used to work as a sled dog alongside other huskies but now lives with Boris Yeltsin, the president of Russia.

In the show, Exile is a dedicated and trustworthy team member who does not challenge his position. He respects the role of Hunter as the team leader and lovers his teammates as a family, except Blitz.

While Exile is generally warm and happy with most of the team, he shares Colleen’s hatred for Blitz. He still calls Blitz a “Weird Boy.” He, too, has strength, heat vision, and freezes vision.

Exile has a Russian accent, and he doubles up as the mechanic of the team. He is famous for his song “Russian Names,” which was later cut out in the final episode called “A Day in Life.”


Image: Furaffinity
Frank Welker did shag’s voice. He is portrayed as a Swiss cowardly Old English Sheepdog. In the show, Shag just became a semi Cano-sapien. He walks like human beings, but he speaks in a half-dog, half-human accent.

Furthermore, he doesn’t wear a uniform but stays in his natural condition. He has superpowers, and his hair can store many items like weapons and some other random stuff. Previously, he lived in a valley with sheep but now lives with the president of the Swiss Confederation, Arnold Koller.


Image: Facebook
Welker voiced muzzle. He is depicted as a Rottweiler. He once was a Scout, Professor Shepherd’s abducted puppy. He never became a Cano-sapien but was violent instead because of Parvo’s failing experiment. Due to the assault, he is often confined to a cart while wearing a jacket and mask.

In the show, Muzzle is timid, brave, and slightly outgoing. Often, he may be laid back, but he is ready to obey and do his job diligently when duty calls.

Muzzle Is a valiant dog that is fierce, trustworthy, and faithful at the same time.

Other Road Rovers Characters include:

Persia – Was voiced by Sheena Easton. He is an Afghan Hound and also the commander of the Space Rovers. Image: DeviantArt
Professor Hubert – He was voiced by David Doyle and portrayed as the scientist in the show.

Professor William F. Shepard – Also called Joseph Campanella voiced the Master. He is the transromantic geneticist that made the Road Rovers. He is the one who chose the Road Rovers. If it were not for the Master, the world would have been governed by cano-mutants led by Parvo.

General Parvo – He is among the main antagonists of the series. Jim Cummings voiced him. In the show, he is set up to kill Professor Shepherd and take over the world. He has continuous coughs. It was later revealed that General Parvo was once a cat before becoming a “Feline Sapien,” he has far more human-like features than Shepherd’s Cano-Sapiens. He resembles Hulk Hogan, the wrestler. The name Parvo was derived from a canine disease that mostly kills puppies.

Groomer – Sheena Easton voiced him. He is the assistant to Parvo. He is seen to be armored with a handheld hair clipper, but he uses other devices when appropriate.

Final Word
Most certainly, there were some WTF moments on the show, but overall, it was a good show, and I saddened when it didn’t return for the second season. It was quite disappointing. The creator should consider writing a comic book for the second season or a reboot of the entire series.

Did you get a chance to watch the Road Rovers TV series? If yes, what is your take on the show? Is it worthy of a reboot?


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I loved this show as a kid. It's really funny! I recently got it on my firestick and it's just as good as I remember!
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