Rugrats (1991-2004): Do You Remember the Awesome Rugrats TV Series?

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There are a few shows that made our '90s worth living. And for me, Rugrats is one of those shows that I couldn't afford to miss. The show is an American animated series created for Nickelodeon. It is created by Paul German, Arlene Klasky, and Gabor Csupo. Apart from them, other writers such as Peter Egan, David N, Weiss, and several others.

The first episode was released on 11th August 1991 and the final episode on 1st august 2004. For all these years, I stayed positive with anticipation that Rugrats will come up again, and finally, the show premiered on 27TH May 2021.

Let us dig further in...
The series deals with children, but I was not allowed to watch it at that time. I was disappointed and always wondered what was wrong with watching a movie acted with kids just like me. But being a good boy, I told myself to wait because good things take time. The good thing takes time.

As soon as I turned eighteen, this is the first movie I got to watch. I was able to understand the reason my mother never wanted me to see it.

So was Rugrats a good show for kids?
I guess No. In fact, for an easy time with your young children, just let them watch Rugrats at eighteen. As well as this series may mislead young kids, it is best to watch as an adult. All you need is the energy to laugh because its rib breaking, and maybe some free time because it is super addictive. Rugrats mainly involves the life of a kid in their day-to-day life. How they tackle their activities, relate with each other, and how they wander around without their parents.

As a parent, you will learn how to handle daily dilemmas from toddlers. There is a lot to emulate from Rugrats, just that children will not be sure what to copy and what not to.
However, if you think your children are at a good age where they listen and follow parental rules to the latter, then there is no harm in watching Rugrats together well, as you watch them pick just the right traits from characters like Susie. Susie was very good at fixing toys.

As a young boy, Tommy would be my favourite. He is brave as a lion and always fought for what is right and justice. Till today, Tommy is my best. How about you Watch Rugrats, then tell me your best toddler.

Let me give you a brief introduction of some characters from Rugrats.

Rugrats TV Show Characters
Tommy Pickles

1631054765287.pngPlayed by Thomas Malcolm.
First appeared in Tommy Pickles and Rugrats the Great White Thing." Tommy is a fictional character and the centre protagonist of the Rugrats animated series. He is an all-grown boy and friendly to Kimi, Chuckie, Lil, and the twins Phil. Tommy is faithful to his friends and sticks around them most of his time. He fights for his friends and protects them from bullies like Anjelica, who happens to be his cousin.

These are the kind of friends your children probably need. Someone who will stand for them. Well, maybe you can begin to take notes from Rugrats and teach your boy to be like Tommy. Tommy is interested in playing with his friends and going out to discover new things. I used to nickname him little explorer. He is the champion who clads in a diaper and T-shirt, not a fun of shoes but is sometimes seen wearing shoes only with specific outfits.

Angelica is the oldest of all the toddlers in Rugrats, but Tommy Pickles is the brains of them all. He is intelligent, outspoken, and compassionate. Tommy Pickles is one of those kids who are always curious and must find answers to all the questions in their heads. Like why are some people short and others tall? To Tommy, nothing in this world seems more significant than him.

That is why he always took his Rugrats friends together with him to discover the eminent mysteries of the world. The world that is never making sense to him. In the premier part of the Rugrats, Tommy Pickles is all grown. His friends turn to him whenever they need any help or advice. Oh Wow! His head is full of hair now. Being the bigger boy to Tommy was a minor goal. He knew where to take his friend and when.

Angelica Pickles
1631054825476.pngVoiced by Cheryl Chase.
She is one of the original fictional characters in Rugrats. Dil nicknames her as Yucky." First appeared in Tommy's First Birthday 1991. Angelica is a very mean character, showing where she bullies the other babies because she is older. She thinks she has the power to mistreat others. However, she bullies them behind her parent's back or any other adults.

Every time she is seen being cruel to other kids, she gets grounded as punishment. Angelica is just a girl like any other, as portrayed in the series Rugrats. We can see this in different episodes as she quotes words such as;

  • Getting old is nothing but misery and woe."
  • I will never fall in love again! at least not until the first grade."
  • A cookie only tastes better when it is for someone else."
  • I got responsibilities now."
  • I finally got loyal suspects, and they had to be dumb babies."
Angelica loved herself so much and knew her worth. She wanted the best for herself. Just like all of us, we go out of our way to prove how much we matter and seek every necessary attention we feel we deserve. As a young girl, Angelica wanted to be pampered and spoiled every moment of her young life. She gets others to do things for her and doesn't even notice it is not her right.
It is evident in Rugrats that Angelica Pickles loves only the sweet part of life. With her favorite friend Cynthia, they like relaxing in luxury. The only sad part is that she manipulates the babies to do everything she wants to be done. She learns everything from her industrious mother. She is a badass, just like Anjelica; her mother made it sink in her young mind what she can accomplish as a woman. Just like her mother, Anjelica is a feminist. Angelica expresses a lot of things she has learned. She admires her mother for everything she does.

Chuckie Finster

1631054869923.pngPlayed by Christine Cavanaugh. Chuckie Finster is white with curled brown hair. He is a best friend to Tommy Pickles and a fictional character in Rugrats. Susie, another character in the movie, has a crush on him, seen in Rugrats in Paris, where he is seen dancing with him. She happens to be too protective with Kimi, and everything she does is known first by him, but Kimi thinks He is more protective than her.

Because they are family, Chuckie is a girl full of love and compassion for family, as shown in "Finsterella," where he tells Kimi Finster 'I am glad we are family. Chuckie has crashed on other characters like Susie and several other girls while others crushed on her. The fact that other girls in Rugrats fell for Chuckie indicates it is not wrong for girls actually to find themselves, someone. This part of the series makes Rugrats the best to go for in 2021. Chuckie was the first to be toilet-trained

Phil and Lil

1631054919183.pngTheir real names are Philip Richard (Phi) and Lilian Marie (Lil). Kath Soucie voices both. The twins have many characters in common, like eating bugs and dirt and a crazy love for playing around with worms. Immediate neighbors of Tommy Pickle. Phil and Lil, unlike other normal twins, argue with each other very often. They call themselves "Dhil and Lil" with shortcuts, but only when they are on good terms. As soon as they quarrel, they used their full names. People mistook them as they look too much alike. They also dress the same and talk the same.

I do like twins in real life, which makes Phil and Lil my best characters. So being very keen on the two twins, I could draw a difference between the two; Lil's earlobes are not attached while Phil's are attached. Both of them had Tommy as a friend in common. They always went with Tommy to his Imaginary adventures and enjoyed together.

Both are seen in the "All Grown" that their good relationship is still intact. Lil and Phil's first appearance in Rugrats is in "Tommy Pickles and the Great Thing" and made a final appearance in "All Grown Up.! There is a quote from Phil that seemed to keep him going; he said, "Sometimes "it takes an emergency to know who your friends in life are." The twins are later grown, wear different clothes, have different friends, and do different activities.

Brief Background of Rugrats and Why It Was Popular

The show was created by Gabor Scupo and Arlene Klasky, who were husband and wife. With them was Paul German in 1989. Klasky Scupo had a significant animated firm that provided a suitable environment for practice for music and videos. Vanessa Coffey, the Vice president of Nickelodeon (Children's Cable Network), approached the couple, asking them to Launch their version of animated shows and create the pilot of their series.
The line of these animated shows would later be called "Nickelodeon." Gabor and Arlene grabbed the opportunity and drew inspiration from the Beatles and also from their toddlers. Paul German, however, realized that the show needed at least one bully and decided to bring about a character Angelica. It was hard at first to bring Angelica to character development, but a writer (Steve Viksten) said that Angelica was the stronghold of the show.

Klasky loved Angelica after seeing her in Rugrats. The writers of this show are fantastic and have perfect know-how of the life of toddlers, and they must have stayed with kids a lot to have come up with such an exciting and mind-blowing series. After watching Rugrats, you will realize that this series rotates around the expected life of a growing child; you will draw many conclusions that agree with mine and others who have watched Rugrats. Did you learn anything from watching Rugrats?

As a parent, you must learn to appreciate your children if they are not bullies like Angelica and discipline them not to be like Angelica. We have seen several punishments favorable for character development, such as; grounding a misbehaving child. That is mine; what is yours?

Final Thoughts

After being in the dark for the longest time, Rugrats came to my rescue. Watching movies that need a lot of attention to get to the best parts is a waste of time and energy. I developed a lot of interest in the animated comedy films; Nickelodeon. This show doesn't disappoint, and you can be busy washing utensils and laughing as you get entertained by unforgettable characters in this type of movie. I suggest that you begin with Rugrats.
With the energy from Rugrats, you will not be reminded to check out the latest shows from Nickelodeons. You can get Rugrats from YouTube and enjoy episode after episode. Safe yourself from too much fiction, and for a second, bring your mind to the word of animations. It is like a drug; you will not want to leave. I just realized Rugrats is one of the movies that customers can't wait to see back.