Skydive into Tetris

Tetris Review
By Alexander Money

Release date: June 6, 1984
Designer: Alexey Pajitnov
Genre: Puzzle/Strategy/Tile-Matching

One million game boys were sold, because of one title. This is Tetris on the Game Boy — for the nostalgic fans of Nintendo. The edition was in the 1989 era and was free, with a purchase of the original Gameboy. It is a great game. By combining the latest handheld with this incredible brain teaser, Nintendo made one of the best decisions in the video games industry, as Tetris was a great match for portable gaming. 20 years ago, lots of people got hooked on this title. It was, sincerely, a trend. Do you think Candy Crush today is huge? That really was Tetris back in the early 1990's decade. Hit by tons of explosives.

Tetris has become one of those titles rooted like a tree, in our everyday routine that I hardly have to clarify it, but I will. In Tetris, you insert various blocks before they shape an unbroken line, where the line decomposes and the blocks above, fall to fill the gap. The game is over if your stack of blocks hits the top of the play area.

I will sit here and tell you about the revolutionary impact Tetris has in the field of gaming. I might, truly. Although I feel that's done quite a lot of times by other Writers. We know the title was produced by a smart Russian gentleman, and Nintendo managed to get hold of it somewhere and didn't look back. If you are in the majority who have played Tetris in the modern era, you will know there is no better game to play on the Toilet than Tetris.tetris-lingo-feature_feature.jpg

Is it possible to combat fate? How is it that you prevent the rain from dropping from the sky? That is the Tetris challenge. It's persistent. The deadly pieces just keep falling: "L" shapes (facing all ways), "T' shapes, squares, slender rectangles and finally we have the tiny "h" shaped objects. All of the shapes can be rotated and then you can store them tucked away below, as neatly as possible. Store it neatly for the love of heaven. Pack as if you're going to a vacation of a lifetime for a couple of months.

This game is the definition of perfection. I played it once, and I'm hooked to playing Tetris, over and over again. What makes it one of the best video games, is that it's a classic. I'm sad that future generations that won't be able to whistle or sing the theme music (it's so catchy!). I would like to thank all the readers that took the time to sit and read through this morning's Article. Please expect another to be published on the 4th of October, which is exactly two weeks from today.

So, tell me what you think of Tetris? What are some of your favorite gaming memories? Which platform do you enjoy playing this title on the most?
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Ultra Geeze
Aug 11, 2020
i loved this version...was so cool when you formed a golden box.i actually played this ALOT