Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1994 – 2008): Here Is All You Missed About This Awesome Show!

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Last week we talked about Sealab 2021, and i couldn't help it but dig into the Space Ghost Coast to Coast show that aired right around the same time. So, let us take a dive back in time again, and this time look at this awesome show and how it came to be. Brace yourself for another trip back to the mid-90s when this TV show was released in April 1994.

This was one of a kind, the best show that ever lived comically. Hilarious characters such as Zorak keeps me up to watch the Space Ghost Coast to Coast over and over again. In case you are anxious and wondering who Zorak was, just so you know, is a character who first appeared in the Hanna- Barbera animated series "Space Ghost."

Zorak was all-green; ooh! The anthropomorphic mantis, the archenemy, and a fictional character of this original series were produced by the cartoon network. Though Space Ghost Coast to Coast is an animated parody talk show, it is not intended for young children. I was lucky to watch this favorite series as a proud young adult.

In the show, it is clear that the producers and creators Mike Lazzo, Khaki Jones, together with George Lowe, C. Martin Crocker, and others were amazing and knew exactly where to capture the attention of their audience, I and a good number of my allies fell victims of this especially after the production of the first eight episodes then there was a hiatus.

The level of creativity and excellence in Space Ghost Coast to Coast is just on another level, which keeps me thinking is the main reason why it is highly rated and is still watched to date by a lot of people. If you have not watched the show, then probably it's because you never knew it exists. Well, now you know, you may try it out because it never disappoints.

Let us take a trip back in time to understand the real meaning and moral of Space Ghost Coast to Coast because it is big-time interesting, which makes it hard for us to let go even after seeing it several times.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Characters
Who are these we are talking about here?

Moltar is known as one of the antagonists of Space Ghost Franchise, later became one of the hosts in his show at Space Ghost Coast to coast, and was a host of Toonami, though, for a short time.

We see Moltar in a metal suit, and he is mostly the one controlling the show. Zorak, alongside Ghost, is chide spaced by this big man Moltar, where he becomes a sidekick in tormenting him.

Everyone somehow has someone who understands them, right? Moltar always seems to understand a character called Metallus.

After hosting the Toonami, Moltar sends a transmission to your homes, "Courtesy of his eye in the sky," and launched Clyde 49. He liked making fun of video games of heroes such as Space Ghost.

Moltar would find action almost everywhere because he was; I would say, a man of the universe as he witnessed several.

I get curious about this man wearing a helmet all the time, and though I know less about his origin, I tend to think something dreadful happened to him. He probably got burned on his face by molten lava that is seen surrounding him persistently.

Being a Villain in the show, I concluded that the intense pain of burning made him insane and aggrieved enough to become one.


Photo Courtesy: William Street Wiki | Fandom
I think this character was very noticeable, exciting and stylish, you know why? He was referred to as "flamboyantly gay" by the writers of this show. He is a gigantic locust villain, violent as he rushes from the mountain. He is brought out as a very vicious character and speaks in a faux British accent.

Remember Zorak, my favorite? Sadly, he is referred to as evil, but I like him; it seems Lokar is always in constant dispute with him.

Lokar is also seen holding grudges towards Space Ghost, Which I think is useful in this show. Furthermore, what is life without some foes here and there? The relationship between Space Ghost, Lokar, and Zorak is magnificent and makes Space Ghost Coast to Coast impressive. Did you imagine where the word gay came from? the word came up as a result of Lokar referring to Zorak and Moltar as a lover. He is from the original Space Ghost Cartoon from the 1960s however, he was just a minor nemesis/antagonist.


Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia
Here we come again, Zorak the king of evil who at some point slept with his nephew and somehow happened to be Virgin again, probably because he did not give himself out to his mates instead felt no pity nor remorse and only focused on meeting his desires.

Regardless of his bad attitude towards some other characters, Zorak has a friend called Brak but gives his friend very little respect. He co-hosted Cartoon Planet and also the revival with Brak. Funny enough, Zorak keeps changing his mind about being a mantis and sometimes claims he is a locust.

I realized in episode 97, "Al" Mr. Pong (Alcorn Allan) is the father of Zorak.

Nevertheless, this is a very annoying character in the show Space Ghost Coast Coast to Coast and entertaining.

Space Ghost
1630417185176.pngThis is a childish self-centered superhero back in the 60s. George Lowe voiced space Ghost. His real name is Eustace Ghostal; he is seen to be supremely oblivious to his surroundings; according to my conclusions about this character, he is the type that shows less concern to others and constantly puts down his guests and sidekicks.

One time, Space Ghost announces himself to always been dead and quoted the following words "I was dead long before you were born, Conan, and I will be dead long before you are dead."

It is Space Ghost that we see in almost every episode apart from Hipster and Pilot, who are both from season four.

Space Ghost has genuinely tried to put up the best talk show possible though we are not sure if he did this for his good or the universe.

Other characters include;

In the talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, there are other characters that I have not mentioned but play several roles. They include;

  • Don Kennedy, who is known as Transit/ Tansut, the announcer, is always in an orange suit, a coward man, overweight, and was once fired by Space Ghost for announcing the show off the screen several times, as seen in episode four.
  • Scott Finnel called Harvey Birdman in the show Space Ghost Coast to Coast; if you are lucky to watch the show, you will see him in the episode Pilot and Sequel as the host. He is a lawyer in his show "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law."
  • Andy Kennedy is referred to as Brak. The least threatening character in the show and sometimes appeared in the cancel of Doom. A villain but young kind of alien with big fangs.
  • Judy Tenuta, who in the show is the Black Widow. Is also a member of the council of Doom and a Villain. She is seen to show love for Space Ghost, however much she irritates him with her scream.
  • We also have Dave Willis, who plays several characters. Core creator of Adult Swim animated series and Squidbillie
So What is Space Ghost Coast to Coast?

I started with the idea of letting you know how much you are missing without the feeling when watching Space Ghost Coast to Coast; I know by now you are curious and want to know more details about this amazing show. Here we go.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is an animated talk show written by Mike Lazzo, Alex Toth, Matt Harrigan, Matt Maiellaro, Andy Merrill, and Dave Willis.

It consists of 11 seasons and 104 episodes. The first episode was released on 15th April 1994, while the final was released on 31st May 2008.

Networks are Adult Swim and Cartoon Network.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is mainly disrupted by the "Bandleader" Zorak and Moltar, this two worked for Space Ghost as punishment for the crimes they committed.

With this information in mind, you will be sure to enjoy this parody show episode by episode with surety it will be awesome.

Moreover, this series happens to be better than just a parody of talk shows as the jokes here are hilarious and much clever.

You can watch these episodes from HBO Max, Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network channels and on YouTube. You may save yourself the energy of searching the show's full name and just use its abbreviation SGC2C or SGCTC.


Who fails to give the five stars to this outstanding series? No one, right? Besides, it deserves it. The show has received a significant number of ratings in the Cartoon Network, for example, a "G" in some episodes "TV-14", “TV-PG” and “TV-Y7” In others. Just so you be sure, you may check out the customer reviews on Goggle chrome yourself.

TV-PG appears in almost all episodes of SGCTC but appears most in episodes 7 and 8, most probably because of the words used like “damn” and “Hell’.
Guide to What is in the SGC2C show
Here is a quick round-up of what to look forward to in the show:

  • Cartoons being violent to each other like Zorak and Lokar
  • References to sexuality like Lokar, who is referred to as flamboyantly gay, and Zorak, who seems to be Virgin
  • Use of some derogatory words such as “cream puff,” “ass, “and “hell”
  • The characters are also nasty to each other
  • There is frequently referencing to alcohol
We all understand that these are not words for kids, right? Great, so now we all know why SGC2C is not meant for them.

However, it is hard to take any of the above words personally because the characters bring them up in very fanny and clever manner that brings enjoyment, and that is what makes SGC2C fun to watch.

So after sending young ones to bed or probably to watch ‘Mitchells vs. the Machines’, you may begin to watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast. With these shows from the 90s, you will not be idle at any cost unless you have gone through the 11 seasons.

Final Thoughts

It makes me sad that I have to leave these to you; I wish it were possible to watch it again and again for each of you but Whoops! I have to let you see for yourselves and maybe remind me what I did not say. After watching this show, you have to agree that this is the finest original Adult Swim, Show.

To me, this is the show I would give my betting in the CN; if you are bored and need to laugh, you just need to play SGCTC; looking back to two and a half decades ago, I still think this show was way much ahead of its time how I wish to see all the characters of this show in one series again because it was just a perfect combination, a complete package, if I may say.

Today, I am proud to say that SGCTC is an icon, a show that I don’t need to watch again to laugh or bring back memories, all I need is to meditate about all the characters, and I will have the entire show in my head, that is why narrating every episode would not be a problem to me.

Well, then, wake up as well. Don’t be left behind; you may be a 2000s baby, but this show beats most of the nasty movies you think are best in 2021. Check out to see what we old people have in minds about movies back then, discover why your mum and big brother are always going for shows from the 90s. You will have a lot of jokes to make to your friends back in college when the holiday is over, just purpose to see this show that you missed out on.

What are your fond memories of Space Ghost Coast to Coast?

Do you think the show deserves a re-run? I do!
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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
Ah, one of CN's first original pieces of programming! I remember watching this late night as a kid...
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