Space Invaders and COVID-19?

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Space Invaders and COVID-19?
Author: Alexander from make money forum

I would like to take the time to apologize for the blog post being two days late, as it was meant to be published on Wednesday 21st. Although, in the two extra days, it's giving me a chance to think of something that will ensure our readers have fun reading while diving into the world of retro gaming. Before we start talking about the connection that Space Invaders have with COVID-19, let's first recap when COVID-19 first started and became a pandemic, in addition to the history of the retro game Space Invades.

History of Space Invades

Taito developed Space Invaders in 1978, and it is a Japanese blasting video game. The game was among the precursors of modern video gaming, and it contributed to the growth of the sector from a gimmick to a multinational one. When Space Invaders first was created in 1978, it was an instant smash. They had intended for the invaders to be regular troops in the system's initial design. They altered it to aliens because Taito didn't choose to carry the notion that murdering humanity was acceptable. Space Invaders gained prominence quickly after its publication. It was approved for users in the U.s. in 1980. It was launched on the Atari 2600, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and currency arcades. It has made over $500 million in income during the course of its existence. For those unfamiliar with the game, it is a 2D shooting in which a person must defend the planet from invaders. Each stage contains 48 creatures that are distributed uniformly into columns. The extraterrestrial travel in a predetermined pattern all across monitor, steadily approaching Earth. The humanity player's objective is to take down all of the monsters before they approach the globe.

History of COVID-19
The Department Of Health (WHO) was notified on December 31, 2019, that a concentration of pneumonia cases with an uncertain origin had been discovered in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. The virus started in China, and it soon turned from an Epidemic to a Pandemic in a matter of months. As of July 23, 2021, WHO, which is the world health organization has received reports of 192,284,207 patients diagnosed of COVID-19, with 4,136,518 fatalities. A total of 3,568,861,733 antiretroviral drugs has been provided as of July 20, 2021. Let's all take a moment to pray and remember those who have sadly died during this Pandemic, and pray for those who are suffering from a case of COVID.

Most countries around the worldwide will have introduced certain measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Examples are wearing face masks, 2-meter social distancing, lockdowns, and COVID Jabs in an attempt to create some "immaturity" against COVID.

Conclusion. COVID-19 and Space Invades? What connection do they have?

Well, to help prevent the spread of the virus, you shouldn't be a space invader to other people! I have taken the time to create a meme to remind all of you retro gamers to do your best with the pandemic that most of us are in. Before we wrap this article up, I would like to know in the comments down below, what you think of Space Invaders, and whether you can think of any Retro Gaming jokes you would like to tell!
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New Geeze
Sep 24, 2020
I wish the whole world could see this, it's a very nice article. The pandemic have taken a lot of opportunities from us but have also made way for new ones too.
I hope it leaves us soon.