Super Smash Bros. (1999 - 2018): Remembering the Most Entertaining '90s Retro games.

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One of my favorite games, when I was a teen back in the late ‘90s, was Super Smash Bros. Simply because the game was fun.

The game was complex while at the same time basic to the players! This made the game have a unique experience when played.

One other unique characteristic of the game was the fact that it included characters from other games. Bringing together the characters from other games made Super Smash Bro. Video game to among the most sort after games back in the late 90s when it was launched.

That said, let's look at the history of Super Smash Bros.

Understanding the Background of Super Smash Bros. Video game.

Super Smash Bros. is a crossover fighting video-game produced by HAL Lab and released for the Nintendo 64 by Nintendo (Super Smash Bros. 64 or Smash 64).

The game was first released on 21st January 1999 in Japan, and later in the same year, it was introduced to the USA and Europe. The first installment in the series Super Smash Bros. was a crossover between various franchise companies, including Mario, the Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Metroid, F-Zero, Mother, Kirby, and Pokémon.

It combined a collection of characters and locations from all these franchises. It allowed the players to use specific abilities of each character and the hazards of the stages to cause damages, regain health, and finally take opponents from the stage.

On release, Super Smash Bros. received positive reviews. It was a welcome addition to the teens’ arsenal of games at the time. Super Smash Bros. series of games was a global success that it sold over 5 million copies by the year 2001. Out of which, over 2.93 million copies were sold in the USA only and another 1.97 million sold in Japan.

Super Smash Bros. was so popular back in the ‘90s and early 2000s that IGN at one time awarded it as the Best Fighting Game. It became the game of choice for the Nintendo 64 Players.

The game has so far produced a series of other games like:

The game has evolved with newer releases that were all based on the original release of 1999. The other versions include:

  • Super Smash Bros – the original video game series released in 1999.
  • Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3Ds and Wii U – this was one of a kind related crossover fighting games.
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee – This was the crossover fighting video game released in 2001 for the GameCube.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl – This was the crossover fighting video game that was released in 2008.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Came into being in 2018 as a crossover fighting video game.
Let’s take a look at the classic Super Smash Bros. that was released in the later ‘90s.

Super Smash Bros. Gameplay

The series Super Smash Bros. was a diversion from the normal genre of fighting games; in this game, players attempt to knock their enemies off a level until they lose all the life bar.

Every player has cumulative damage, which corresponds to a percentage that increases with the damage and can reach the maximum damage of 999%.

As this percentage increases, the character is increasingly being attacked. To knock an opponent off the level, the player must send the character flying off the level’s edge. The fighting area is not an enclosure since it has open boundaries.

When the character is knocked off, he can leap back with jumping movements; some characters have longer jumping and can recover faster than others. Some characters will be heavy, hence hard to knock them over the edge. But once they have been knocked off, their weight prevents them from flying; hence they fall.

Games like Street Fighter and Tekken enabled players to remember complex button-input combinations; however, the Super Smash Bro uses the same control combination to handle all the movements of the character.
Also, characters are not limited only to enemies; they can move freely. The game focuses on aerial and platforming abilities with larger and more complex stages than a simple platform. Smash Bros. also introduces the mechanics of blocking and escape. In the game, you can catch and throw other characters.

Different weapons and power-ups can be used to combat damage, recover health, or dispense extra items. They are randomly put on stage as Nintendo franchises, such as Koopa Shells, hammers, and Poke Balls.

The nine stages are derived from Nintendo’s franchise locations like Metroid Planet Zebes and Star Fox Sector Z. While the phases are three-dimensional, players travel in a two-dimensional plane. Stages vary from basic moving platforms to drastic shifts in the whole stage. Each stage provides specific gameplay and strategic motivations and makes the selected stage an added factor in the entire fight.

Super Smash Bros. Single-player mode

In the single-player mode of the game, the player fights a series of computer-controlled enemies in a particular order, trying to beat them in a limited period.

Although the player can decide the level of difficulty and life, the range of opponents never changes. If you lose all your lives or maybe run out of time, you can continue but lose the total points.

The single-player mode involves two minigames, the ‘Break Targets’ and the ‘Board Platforms,’ in which the goal is to break several unique platforms for each target or the board. There is also a ‘Training Mode’ where players can control their environment and experiment with computer opponents without a regular match restriction.

Super Smash Bros. Multiplayer Mode

In the Multiplayer Mode, four people can play with set unique rules. The stock and timed matches are two of the multiplayer's play modes. This gives each player a certain life cycle or timeframe before the match begins. Free-for-all or team battles are also an option during stock or time matches.

A winner is announced when the time is running out, or all players have lost their lives, or they have lost the entire team. A multi-player game can also end if two or more people have the same score at the end of the timer, leading to sudden death in the round. Both fighters will sustain 300 percent damage during sudden death, and the last fighter standing will win the match.

Super Smash Bros. characters.

Smash Bros. has a pretty cool list of characters, and there are many other great characters you can play as. I will just mention but a few that I fancied and used to play the most back in the ‘90s.


Well, many think that this guy sucks! But I would say Villager would kick ass for me! Probably this is an opinion that many of my friends did not agree with. But I still insist he was the best at the time. Using the tree to get adversaries is one of the strongest gaming feelings in the world. The Lloid rocket is also really nice, and the Balloon Fight-inspired recovery is a superb tribute, as it was one of the NES games on the original Animal Crossing. Let me know how Villager performed for you.


I am not so familiar with the Fire Emblem, but it matters not because Ike has the greatest recovery in the history of Smash. Listening to him, “Ether!” or “AUGAAH!” his sword swing is so damn satisfying as it sends the enemies packing.

I would use Ike if I want the best character and have some epic fight.


And here is my favorite hedgehog of gaming. He is the fastest of them all in the game. I will use him if I want some chaos. His punches and side-B spin dash spell misery for enemies, and the spin dash is so fun to spam. Well, I don’t advocate for spamming moves unless you just want to have fun and there is no friendship at stake.


Photo: coronajumper
I consider Kirby as the most beautiful badass on Pop Star. The fact that he dresses as whoever he inhales confirms the theory! His recovery of going up with a sword and his down-b of turning into a rock or Thwomp made him be fun to play with. Kirby is probably the most charming person in the game.


And now here comes the most respected game idol of all time, Mario! Mario has a strong one-two touch punch of B attacks, with his fireballs and his cape. Additionally, his recovery, combined with coin sound effects and ability to hit fighters over him, allowed him to deliver some successful smashing.


I don’t have good knowledge of the Fire Emblem series. The only one I played was Awakening on the 3DS, the title of which is Robin. Robin is the default avatar player name in the game; whatever you please, you can name him or her. Regardless of his name or gender, the character is still fun to use.

Although other characters of Fire Emblem in Smash use swords, Robin uses magic that gives the game a breath of fresh air. The Nosferatu that drains the lives of the enemies is fun.


You can recall the emotional scenes when Samus saves Pikachu from batteries if you’ve played Brawl’s Subspace Emissary (my fav cutscene of the game). Samus was in my mind forever as one of my favorite Smash characters. The Metroid bounty hunter has possibly the best way to recover from the game, the Screw Assault. It is so fun to use! Its missiles are cool too, and it just makes me feel good by holding B to get a super cannon (I have forgotten what it was called).


Who carries a sword to a fistfight? Ok, many Smash characters do, but Link certainly stands out. To be this legendary Zelda protagonist is not enough to be the legendary Hero of Time; therefore, he must duke it out not only with Ganon but also with animals and children. His sword swing for rehabilitation is enough to get him on this list, but if you need more, his swordsmanship is dazzling.


Probably the loveliest dinosaur of all time. He happens to be the most enjoyable character in Smash, or what do you think? Yoshi has got lots of fun moves like his egg flip, his head butt, and his bottom proud signature moves.

The only thing that keeps him from being the most sort after the character is that his left/right B egg roll sucks. At least that is what I believe after playing him for a while in the early 2000s.

Mr. Game and Watch

Photo Courtesy: Amino Apps.
Last but not least, let's review the history of Nintendo. Nintendo released a small portable game called “Game and Watch” before the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Think of them as precursors of electronic tiger game, but that is next to it. Mr. Game and Watch has many games, and Watch have many more games, including; Manhole, Octopus, and Chef. The wacky gestures are in line with his simplistic style and produce a genuinely unique character.

Final Word.

Super Smash Bros. remains one of the most sorts after games of the late ‘90s. One that I wouldn’t mind playing now. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released to quench the ‘90s nostalgia of the Smash fans. But its gameplay and design never matched the classic SSB.

What do you fondly remember about the Super Smash Bros?



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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
Sooo many good times going to my neighbor's house to play this as a kid... So many good memories!
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New Geeze
Sep 24, 2020
Before I lost my dad back in the year 2002...I can remember he bought me sega 2-3 and a Nintendo game...but the Nintendo was sold after he died because everything became hard....but I really enjoyed playing the Nintendo back then...but the only game I played on it was super Mario..
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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
Before I lost my dad back in the year 2002...I can remember he bought me sega 2-3 and a Nintendo game...but the Nintendo was sold after he died because everything became hard....but I really enjoyed playing the Nintendo back then...but the only game I played on it was super Mario..
Damn man.. I could imagine that nintendo must have held a lot of good memories..
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Jul 15, 2020
Before I lost my dad back in the year 2002...I can remember he bought me sega 2-3 and a Nintendo game...but the Nintendo was sold after he died because everything became hard....but I really enjoyed playing the Nintendo back then...but the only game I played on it was super Mario.. Sorry. That is sad. Am glad you stayed strong through it all.


New Geeze
Sep 24, 2020
I just thank God for life, I know when I find a great gonna buy buy the latest playstation 5 and may be the Nintendo.

How many of you played wakky races back was a sick cool game
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