TAZ-MANIA Video Game Vs Cartoon Show: Which Was your favorite?

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Have you ever been in a relationship with a video game? Well, after watching the animated sitcom, Taz-Mania, I became so attached to it. Then came the Taz-Mania video game. It was very easy for me to fall in love with the video game.

Since I had the entire storyline in my head, it was very easy for me to play the game. Yesterday the '90s nostalgia or retro games and TV series hit me gain. I bumped into this episode of Taz-mania on YouTube, The Tasmanian Devil, that inspired me to write about it today.

In this review, I will start with the Taz-Mania Cartoon on which the Taz-Mania game was based on. Later on, we will talk about its SNES game release that came much later.

Taz-Mania Cartoon Show (1991 – 1995) [Sitcom]

This is still another Warner Brothers cartoon that was a hit in the 90s. Several years before that, though among those characters at the long-running Looney Tunes series was that the Tasmanian Devil, a rather strange character who managed to spin around very quickly and that he was often hungry, and it has never been made clear whether he managed to speak or not. Either way, it appeared that his character was popular enough to the potential of a spin-off series that came along in 1991.

Taz- Mania Cartoon Storyline

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Taz-Mania is set at a fictional place that is extremely like Tasmania, a country of Australia. Also, like Taz, we meet many new characters, such as his loved ones. He has a younger brother called Jake and a teenaged sister named Molly.

His mother was known as Jean, but his dad Hugh was one of the real stars of this show. He was fairly easy-going, and he had been very fond of playing golf, and he had the memorable catchphrase"blah blah blah, yackity-shmackity," which really was a classic that seemed to amuse a lot of people.

There were many other great characters, although they were only introduced in the Taz-Mania Cartoon Intro. Many more characters were left out.

These included Taz's boss that the somewhat grumpy Bushwhacker Bob, along with his mom, Wendal T Wolf, and Francis X Bashlad, also various dingoes, alligators, and so on, and Taz, who worked at a resort, would socialize (as best as he might ) together with all of these characters too. A couple of veteran Looney Tunes characters sometimes appeared including Bugs Bunny.

I recall first seeing Taz-Mania during the first edition of CITV's Saturday morning show What's Up Doc? In 1992, and I thought it was fantastic, and it eventually moved into the afternoon slot at which it was shown very regularly. I do feel that it had been as good as other 90s Warner Brothers cartoons including Tiny Toon Adventures, and also in more recent years that the show was repeated on the CBBC Channel, with 65 episodes being produced.

There was a lot of Taz-Mania merchandise released, and that I do remember in the mid-90s purchasing the Nintendo Game Boy game based on the TV series, which I played regularly for a little while. Still, it appears that there has not been a DVD release in this nation.

I have also remembered that round the mid-90s, there was also a short-lived craze for Pogs, the game in which you tried to win all the small discs. For a while Walkers crisps introduced their version, which if you had been lucky could be found in a variety of bags. These featured images of different Warner Brothers characters on these and have been renamed Tazos, presumably later Taz, what a fantastic honor that is.

Taz-Mania [Video Game] – 1992

Unlike many video games, Taz Mania was the name of many Video games that were based on the Taz-Mania Cartoon series.
This was a Two-dimensional scrolling video game developed and released by SEGA on the Sega Mega Drive (aka Genesis) in 1992. The game was developed by Recreational Brainware and the Technical Wave. Other Taz-Mania games were developed by SunSoft and published on SNES and 2 Game Boy games.

One of the games was by David A. Palmer Productions, published and released by Sunsoft, and one by Bean Software, which was published by THQ.

The Taz-Mania (SNES) game was one of the most entertaining games back in the days. It was based on the Looney Tunes Character Taz. The '90s nostalgia that hits me when I think of the SNES days, the good old days when we could play classic games all day and night without getting tired or bored!

Taz-Mania Gameplay

Players take charge of the spinning Looney Tunes character Taz. Taz aims to eat every kiwi bird at every phase. You do not only get to consume the kiwis but also bluebirds on the way and several other colored birds in different stages; the bushrats can also be eaten. Stages are broken up by five actions, and every one of them has three phases.

When all three stages are completed, they go to a bonus game where they capture because many kiwis possible to get continues. Stages are infinite so that you have to eat each kiwi within both the limitation of the small birds of every point and within the time limit as well.

Occasionally Dingo will ride on his motorbike and provide you with an ACME box, which sometimes contains beef, bones, rollerblades, spring sneakers. Occasionally he could trick you using a punching glove along with dynamite. The game becomes much more fun afterward and becomes very irritating as enemies would pop from nowhere and attack you.

The design and sound of the video game were classic and the best at the time. It would leave you feeling good after playing a game or two. I like the style of the SNES characters that looked like the Looney Tunes Characters. The game was classic and well designed since it had no failures or hanging every time as most new resource-heavy games do nowadays.

Every stage had different weather, which could change. It could be sunny, night, rainy and snowy etc. It was also exciting to see the Road Runner featuring in the video game.
The Looney Tunes soundtracks would blow my mind while playing the game. However, some of the music themes, like the Rainy Daze, can be dramatic and not that catchy. The sound effects of the game were unique; you could hear Taz producing funny sounds when he gets hit or falls. It was more or less like watching the Taz Mania cartoon series.

Final Word

The Taz-Mania video game would rate high in my top list of favorite games back in the mid to late '90s. Ok, not the top 5, but still, it was a good game that offered value for a gamer's money. I guess featuring the Looney Tunes characters was the best thing that the designers did.

Something else that I loved was that the developers did put in some work on the game's overall design and smooth play. I was fond of playing the Sega Game Gear and Genesis version of Taz-Mania, which were also good. This will remain one of my favorite childhood cartoons that I still love watching whenever I have some free time.

Did you play Taz-Mania back in the day? How would you rate the Taz-Mania game?

One last question, which one was your favorite: The Taz-Mania Video game or the Cartoon show?


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
I actually remember a few specific episodes of this. One with a bear who was trying to sleep and would beat Taz's ass if he got woke up, and one where he worked at a fast food place lmao.