The Amazing Trio: Ed Edd n Eddy!

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The Amazing Trio: Ed, Edd n Eddy

Do you remember the Trio? It’s now 20 years since Danny Antonucci created the Trio, but they still crack me up every time I watch the show!! The Canadian Trio Ed, Edd, and Eddy have been entertaining children and adults alike since I was a little lad. I can never get enough of them! I still re-watch the shows to date!

How well do you know Ed, Edd n Eddy? What about their personalities and how they relate to each other? Do you even know how old they are?

Danny Antonucci, Warner Bros and Cartoon Network did a great job to create this fantastic comedy trio characters. The Trio is loveable and relatable; only a sad person will hate them! The show aired for ten years (1999-2009) and released six series. Making it one of the longest-running cartoon show by the time it was coming to an end.

About the Show

The show Ed, Edd n Eddy, was about the pre-adolescent boys called the Eds. They lived in their suburban neighborhood of Peach Creek. The Trio used to come up with meticulous scams to defraud their peers of cash so that they can treat themselves with jawbreakers.

There well-laid plans usually go wrong, leaving them in bad situations. The show was first aired on January 4, 1999, on Cartoon Network. The show was done in an old fashion way that captured the childhood spontaneity.

I grew up watching this show, and it still cracks me up now, the way it did back then in the year 2000. It could be the violence in the show that cracks me up the most. It features lots of kicking, punching, throwing, and breaking stuff! But that seems to be what makes it uniquely enriching and entertaining to people of all ages.

I must admit my sense of wonder and imagination came from watching a lot of this Trio. The adrenalin and the level of imaginative slapstick are just crazy with new sound effects per episode. These were the hilarious stooges of our time!

I rank Ed, Edd n Eddy higher than Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry. I find them more relatable and loveable than the latter.

Meet the protagonist: What you didn’t know about Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Let us take a look at the three protagonists that have lightened up our TVs and made us literally “laugh out loud”!


Ed usually cracks me up, even when he is quiet. His physical appearance just cracks me up. I think he is the greatest character in the entire series. He is usually portrayed to have smart ideas! Ed is tall, with yellow skin, light blue tongue, horse teeth, ginger hair in a buzz cut, black unibrow, and turquoise eyes.

Ed loves wearing baggy purple or blue pants, big black shoes, and a red and white T-shirt. He also has a dark olive-green jacket that has a brown lining on the inside and white sleeve stripe on the outside. He wears this jacket all the time, whether it is hot or cold. The pockets of the jacket are usually filled with old candy or rotten produce. Nevertheless, he is generally kind, happy with a positive attitude. He can make friends with everyone he meets. Although sometimes he is typically absent-minded and naïve thus relies on Eddy to help him with his scams. Ed never questions the scams plotted by Eddy. He is the workhorse for Eddy’s scams.


On the other hand, Edd, a.k.a “Double D” is physically the weakest of the three protagonists, but he smartest of them all. He usually wears a red T-shirt, purple shorts, with long thigh-high socks, cyan shoes, and a black ski hat that has two strips on either side. At night, Edd loves wearing his yellow onesie with his hat. He has unique three black hair that hangs out of his hat like Eddy’s, but his are facing downwards. Edd has a big chin with a gap in his teeth.

Edd is scrupulous but doesn’t have bad intentions. He is docile, polite, and well mannered. He usually plays the peacemaker when trouble arises. He is repsected by others. He has a strained relationship with his parents. My favorite quote by Edd was, “I’m surrounded by idiots.”


Eddy is portrayed as the self-appointed ambitious leader. He Is selfish and does things that benefit himself, neglecting the needs of his friends. He is also overly optimistic, deceiving, noisy, and ever wants to be the leader. Friends often reject him. He his hungry for social acceptance, and he is always bitter that his rival Kevin is more popular than him. Eddy is even less popular than Plank! He is sharper than Edd.

Eddy hates birds as witnessed in “Virt-Ed-Go” where Ed got a quarter from the sewer, a bird took the quarter out of Eddy’s hand and went with it. The bird shows up again, Eddy saw it and exclaimed that “ I hate birds!”.

Eddy is always in a yellow polo shirt with purple sleeve hems and a vertical red stripe on the right. He likes wearing blue pants with a wallet chain and plain red shoes. He is sometimes seen wearing his dark yellow jacket that looks like his shirt.

Ed, Edd n Edd is a must-watch, and has stood the taste of time! Entertaining people form all age groups.

Ed + Edd + Eddy = Fun, Chaos, Adventure, Violence, Love, Scam, Jawbreaker + Candy lovers! J
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