The Moxy Show (1993 – 1995): Awesome Animated TV Series of the Mid-'90s

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Once upon a time, when the internet was still in its development, and the TV industry was still trying new tricks on their animation skills, there was the Moxy Show! Well, if you look at the animations of this particular show, it was not that bad for the early ‘90s.

This was the time when Silicon Valley was still young and trying out new things. While this is not your everyday show, the one that will appeal to all ages, the Moxy Show had a distinct storyline that kept us glued to the TV back then. I understand the show received mixed reactions. Based on the reviews from different platforms.

But I must admit it still remains one of the best at the time. Yes, many shows are crispier now, with better animation, quality transitions and more advanced technologies used. But the Moxy Show still ranks at its best.

This nostalgic show was the favourite of many kids at the time. Thanks to its simple plot and easy to understand character development. While it still remains one of the most-watched at the time. The Moxy Show was Cartoon Network’s best at the time. And its impact will live forever, thanks to its unforgettable and witty lessons. I get goosebumps re-watching the scenes from this old show. The crude animation and simple but rough-edged character deliver the message in a manner easily relatable to the kids a the time.
After re-watching some episodes, I admit this is a show that will come top of the chat if it were to be re-booted today. Cartoon network prematurely stopped the production of this show at the time it was supposed to be reaching its peak. I am not a believer of the quality of images, but the quality of the stories. The Moxy Show had a quality storyline that could keep you captivated all through without loss of enthusiasm.

While this remains to be among the top shows of the early to mid-'90s, it still makes sense today. The show equally appeals to the new generation. But because of the quality of the animation, the kids today may not find it appealing to the eye. But this doesn’t change the fact the Moxy Show was awesome in its own way.

How it All Started...

The Moxy show is one of the shows that led to the ultimate rise of the Cartoon Network and put it on the top of the must-watch channels back in the ‘90s. You cannot actually talk about the Moxy Show without thinking of the Journey of Cartoon Network.

By the mid-‘90s, cartoon networks took off like a rocket and started showing cartoons 24/7. This was unlike any other channel at the time. This is why shows like the Moxy Show gain momentum very fast at the time. Shows like Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, and The Powerpuff Girls were some of the shows that were aired during this period.

More shows came out over the years and even today they are still a cartoon powerhouse. But this is not an article about Cartoon Network, we have a different article about. We will look at a show that aired in the early to mid-‘90s, The Moxy Show. Though it was popular to die-hard cartoon network enthusiasts, some people are not aware of this show.

The first thing that will strike you about the Moxy Show is the un-exaggerated characters and animation design. This is a simple show that will bring all the nostalgic feelings and memories of the ‘90s show. It is a typical show that was made with basic technology at the time. Looking back, most of the shows in the ‘90s were a little rough on the edges. But this is understandable because of the technology at the time.

The Moxy Shows is one of those shows that had an easy touch and appealed to the masses because of its simplicity. But critics, on the other hand, would say it is the worst show. It looks like a low budget show from the first look. But once you start following the stories, I found the show to be worth my time. I would binge on it all weekend without getting bored.

It blends those CG animation and live-action which considering this first aired in the early ‘90s even predating Toy Story, that is pretty shocking to see. What’s even more shocking is considering when it came out, it doesn’t look that bad. Yes, it hasn’t aged that well, but for a 1993 show, I found it pretty impressive.

What is the Moxy Show About?

Enough about the animation, what is the Moxy Show about? Besides being the first original Cartoon Network Show, technically, The Moxy Show is about a dog and later on a Flea which then changed the name of the show to the Moxie & Flea show. The show centres around these two.


Since the show was very brief, it didn’t enjoy much of the online and social media frenzy that another show enjoys. Show writing a synopsis of this show is pretty hard because you really have to join the pieces from very scattered sources. But am going to give you some gist about the show.

I happened some bits and pieces of the show from YouTube’s collective animation archive. In the pilot episode, Flea was voiced by Chris Rock. They changed voices later in the show though. In the pilot show, Moxie appears to be driving a convertible and so many animations with this car is terrible. It is like the footage with carrier’s animated into the car and well it worked well for a 1993 show.

The show was about a crazy virus that is thrown upon the planet. It was a hair losing virus that makes everyone’s hair fall out and in order to stop it, these monkey’s that inhabits this planet have to go to earth. This was just one of the plots in the show. But the other episodes had a similar type of story development.

Background Story of the Moxy Show

The Moxy Show / Moxy Pirate Show and The Moxy and Flea show is Cartoon Network animated anthology series created by Colossal Picture and Turner Broadcasting System. Classic cartoons were interspersed with 3-D animated interstitials featuring Moxy and Flea a dog and a flea, respectively.

The Moxy show aired on Cartoon Network from December of 1993 as Moxy Pirate Show, though December 1995 with its conclusion servicing as the single episode for Moxy & Flea Show. Reruns were available until 1996. It is considered the first original series on Cartoon Network, although Space Ghost Coast to Coast is regarded as Cartoon Network’s first produced series because of the production style.

The Production of the Moxy Show

What made the Moxy Show stand out was its unique production style that made. It was not complicated, or sophisticated in any way but it brought out the story clearly. The stories were brought out in a way that is enjoyable that you will forget how rough the animations were.

It was originally titled The Moxy Pirate Show, and it starred Moxy. The series was renamed the Moxy Show in 1994. Moxy sidekick Flea was introduced, and the series was trimmed to a half-hour broadcast. It was renamed The Moxy & Flea Show again in 1995, with dramatic alterations for a single episode.

The Evolution of the Moxy Show

The Moxy Show has undergone many transformations to what it is. Moxy’s design evolved significantly instead of his usual yellow shirt with red or black checkerboard pants and palette-swapped black and white sneakers, which resemble the usual Cartoon Network’s checkerboard logo, he is seen wearing a long-sleeved, green or black striped shirt and black jeans, complete with non-palette-swapped sneakers that appear to be Converse All-Starts.
Furthermore, his eyes have shrunk significantly, with heterochronic green (left) and light blue (right) pupils replacing the previously red (left) and dark blue (right) pupils. In his new design his yellow whiskers and freckles have vanished, his nose has been altered from purple to black, and his fur has been darkened to a darker shade of orange.

The design of flea on the other hand, has been tweaked too. Flea donned a blue fez instead of a propeller beanie, and his heigh was boosted so that he was half the height of Moxy. His eyes went from blue and yellow to just yellow with red pupils. The character’s voice was replaced by comedian Chris Rock, who took over for illusionist Penn Jillette.

A new opening sequence was employed, with a new theme tune written by Ben Friedman. Moxy and Flea do new dancing movements and have nearly no speaking parts. The pilot show, which surprisingly is still available online shows how the original show looked like.

According to Frank Greshman, who worked on “The Moxy & Flea Show”, the pilot did not test well enough to allow for more episodes to be made. After May 25, 1996, reruns were no longer show.

About the Moxy Show Animations

The computer-generated imagery Moxy is regarded as the first real-time or live cartoon albeit it was only aired live through the Great International Toon-in. Moxy’s motion would be acted out by the puppeteer using a motion capture device, while Goldthwait provided the vocal and a technician-controlled face expression.
The series deemed lost media because it never broadcast on Boomerang, was never distributed on home media, and no full episodes are available on the internet. Moxy appeared as a cameo in OK K.O.! Crossover Nexus, a Let’s Be Heroes episode, as well as other characters from current and old Cartoon Network shows. This Moxy’s first and, so far only appearance in official Cartoon Network media since the network’s tenth-anniversary promo in 2002.

The Moxy Show Characters


The voice of Moxy was done by Goldthwait in the Cheech Martin impersonation. Moxy is a 3D animated dog who enjoys fooling about and having fun with his sidekick, Flea, and has a crush on Melody from Josie and the Pussycats. Despite the fact that he never made it big in the cartoon industry, and usually auditioned for a number of roles on the network without getting a callback, he was given the opportunity to work as the janitor of Cartoon network and usually jammed the signal once a week during the days when he flew solo before Flea was introduced.

His debut appearance on TV was during the live commercial breaks that aired simultaneously on three Turner-owned networks in November 1993 during the Great Int’l Toon-in marathon on TNT, TBS, and Cartoon Network. His catchphrase is a lip-flapping sound, barking, and fart sound, which he claims he made up.

Penn Jillette voiced Flea in the Moxy Show, Chris Rock in the Moxy & Flea Show. Is Moxy’s sidekick and the duo’s straight man, who enjoys spending time with Moxy and watching television with him. He helps a monkey king gain a fresh set of hair to disguise his bald skin, propelling him to being popular.

In the show Abducted, it was revealed that he possessed a card with the name Flealonius A. Flea.


The Moxy Show Series

The Moxy Showtime

The original series was aired in 1994. It was titled “Television”. This was the first season of the first series. In this series, Moxy is given the opportunity to appear in an episode of “The Flintstones,” but is finally eliminated from the show.
The Moxy & Flea Show period

This show was released in 1995. It is called “Abducted”. This was the second series of the first season. In this series, Moxy and Flea are taken while driving down the road by monkey aliens who are suffering from hair loss.

Final Thought

The Moxy Show is one of those shows that did not make it to run for the longest period. But its impact can still be seen. Even though many critics still find it to be a very lousy show, I personally enjoyed the show because of its simplicity. The minimalist approach to the design with emphasis on the storyline was the hook of the show.

This story was relatable to many people and kids at the time. The was appealing to both kids and adults even though it featured a very basic style. I would wish to have the show rebooted with the latest technology.

As the movie industry has now advanced, it is the right time to try revamping the show and smoothening the rough edges of the show. The storyline, the humour and the characters are easily relatable in the current time and age. That makes it adaptable and can easily be enjoyed by the new generation of kids and adults.

What is your take on the Moxy Show?

Did you hate it or love it? Why?


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
Oh my I don't think I managed to catch this one, I was a bit too young for this. 😁

Great review though! (y)
Its funny, I'm not really sure if I remember seeing it live, myself. I think they started putting it in an early slot.