The Simpsons - A 30 Year Old Sensation

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The Simpsons Review
By Alexander Money

Name: The Simpsons
Genre: Animated sitcom
Created by: Matt Groening
Developed by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, and Sam Simon
Initial release date: 1989-present


What more can I say for a television show already beloved to death by millions of viewers? I turned 7 when I first started to enjoy this animated short and I have seen every episode. I would like to say that there is a unique mix of influences that blend to make The Simpsons the greatest show imaginable. This Animated Sitcom was most popular between 1990 to 2010 by viewers of all age groups.


Homer Simpson - Dad of the Family

We have one of the most favorite TV characters of all time, Homer Simpson, with his iconic quote "Doh!." He's a fat, clumsy, and not the smartest character, but so extremely lovable for how psychotic he is! He may be so terribly sad for one minute but very smiling and giggling for the next moment. Whether homer is grabbing a doughnut at work, at the kwike mart, or home, I'm sure we would all agree that this is Homer's favorite food. If someone gave me a £1 for every time he ate one, I would be the richest man on earth.

My favorite quote is as Homer is getting an interview to become a correctional officer for locked up juvenile convicts. In his interview, he says "I believe children are our future. Unless we stop them now”. As a result of his witty humor, the warden decides to hire him on the spot. His son was locked up behind bars, and Homer smuggles Bart a lollipop and offers protection against the prison bullies.


Marge Simpson - Mother of the Family

Marge is the wife of Homer and a housewife. She's naggy at times, but she still manages to break into some amazing laughter and some serious compassion for all she's up against. During one episode, Marge wrote a novel and my favorite quote is when Homer says: "I'm gay," and she replies: Homer, for the last time. I'm not putting that in. "

Bart Simpson - Sondownload.png
Bart is 10 years old and a rebel. He attends Springfield elementary school and his principle is Seymour Skinner. The audience often sees Bart's troublesome attitude in class and his grades reflect his behavior. He's a popular student, who is seen by his peers as being the class clown and for disrespecting authority. I have lost count of how many times Bart has been sent to the principal office by Edna. In one of my favorite series, we see his school record and this conveys to the viewer how many problems one boy has caused in School.

Lisa Simpson - Daughter

Lisa is the second oldest and smartest in the Simpsons family, she is what's known as a "smarty-pants" and solves all the puzzles. Lisa's grades are quite the opposite of Bart's. Without fail each exam, will be an A*/ 100% correct. She adores education and takes part in extra curriculum activities outside of school such as playing the saxophone.

The Simpson is such a great program where you'll see at least one chapter of this show in your lifetime. I'm confident that coming generations will be watching The Simpsons for decades to come. So, what are your thoughts on this TV Show?


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
Ah the memories of us crowding around the tv to watch this show as a kid... god I have so many memories of this show.
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New Geeze
Jul 21, 2020
episodes or quotes? its wild bc my brain is like... so soaked in simpsons quotes and theyre so constant that theyre fully intertwined with my life and i tend to forget theyre even quotes at all. but two that make me laugh every time: when homer says (about barts teacher) "krabapple? ive been calling her krandall" and that always got me. also when chief wiggum comes out of a lab that had some... gas released in it? in like the 70s? (idr details)
and also this is another wiggum bit I think of OFTEN:


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
LOL that last one was great. I used to love the halloween specials and OH REMEMBER The BARTMAN?