Three Ways Retro Companies Make Sales

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Ever wondered what decisions and factors we consider before buying a retro game? Most of us share similar decision-making skills and in this article today, I will break down a handful and explain why it's within the best interest of the businessand the consumer to factor in purchasing decisions when trading goods and services.

1. Reviews & Feedback

We see them everywhere - moreso now that social media has taken control of our lives, we are seconds away simply just pressing a few things on the screen, we will have what we desire in front of us in a matter of seconds. Most consumers will research businesses before using a service or buying a product. If the customer can clearly see there are negative reviews and the business hasn't made any effort to respond or rectify it by turning the feedback into a positive experience by aiming to resolve the problem, then other customers may be put of from spending money at that particular company. Oh? There is a small percentage of "word of mouth" reviews which can soon spread amongst the community too!

2. Competitive Pricing

There is more to competitive pricing than offering a certain percentage off or by reducing profit margin, just to attract customers. A large percentage of competitive pricing comes from merchandising. For example, making the display or design visually attractive and attention grabbing. Another method a lot of businesses use that customers do not realise but make decisions based on - is the way items are priced. For example:

Mario Kart DS - $10.00
Mario Kart DS - $9.95

With the price being 9.95, you immediately think your getting a better bargain than your actually getting - as it's human nature to look at the first digit and assume your paying 9$, when infact you might aswell be paying 10USD$.

3. Customer Service

Let's face it - if you walked into a tech store and you were not greeted or asked what you were interested in, or given sales advice when you wanted it - you wouldn't visit that specific company again, right? You'd rather visit a competitor, whether it's online or offline that offers better customer care to its clients. This could ultimately be the make or break of and is one of the prime factors when it comes to purchasing retro games.

Customer service is critical as it can assist you in achieving the following goals:

  • Boost customer retention
  • Increase revenues spent by each client with your company.
  • Boost the number of times a consumer purchases from you.
  • Bring favorable word-of-mouth for your company.
  • There are other other explanations why service quality is critical, as well as numerous strategies to ensure that you are providing the service that provides your consumers with the ideal encounter.

Methods can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Considering the demands and requirements of the customers
  • Customers should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Keeping your commitments to your customers
  • Taking care of grievances and returning in a gracious manner
  • Customer expectations are being exceeded.
  • Going above and above to assist your consumer.
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