Timeline of the 1980's Era

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It's been a few months since I last published an article here, so today, I thought the only right thing to do is to bring something really nostalgic. We are going to be reflecting of the decade (10 years) of the 1980 era, and how video gaming looked back then. Writing this piece has only made me realize how much technology has progressed over the years, especially the video game industry.

Year: 1980 1980_0.jpg

A lost piece of pizza prompts Namco's Toru Iwatani to build Pac-Man, that sells in the gaming industry, in July 1980. The first arcade hit to feature on a home console is the edition of Pac-Man for Atari 2600 that year. Ms. Pac-Man hit a milestone for gender diversity 24 months later, by being the greatest video game ever made.

1981-Plush Mario.jpgYear: 1981

Gaming enthusiasts are going bananas over Nintendo's Donkey Kong, starring a one time sensation: Jumpman. Have you ever spoken of him? That's because he's best known as Mario—the title he earned after his maker, Shigeru Miyamoto, made him the highlight of Nintendo's later games.

Year 1982​

Disney activates the trend of computer gaming by launching the film Tron. An arcade game showcasing many of the movie competitions is indeed a success.

Year 1983

Multiplayer gaming evolves with Dan Bunten's M.U.L.E. Participants battle in the game to collect the most raw materials while preserving their colonies on the earth Irata.

Year 1984

Russian math enthusiast Alexey Pajitnov invented Tetris, a basic yet irresistible puzzler. The game spills from behind the Iron Curtain, and five years later, Nintendo packages it with another fresh Game Boy. Who here remembers the GameBoy? Perhaps you still have one?

Year 1985 1985.jpg

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) brings to life the widespread US video game industry two years after the Nintendo Company introduced it as Famicom in Japan.

Year 1986 1986-Reader-rabbit.jpg

The new demand for instructional applications is going forward with the announcement of The Learning Company's Reader Rabbit program. Educational tech company explodes with the advent of CD-ROMs in the 1990's, but collapses with the birth of the World Wide Web.

Year 1987 1987 Legend of Zelda copy.jpg

It's the best 12 months for imaginary Role Playing Games, as Shigeru Miyamoto produces Zelda's Legend, Older titles throughout the sequence also have tactical gameplay, where the player must escape enemies when traveling through the level, as well as racing aspects of the game.

Year 1988​

John Madden Football brings american football simulation to video gamers, making this game—and its numerous console sequences—perennial best selling classics.

Year 1989

1989 Game Boy.jpg

The Nintendo Game Boy reinvents mobile games. It's not the first handheld system, where the titles are playable through a cartridge. Milton Bradley launched Microvision 10 10 years before with gamers breath taken with its excellent gameplay, user interface, and reliable battery life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks Article, please expect another one to be published two weeks from now, 24 January 2021. So please don't forget to bookmark GeezeZone for easy access. Let me know in the comments down below whether you remember playing on any of these consoles or games! Perhaps you still own them?
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Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
No problem! But mind posting in English? I have to use google translate to read what you say.

Нет проблем! Но не возражаете против публикации на английском? Я должен использовать переводчик Google, чтобы прочитать то, что вы говорите.


New Geeze
Sep 24, 2020
Lol...I could remember using the virtual gun on sega, it was fun while it lasted.

I wish I could remember the name of the game, shooting birds that comes out of the bush.


Omega Geeze
Jul 13, 2019
I don't know if the old sega is still in store and other games like Nintendo and ps one, this article really brought back memories I thought I will never remember.
I'm so glad to hear that. You can still find them on places like amazon and ebay, luckily!
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