Best Star Wars Movies (originals/prequels/sequels)

Favorite Star Wars Film (Original Trilogy Vs. Prequel Trilogy)

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New Geeze
To each their own. I have more fond memories of the original trilogy over the newer films, but that's because I grew up with them. Some kids grow up with the newer franchise, and that's totally fine. But still, I think based around story, the original trilogy wins out, because the newer trilogy tries to recapture that same glory, but imo, falls a bit short.

Don't get me wrong, I like the new trilogy, but I feel as if it isn't as impactful as the original trilogy. It's more like, been there, done that. If they tried to do a different story and tried to move away from past Star Wars films, we could have potentially had something good. But they didn't change it enough to truly make it more its own thing. That's what I think anyway.


Active Geeze
Original were a bit engaging but even than things started becoming predictable. I lost much interest as a result.

But, Star Wars indeed brought a revolution to Special Effects and Merchandizing.


New Geeze
The Empire Strikes Back is the superior entry in the Star Wars movie series. Followed by Rogue One.

Anyone who says different is lying to you.


Omega Geeze
Haha glad you like it! I actually got it for christmas in middle school cause mom saw me looking at them haha!